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Deccan Sulphate
Tel No. - 9422092944 / 9226226447
Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler And Supplier Of 1. Activated Carbon-Powder/Granules 2 Hyflo Super Cel Filter Aid Powder 3. Chromium Nitrate 4. Sodium Acetate (Trihydrate/Anhydrous) 5. Copper Derivatives-Copper Acetate/Carbonate/Nitrate/Acetate/Phosphate/Oxalate/Sulphate. 6. Cupric Chloride 7. Iodine And Derivatives- Potassium Iodate/Iodite/Iodide/ Zinc Iodite/ 8. Mercuric Acetate/Mercuric Iodide(Red)/Mercuric Oxide 9. Lead Derivatives-Lead Acetate/Carbonate/Chloride/Chromate/Hydroxide/Nitrate/Oxalate/Peroxide/Di Oxide/Phosphate/Sulphate/Borate/Bromide/Sub Acetate/Thio Sulphate. 10. Cobalt Derivatives-Cobalt Carbonate/Chloride/Nitrate/Oxide/Sulphate. 11. Nickel Derivatives-Nickel Carbonate/Chloride/Nitrate/Sulphate. 12. Zinc Derivatives-Zinc Acetate/Borate/Carbonate/Chromate/Nitrate/Oxalate/Phosphate/Sulphate. 13. Magnesium Derivatives-Magnesium Acetate/Borate/Nitrate/Phosphate Di Basic/Phosphate Tri Basic/Sulphate. 14. Manganese Derivatives-Manganese Acetate/Mitrate Sol. (Sp.Gr.1.6)/Oxalate/Phosphate. 15. Potassium Derivatives-Potassium Acetate/Bi Sulphate E.P./Borate Tetra/Chromate/Di Chromate E.P./Formate/Hydrogen Phthalate/Nitrate/Oxalate/Phosphate Mono/Stearate Flakes/Sulphate Pure/Sulphide/Borate (Penta.) 16. Sodium Derivatives-Sodium Acetate E.P./Bi Sulphate (Pure)/Chromate/Di Acetate/Formate/Chlorite Sol-6% To7%/Hypochloride Sol 10%12%/Meta Borate/Nitrate/Oxalate/Phosphat(Di Basic)/Phosphate(Mono)/Phosphate(Tri)/Sesqui Carboante/Xyline Sulphonate/Xylene Sulphonate 50%Sol. 17. Molybdate Disilinite/Molybdeneum Trioxide/Molybdic Acid. 18. Bismuth Derivatives-Bismuth Borate/Carbonate/Citrate/Hydroxide/Nitrate Penta./Oxide/Oxychloride (Pearl Grade/Comm)/Subgallate/Sub Nitrate/Subsalicilate/Sulphate. 19. Cadmium Derivatives –Cadmium Carbonate/Nitrate. 20. Ptsa 21. Silanium Di Oxide 22. Sodium Bi Silinate(Tech/Feed Grade/Pharmagrade)/Bismuthate/Iodide/Molybdate/Selenate/Selenite/Stannate/ Tungstate/Vanadate 23. Stannic Chloride/Chloride Penta Hydrate 24. Stannous Chloride Dihydrite 25. Tin Chloride/Oxychloride 26. Aluminium Derivatives-Aluminium Acetate/Nitrate/Oxalate/Phosphate. 27. Ammonium Derivatives –Ammonium Acetate/Benzoate/Bi Sulphate/Borate (Tetra)/Di Chromate/Formate/Oxalate/Pentaborate/Sulphamate/Sulphate (E.P.)/Sulphide Sol. /Benzoate. 28. Barium Derivatives-Barium Acetate/Borate/Chromate/Hydroxide/Nitrate/Phosphate/Oxalate 29. Calcium Derivatives-Calcium Acetate/Borate/Nitrate/Oxalate. 30. Ferric Derivatives-Ferric Ammonium Sulphate/Ammonium Oxalate/Carbonate/Nitrate/Phosphate/Sulphate. 31. Ferrous Derivatives-Ferrous Ammonium Sulphate/Chloride Crystals/Chloride (Anhy)/Phosphate/Sulphate (Pure)/Sulphate (Tech)/Oxalate. 32. Acetanilide(White Flakes) 33. Alum Ammonia 34. Ammoniated Mercury.

