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Bipin Pharma Equipment
Tel No. 0 - 9833865058
Filter Press, Sparkler Filter Press, Zero Hold up Filter Press, Colloid Mill, Multi Mill, Double Cone Blender, Blender, Octagonal Blender, Mass Mixer, Vibro Sifter, Vibro Sifter (Single Deck), Vibro Sifter (Double Deck), Coating Pan, Tablet Coating Pan, Liquid Filling Line, Automatic Liquid Bottle Filling Machine, Automatic Rotary Bottle Washing Machine, Automatic Ropp Cap Sealing Machine, Online Visual Bottle Inspection Machine, Turn Table, Turn Table 30 Dia, Packing Conveyor, Pharma Equipment & Pharmaceutical Equipment.

Aquacare Solution Enviro Engineers
Contact Person: MR.DATTA YERUDKAR - M.D.
Tel No. - 8928801901 / 9860663150
Water Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Engineering Consultancy Services, Bag Filters, Carbon Filters, Demineralisation Plant (D.M.Plant), Dm Plants, Effluent Treatment Plants (Etp), Environmental Audits, Filter Press, Laboratory Chemicals, Oil Skimmer, Pressure Sand Filter, Reverse Osmosis Plant, RO Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants, Softening Plants, Water Filters Domestic, Water Purifiers, Water Softeners

Konark Filters Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 20 - 24230877 / 9766008877
Manufacturer, Suppler Of Filters ( Industrial & Auto ), Metal Finishing Line - Pressure Belt Filters, Pressure Filters, Degreasing Filters, Chemical Process Industries - Rubber Belt Vacuum Filters, Pressure Belt Filters, Pressure Belt Filters, Filter Press, Multi Bag Filters, Polishing Filters, Engineering Fluid Filtration - Non Barrier Filters, Squeeze Press Filters, Oil Water Separators, Coolant Fluid Filtration, Line Filters, Bag Filters, Effluent Treatment Sludge Dewatering - Bag Filters, Belt Press Filters, Sludge Dehydrators, Filter Presses, Monobelt Filter Presses, Belt Press Filters, Gravity Drum Filters, Pharmaceuticals - Pressure Belt Filters, Pressure Filters, Food And Beverage - Deep Frying Oil Filtration Systems.

Kailas Engineering Systems
Tel No. - 9423162196 / 9822349983
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Amla Processing Machines, Blenders, Bottle Filling Machinery, Bottle Filling Machines, Bucket Elevators, Can Filling Machinery, Coolers, Cooling Systems, Dairy Equipments, Destoner, Drum Lifter, Elevators, Filter Press, Food Processing Plants, Fruit & Veg

Pharmax Engineers
Contact Person: MR.ASHOK RAI (PROP)
Tel No. 0 - 9819418881
Manufacturers, Suppliers And Exporters Of All Types Of Pharma Equipment, Pharmaceutical, Chemical Processing Machinery In GMP Model, Fluid Bed Dryer, Octagonal Blender, Double Cone Blender, Multi Mill, Vibro Sifter, Tray Dryer, Coating Pan, Starch Paste Unit, Ribbon Blender, Colloid Mill, Rapid Mixer. Flour Sieving Machine, Carbon Powder Sifter, Sieving, Screening Machine. Chilly Powder Sifter Sieving & Screening Machine, Vibro Sifter Machine for Herbal, Coffee And Tea Industries.

Anvay Pharma Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Tel No. 0250 - 6055551 / 53 / 6599551 / 9623444750 / 8888944666
Manufacturer, Exporter, Trader of a wide array of pharmaceutical machines. Our range includes Liquid Filling Machine, Syrup Filling Machine, Capsule Filling Machine, Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine, Tablet Making Machine and Pharmaceutical Tablet Making Machine, Automatic Cream Ointment Plant.