Muhi Trading Corporation
Tel No. 022 - 22660187 / 22615438 / 9820171825
Plastic Hoses, Plastic Fittings, Cast Iron, Clamps / Clip, V Belt Pulley, Diesel Engine, Handle For Bucket, Rubber V Belt, Gland Packing, Roofing Tiles, Turbine Pump Spares, Alluminium Coupling, Hydraulic Acid.

Desai Industries
Contact Person: MR.HARDIK DESAI
Tel No. 233 - 2643201 / 02 / 03 / 9370333337
Distributor, Dealers, Suppliers Of Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Caustic Soda, Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrochloric Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, Liquid Chlorine, Phosphoric Acid, Poly Aluminium Chloride, Potassium Carbonate, Sugar Mill Sanitation Chemicals, Washing Soda, Electrical Products, Electric Transformer, Electrical Cables, Electrical Conductor, Fruit Drying Oil

Surya Fine Chem
Contact Person: MR.VIJAY PATEL - PROP.
Tel No. - 9890443743 / 9158593888
Acids, A.R. Grade Nitric Acid, LR Grade Nitric Acid, C. P. Grade Nitric Acid, Sulfuric Acid ( AR, LR And CP Grade ), Hydrochloric Acid ( AR, LR, CP & Commercial Grade ), Calcium Chloride - CaCl and CaCl2

Ajanta Chemical Industries
Contact Person: MR. KUSHAL AGARWAL
Tel No. 011 - 49811111
Manufacturer of Chlorinated Paraffin, Azodicarbonamide, Blowing Agent, Hydrochloric Acid.

Wic Chem Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 0565 - 6538757, 6455031, 2490292
Manufacturing And Trading Of Sulphuric Acid (Conc. & Dilute), Hydrocholric Acid, Nitric Acid, Liquor Ammonia, Battery Acid Etc

Jain Acid And Chemicals
Contact Person: MR. SUMEET KHEDKAR
Tel No. - 7350008011
Wholesaler of Caustic Soda Flakes, Hydrated Lime & caustic Soda Lye, Hydrogen Peroxide, Hydrochloric Acid.

Noble Chemical Agency
Contact Person: MR. OMER
Tel No. - 9989124090
Manufacturer, Trader & Suppliers of Chemical Compounds like Hydrochloric Acid, Formaldehyde, etc.

Sri Krishna Chemicals
Contact Person:
Tel No. 0422 - 2672682, 2679530
Sodium Hypochlorite, HYDROCHLORIC ACID, Hydrated Lime Powder, Soda Ash, SMBS, Flocculants, Bleaching Powder, Detergent And Cleaning Compounds.

Al Kout Industrial Projects
Contact Person: MR. ANOOP (MANAGER)
Tel No. 0 - 9659978755
Caustic Soda, Chlorine, Hydrochloric Acid

Punjab Alkalies And Chemicals Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 0172 - 4072543 / 4072546
Specializes in Chemical Products. We offer Caustic Soda Lye, Liquid Chlorine, Hydrochloric Acid, Sodium Hydrochloride and Hydrogen Gas.

Siel Chemical Complex
Contact Person:
Tel No. 011 - 25739103
Leading Chlor Alkali Manufacturer In North India. It Manufactures Caustic Soda (Flakes & Lye), Hydrochloric Acid, Stable Bleaching Power, Sodium Hypochlorite, Hydrogen And Liquid Chlorine

The Travancore-Cochin Chemicals Ltd
Contact Person:
Tel No. 0484 - 2545011
Caustic Soda Lye , Caustic Soda Flakes , Liquid Chlorine , Hydrochloric Acid .

Ajanta Group Of Industries
Tel No. 011 - 49811111
Manufacturing Chlorinated Paraffin (CP) & Hydrochloric Acid(HCL)

Amul Enterprises
Contact Person: MR. MAYUR
Tel No. 0 - 9372347569
All Type Acid.

B Roshanlal Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. NAND KISHORE JAIN (MD)
Tel No. 0731 - 6561380, 6561443
Supplying & Trading Of Sulphuric Acid, Spent Acid, Hydrochloric Acid Etc.

Sai Chem Corporation
Contact Person: MR.GANESH MORE - PROP.
Tel No. - 9822555643 / 9822444514
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Sodium Hypochlorite Solution & Industrial Chemicals, Hydrochloric Acid, Water Treatment Chemicals - Copper Sulphate, Alum: Ferric and Non Ferric, TCCA granules, Sugar Process Chemicals, Biocides, Polymers & Polyelectrolyte, Block Polymers, Housekeeping & Fabric Care Products - LumenX, ChloromaX-S, Pro Clean, Ultra Shakti

Arti Basic Chemical
Contact Person: MR. LALIT B. MANTRI
Tel No. - 9827037841
Suppliers of Sulphuric Acid, Nitric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid,

Arth Minerals & Chemicals
Contact Person: MR. VIJAY KHANAGRE
Tel No. 771 - 2432999 / 9826979071 / 9827979071
We Leading Manufacturer of Copper Chromate, Chemicals & Minerals, Ester Wax, Hydrochloric Acid.

Acid Industries
Tel No. 0 - 9833074988/ 8045801626
Hydrochloric acid, Sulphuric acid, Nitric Acid.

Biomax Hygiene Products
Contact Person: MR. DEVENDRA VERMA
Tel No. - 9414037122
Manufacturer & Dealer of Hydrocholonc Acid, White & Black Phenyl,

Shri Sai Company
Contact Person:
Tel No. - 9460265872
Sulphuric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Nitric Acid and Other Industrial Chemical.

Gee Emm Aar Chemical
Contact Person: MR. G. MUTHURATHINAM
Tel No. 44 - 32500035 / 42918063
Hydrated Lime for Foundry, Hydrated Lime Powder, Hydrochloric Acid, Nitric Acid.

Lr Traders
Contact Person:
Tel No. 80 - 27849270
Dealers in Acids & Chemicals Like Sulphuric Acid, Commercial & Battery Grade, Hydrochloride Acid, Nitric Acid, Calcium Chloride, Caustic Soda Flakes.

Sainath Enterprises
Tel No. 80 - 28515500 / 65327666
Hydrochloric Acid, Sulphuric Acid, Alum Ferric & Non-Ferric, Caustic Soda Flakes & Lye. HF & Phsophoric Acid, Sodium Hypochlorite.

New Bombay Acid And Chemical Co.
Contact Person: MR.MANOJ PANDA - PROP.
Tel No. 022 - 27794157 / 9820679631 / 32
Acids, Phosphoric Acid, Acetic Acid, Sulphuric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Solvents, Ethyl Acetate, Tri Chloro Ethylene 99.5%, Sodium Phosphate, Potassium Phosphate, Potassium Bromide, Potassium Formate, Calcium Phosphate, Sulphate Chloride, Sodium Fluoride,

Supreme Transformer P.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. MANOJ PANDA - DIR.
Tel No. 0251 - 2438097 / 9820679631
Acids, Phosphoric Acid, Acetic Acid, Sulphuric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Solvents, Ethyl Acetate, Tri Chloro Ethylene 99.5%, Sodium Phosphate, Potassium Phosphate, Potassium Bromide, Potassium Formate, Calcium Phosphate, Sulphate Chloride, Sodium Fluoride,

Dhrangadhra Trading Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. MUDIT JAIN
Tel No. 022 - 22020743
Caustic Soda, Liquid Chlorine, Hydrochloric Acid, Beneficiated Ilmenite, Trichloroethylene.

Meera Chemical Industries
Contact Person: MR. RAJENDRA B. PATEL
Tel No. 2525 - 205223
Hydroelectric Acids, Sulphuric Acids, Caustic Soda, Flakes.

Paradyes Acid And Chemicals
Contact Person:
Tel No. 2525 - 661038
Hydroelectric Acid, Caustic Soda, Sulphuric Acids, Nitric Acids.

Rajan Fine Chemicals
Contact Person: MR. RAJAN PATIL
Tel No. - 8087173269
Manufactures Of Laboratory Grade Acid.