Kwick Pharma
Contact Person: MR. ANKIT TIWARI
Tel No. - 9860592478 / 8412804743 / 9657334709
Mfg Of Sparkler Filter Press, Fluid Bed Dryer, Starch Paste Kettle, Multi Mill, Octagonal Blender, Rapid Mixer Granulator, Double Cone Blender, Tray Dryer, Electric Tray Dryer, Vacuum Tray Dryer, Vibro Sifter, Inline Homogeniser, Zero Holdup Filter Press, Sugar Syrup Filter Press, Centrifugal Sparkler Filter Press, Horizontal Sparkler Filter Press, Vertical Sparkler Filter Press, S.S Sparkler Filer Press, Semiautomatic Multi Mill, Automatic Multi Mill, Size Reduction Multi Mill, Lab Multi Mill, Rotating Shaft Multimill, For juice industries, For syrup plant, For oil Industries, For chemical industries, For Pharmaceutical industries, For Sugar plant, For Dairy industries, for Paint industries, For Distillation plant, For Beverages plants, For Wood Processing Industries, For Plastic And Resin Industries, For Chemical Industry, Colors, For Pulveization, For Granulation Process, For Dye Stuff Industry, For Pesticide, Insecticided, For Detergent, For Spices, For Food Product.

Sigma Enviro
Tel No. 0253 - 2377749/2395213
Environmental Clearances, MPCB & CPCB Consent, Pollution Control, Effluent Treatment Plants ( ETP ), Sewage Treatment Plants ( STP ), Chemical Dosing System, Water Treatment Plant, Reverse Osmosis Plants (RO Plant), Filtration System, Annual Maintenance Contract for – STP, ETP and WTP, RO & UF Membranes, Activated Carbon, Filter Media, Tube Settler Media, Diffusers, Air Blower, Filter Press, Sludge Dosing Pumps, Effluent Transfer Pump.

D.K. Sales Corporation
Tel No. 020 - 24474085
HDPE Pipes and Fittings, Valves, Filter Press, Vacuum Pumps and Systems.

Rajlaxmi Engineering Corpn.
Tel No. 0712 - 2745172
Neem Seed Cleaner, Oil Expellers, Grading Machines, Roasters, Papad and Chips Machines, Filter Press and Boilers, etc.

Simplex Expeller Works
Contact Person:
Tel No. 0161 - 2532134
Supply of Oil Mill Machinery & Its Parts such as Oil Expeller, Filter Press, Boilers & Plunger Pumps.

Energy Equipment
Contact Person: MR. SARATHY JAY
Tel No. - 9884233742
Manufacturer of Diffuser,Mbbr Media,Tube Settler,Filter Press.

Pp Filter Press India
Contact Person: MR. SUHAS DIXIT - M.D.
Tel No. 022 - 27563816 / 27599014 / 9930205577
Since 20 Yrs., Leading Mfgrs., Exporter & Supplier Of Filter Press, Filter Plastes, Filter Element For All Types Of Industry. Specialised For Chamber Resistant Filter Press, Corrosion Resistant Filter Press, GMP & CGMP Filter Press, Filter Elements Etc., We Guarantee Unmatched Filteration Perfomance in Corrosive Condition Temperatures up to 95C & Pressure up to 7.5kg/

Pp Aquatech
Contact Person: MR. JAI PRAKASH
Tel No. 11 - 26364811
Bubble Disc Diffuser, Conical Diffusers, Flow Meters, Jet Diffusers, Trickling Filter Media, Tube Settler Media, Filter Press, Filter Press Plate.

G.P. Filtech Engineers
Contact Person:
Tel No. 022 - 28521759
Powder Coating, Filter Press & Filter Plate.

Reliance Filter-Tech Inc
Contact Person: MR. JAY SHAH
Tel No. 022 - 65343436
Dust Collector Bags, Filter Press, Filter Cage, Filter Pads, Leaf Filters, Air Slide, Sparkler Pads.

Vats Filtration Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 20 - 65261580 / 9850843113
Oil Filtration Equipments, Oil Filtration Systems, Oil Filtration Plants, Filters ( Industrial & Auto ), Filtration Systems, Filtration Systems, Filtration Equipment, Filtration Plants, Filter Cartridges, Resin Bonded Cellulose Melamine, Activated Carbon

Nirmal Polyplast Industries
Contact Person: MR.AMOL SHAH
Tel No. 79 - 26589235
Manufacturer, Exporters And Suppliers of Polypropylene Filter Presses etc. Membrane Filter Press, Fully Automatic Filter Press, P.P Filter Elements, I-Beam Type Over hanging, Conventional Filter Press

Hydro Press Industries
Contact Person:
Tel No. 422 - 2674489
Manufacturer of Filers Press

J.T.C.L.S. Appliances Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 022 - 23475767 / 9820035341 / 9323730956
Authorised Dealers Of Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps, Graco Husky, Tuthill Internal & Extnernal Gearpumps, Auto Jet VT, Auto Jet HT, Stripped Pumps, HD Pumps, Jet Pumps, HD Pumps, PQ Pump, Auto Jet VT Pumps, Auto Jet HT Pumps, Cartridge Pumps, Stripped Pump

Grg Detox Engineers Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. S.GEORGE - C.E.O.
Tel No. 0251 - 2035099 / 9869007546
Effluent Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, Water Treatment Plant, Bio Tower Plants, Bacteria Colony, Bio Reactor, Water Softening Plant

Ecobasket Krafts Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. SHAMALA
Tel No. - 9029033280
Filter Papers, Filter Pads, Blotting Papers, Watercolor Papers, Archival Papers, Handmade And Recycled Papers, Eco-friendly Papers And Products, Bags

Kothari Pharma (M)
Contact Person: MR. M. KOTHARI
Tel No. 250 - 2457011
Mfr Of Pharmaceutical Machineries Fluid Ded Drye, Rotary Bottle Washing Machine, Filter Press, Multi Colum Distillation Plant

Nandys Engineering Works
Contact Person:
Tel No. 33 - 26656485
Mfr Of Oil Expeller, Bearing Chanies, Filter Press, Disintegrator & Other Oil Mill Machineries

Pharma Systems (M)
Contact Person: MRS, VARSHA PATIL
Tel No. 0251 - 6480153
Mfr Of Pharmaceutical Machineries Fluid Ded Drye, Rotary Bottle Washing Machine, Filter Press, Multi Column Distillation Plant

Shreedevi Enviro Plastic Products
Contact Person: MR. P.V KRISHNA P. R. (PROPRIETOR)
Tel No. 0 - 9030997819 / 8978777819
Manufacturers, Exporters And Suppliers And Turnkey Projects Undertake Of Waste Water Treatment, Sewage Treatment, And Effluent Treatment Plants. Our product range includes Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser, Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser, Coarse Bubble Disc Diffusers(80mm), Fine Bubble Vertical Tube Diffuser, Coarse Bubble Disc Diffusers (150mm), Tube Settlers, Moving Bed-Biofilm Media, Industrial Plastic Products, Pall Rings, Roots Blower.

Technic Pharma (M)
Contact Person: MR MEHUL P. PANCHAL
Tel No. 022 - 25793362
Mfr Of Planetory Mixer, Rapid Mixer Granulators, Multi Mill, Sifter, Coating Pan, Double Cone Blender, Filter Press