Chemitech India
Contact Person:
Tel No. 11 - 26953027/ 26948466
Caustic Soda, Chemical Caustic Soda Flake, Chemical Caustic Soda Lye, Chemical Chlorine, Chemical Ferric Alum, Chemical For Paper, Chemical For Water Treatment, Chemical Sodium Sulphite, Hydrochloric Acid, Hypophosphorous Acid, Water Pretreatment Chemical

Orient Micro Abrasives Limited
Contact Person: MR. ABHINAV KUMRA
Tel No. 11 - 63644444
Manufactured Using High Quality Raw Materials Are Chlorinated Paraffins And Hydrochloric Acid.

Shakambari Enterprise (India) Private Limited
Contact Person:
Tel No. 33 - 32005540/ 25435540
Caustic Soda Flakes, Caustic Soda Lye, Hydrochloric Acid, Sodium Nitrate, Sodium Nitrite, Sulphuric Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide.

Shreya Chemicals
Contact Person: MR. EDWAARD PINTO
Tel No. 022 - 65210489
Manufacturer Of Methanolic Ammonia, Hydrochloric Acid CP, Sulphuric Acid LR, Hydrochloric Acid LR, Sulphuric Acid AR, Sodium Hypochlorite Solution

Tradewell International Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. K.V.SUBRAMANIAN
Tel No. 022 - 29202122 / 9867024939
Absolute Alcohol, Alcohol, Alcohol Industrial, Aluminium Sulphate, Amyl Alcohol, Castor Oil, Chemicals, China Clays, Di Acetone Alcohol, Di Aluminium Phosphate, Ethanols, Ethoxylate, Ethyl Acetate, Ethyl Alcohol, Fatty Alcohol, Furfuryl Alcohol, Glacial A

Acid Enterprise
Tel No. 022 - 25853895 / 25888384
All Types Of Acid, Sulphuric Acid, Nitric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Battery Acid

Amit International
Contact Person: MR. AMIT DAVE
Tel No. 0 - 9821323563
Hydrochloric Acids, Ferric Chloride, Herbaicides, Citric Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Acids & Chemicals, Hydrochloric Acid, Sulphuric Acid, Nitric Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Citric Acid, Humic Acid, HEDP, Phosphates

Atul Traders
Tel No. 0 - 9819176284
Hydrochloric Acid (Tanker Load), Caustic Soda, Common Salt, Nitric Acid, Sulphuric

Ballaleshwar Chemicals
Contact Person: MR. SACHIN MOHITE
Tel No. - 9226770704
Chemicals, Acids And Solvents

Desai Industries
Contact Person: MR. HARDIK DESAI
Tel No. 233 - 26432001
Caustic Soda Flakes & Lye Liquid Chlorine, Hydrochloric Acids And Phosphoric Acid, Potassium Carbonate

Envirochem Systems
Tel No. 022 - 43458888
Sodium Hypochlorite, Hydrochloric Acid, Caustic Soda, Ferric Chloride, Sodium Metabisulphite

Lotus B Ken
Contact Person: MR. ATUL MATHUR
Tel No. - 9414050726
Manufacturer Water Treatment Chemicals For Steam Boiler, Hydrochloric Acid

Malik Chemical Industries
Contact Person: MR.WAHAB MALIK
Tel No. 92 - 52-3557797
Hydrochloric Acid, Nitric Acid.

Mewar Scientific Agencies
Contact Person: MR. SISODIA BHOPAL
Tel No. 0294 - 2429606
Lab Chemicals, Sodium Molybdate, Silver Nitrate, Glycollic Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Sulphuric Acid

Neel Chemicals
Contact Person: MR. NIRAV
Tel No. - 9870316449
Manufacturer Of Caustic Soda, Hydrochloric Acids, Methanol, Acetone, Toluene, Ferrous Sulphate, Potassium Carbonate, Lithium Carbonate, Sulphamic Acids, Nitirc Acids, Boric Acids, Titanium Dioxide And Soda Ash

New Bharat Acid Supply & Company
Contact Person: MR. ARPIT DEDHIA
Tel No. 022 - 28591725
Nitric Acid, C.P., L.R., A.R. Grade 58-60%, 70% Hydrochloric Acids, C.P., L.R., Grade 30-32% Sulphuric Acids, C.P., L.R., A.R. Grade

Oil Base India
Contact Person: MR. ADITYA BANSAL
Tel No. 11 - 47049999
Chloro Alkali Products, Hydrochloric Acids, Crude Glycerineacaustic Soda Flakes, Barium Sulphate, Castor Oil Derivatives, Fatty Acids, Stable Bleaching Powder, Mono Chloro Acetic Acids, Calcium Hypochloride And Soap Noodles

Pride Enterprises
Contact Person: MR. RAJESH AHUJA
Tel No. 0251 - 2562826
Spent Sulphuric Acid, Sodium Sulphate Solution, Formic Acid, Hydrochloric Acid

Reliable Chemicals
Tel No. 0251 - 2321632
Sulphuric Acid, Oleum, Hydrochloric Acid, Nitric Acid, Caustic Soda Lye, Calcium Chloride, Sodium Silicate, Offset Printing, Ferrous Sulphate, Zinc Sulphate.

Sangam Acid & Chemicals
Tel No. - 9321709097
Supplier Of Hydrochloric Acid Sulphuric Acid & Nitric Acid.

Sheilchem Industries
Contact Person: MR. SAUMIL PAREKH
Tel No. 0251 - 2433405 / 9821099139
Mfg. of Calcium Chloride. Sodium Acetate, Hydrochloric Acid, Sulphuric Acid, Hydrated Lime, Caustic Soda Lye, Caustic Soda Flakes, Liquor Ammonia, Potassium Hydroxide

Sherya Suppliers
Contact Person: MR. SUNIL JAKHALE
Tel No. 232 - 2641783
HCL Acid, Cotton Waste, Distilled Water, Phenyle, Gloves, Mask

Shree Krishna Chemicals
Tel No. 022 - 25668127
Nitric Acid, Sulphuric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Caustic Soda Lye, Hydrofluoric Acid, Caustic Soda Flakes, Soda Ash, Sodium Nitrate, Sodium Nitrite, Oxalic Acid, Soda-Bi-Carb,T.G.Urea, Phosphoric Acid, Refined Salt & Liquor Ammonia

Southern Chemicals
Contact Person: MR. DEEPAK SHAH
Tel No. 0 - 9036997399
Poly Chloride Powder and Liquid, Caustic Soda Lye and Flakes, Caustic Potash Lye and Flakes, Hydrochloric Acid, Sulphuric Acid, Liquid Chlorine, Paraformaldehyde, Formaldehyde, MF Solutions, TCCA, Non Ferric and Ferric Alum,Oleum, Glycerine, Stearic Acid, Textile Chemicals, Water Treatment and ETP-STP Chemicals,Hydrated Lime, Hydrogen Peroxide, Acetic Acid, Sodium Hypochlorite, Bleaching Powder, Phosphoric Acid.

Sraac Ltd.
Contact Person: MS. AMBIKA RAO
Tel No. 8518 - 221933
Stearic Acid, Ricinoleic Acid, Caustic Posh Flakes, Potassium Hydroxide Flakes, Caustic Soda Flakes, Sodium Hydroxide Flakes, Potassium Carbonate, Hydrochloric Acid, Liquid Chlorine, Barium Sulphate, Sodium Sulphate

Unicat Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. G.S. DHOPATE
Tel No. 022 - 2697256
Phenyl Mercuric Oleic, Mercuric Oxide, Hydrochloric Acid, Paint Driers, Fluoric Acid

Vaikash Exims
Contact Person: MR. K.K.KUMAR
Tel No. 461 - 2311900
Exporters Of Sulphuric Acids, Phosphoic Acids, Hydro Fluo Silicic Acids, Phospo Gypsum, Granulated Slag, Aluminium Sulphate, Hydrochloric Acids, Caustic Soda, Ferric Chloride, Ferrous Chloride

Vijay Gas Industry Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 0251 - 2474547 / 2620869
Mfg. Of Ammonia gas, Hydrogen Peroxide, Hydrochloric Acid , Sulphuric Acid, Nitric Acid.
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