Wock Oliver
Contact Person: MR. SHELLY VIRK
Tel No. 172 - 2746321 / 6535344
DAF / Floatation Clarifiers Packaged Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) Recycling / Zero Discharge Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filteration Systems, Evaporators / Filter Press, Industrial Waste Water Treatment, DM plants
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Bipin Pharma Equipment
Filter Press, Sparkler Filter Press, Zero Hold up Filter Press, Vacuum tray dryer
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Veeraja Industries
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Manufacturers Of Hepa Filters, Air Filters For Paint Booth
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Aquacare Solution Enviro Engineers
Water Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Engineering Consultancy Services, Bag Filters, Carbon Filters, Cooling Towers, Demineralisation Plant (D.M.Plant), Dm Plants, Effluent Treatment Plants (Etp)
Aqua Clean Systems Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Component Cleaning Machines, Roto Clean, Rotary Table Spray Washers, Top Loading Spray Washers. Roto - Cabinet, Front Loading Spray Washers
Konark Filters Pvt.Ltd.
Filters ( Industrial & Auto ), Filtration Equipments, Filtration Plants
Konark Filters Pvt.Ltd.
Filters ( Industrial & Auto ), Filtration Equipments, Filtration Plants
Autowin Systems Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturers Of Centrifugal Oil Cleaning Systems, Centrifugal Oil Cleaners
Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter Of S.S. Barrel Pump, Pumps, Air Pneumatic, Air Pneumatic Liquid Pump
Heatgen Engineering Systems
Industrial Burner, Oil Burner, Gas Burner, Dual Fuel Burner, Dual Bloc Burner, Weishaupt Burner, Bur
Viara Industries Pvt.Ltd.
Designing & Manufacturing Of Basket Type Duplex / Simplex Strainers
Breezeair Technology
Air Pollution Control Systems, System Design - Air Pollution Control System, HVAC System, Industrial Ventilation
Shalax Process Equipments
Manufacturer of Process Equipments for Food Processing, Dairy, Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals Industries, Reactors, Pre Heaters
Air Fans
Industrial Blowers, Industrial Axial Fans, Tube Axial Fans, Man Cooler Fans, Centrifugal Fans, Industrial Air Ventilators, Multi Cyclone Fans Hot Air Circulation Fans, Roof Exhausters, Bag Filters, Industrial Id Fans, Industrial Chimneys
Amit Engineering Systems
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Water Treatment Plants Pressure Sand Filters ( Manual, Semi Automatic, Automatic ), Activated Carbon Filter, Water Softening Plants, DM Plants, Demineralisation Plants, DM Plant Spares Such As Fume Absorber
Deep Hydropneumatic And Lubrication
Hydraulic Products, Pneumatic Products, Lubrication System, Hydraulic Control Valves, Direction Control Valves, Pressure Control Valves, Foot Switch, Flow Control Valves
Montana International
Industrial Belts Timing Belts, V-Belts, high quality power transmission belts
Balaji Construction Machines & Spares
Construction Machineries, Fly Ash Brick Making Machines
Boilers, Boilers & Accessories, Boilers Baby, Boilers Horizontal, Boilers I.B.R. & Non-I.B.R.
United Enviro System
Manufacturers Of Mist Collector, Dust / Fumes Collector, Electrostatic Precipitators, Oil Skimmer, C
United Filters
Manufacturers Of Hepa Filters, Air Filters For Paint Booth, Pre Filters
Pharma Air Control Engineers
Air Handling Units, Clean Room Systems, HVAC Projects, PUF Door, PUF Partition Panel, Clean Room, Ventilation Systems, Filters, HEPA Filters, Dust Collectors, Laminar Air Flow Units, Insulated Doors, Partition And Ceiling, Portable Cabins, Porta Cabins
Oilmax System Private Limited
Manufacturers Of Centrifugal Oil Cleaning Systems, Centrifugal Oil Cleaners, Centrifuge For Auxiliar
Filtek (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturers Of Centrifugal Oil Cleaning Systems, Centrifugal Oil Cleaners, Centrifuge For Auxiliary Engines, Centrifugal Oil Cleaners For Oil Conservation In Diesel Engines, Centrifuge For Auxiliary Engines
New Anucool Engineers
Chillers, Printing Chillers, Chilling Plants, Fountain Solution Chiller
Dl Pneumatics
Pneumatic Fittings, Hand Valves, Pilot Operated Valve, Flow Control Valves, Non Return Valve
Dl Fluid Power Co.
Hydraulic Fittings, Pneumatic Fittings, Hand Valves, Pilot Operated Valve
Clearsep Technologies (I) Pvt.Ltd
Filtration Equipments, Cartridge Filters, V Wire Screens, Vibratory Screens, Candle Filter, Turbo Edge Filter, Automatic Self Cleaning Filter
Kelba Agro Engineers ( P ) Ltd.
Manufacturer, Supplier OF Drip Irrigation Filters, Agro Equipments, Allied Agro Equipments, Disc Filters, Drip Filter Spares
Perfect Ventures Llc
Suppliers of Engineering Goods and Equipment, Basket Strainers
Mapsons India Pvt.Ltd.
Process Equipments, Filter Housing, Vessels, Heat Exchanger, Tanks, Manholes, Pipes & Fittings
Engicon Airtech Pvt.Ltd.
Industrial Blowers, Industrial Fans, HVAC Systems
Kalbag Filters Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturers Of Resin Bonded Cellulose Melamine Cartridge, Cellulose Cartridge, White Thick Wall Cartridge And Suppliers Of All Types OF Filters
Unique Chemoplant Equipments
Pressure Filters, Reaction Vessels, Hydrogentors, High Pressure Autoclave, Fabrication Under Third P
Safe Water India
Water Treatment Plants, Water Treatment Plants & Accessories
Bhagyashree Accessories Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Oil Filtration Systems For Online & Offline Application, Furnace Oil Filtration, Bio-Diesel Filtration, Lube Oil Filtration, Neat-Cutting Oil Filtration
Systems Technologies
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Strainers, Valves
Trinity Filtration Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Filtration Systems, Cartridge Filters, Melt Blown Cartridges, Bag Filters
Ameya Industrial Suppliers Pvt.Ltd.
Distributor, Exporter OF 3M Industrial Tapes, Adhesives, Labels, Films, Papers, Rubbers & Foams. Welding Electrodes, Wires
Nectar Projects Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer and supplier Of Industrial Air Pollution Control Equipments - Wet Scrubbers, Centrifugal Fans
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