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Nitesh Enterprises
Tel No. 22 - 22031719 / 40031719 / 22113981
Specialist & Deal in Screen/ Shielded, Instrument & Signal, Fire Alarm / Fire Survival / CCTV & Co-Axial, Thermocouple & Compensating, Armored & Unarmored, Any Kind Of Wires & Cables,

Universal Cables And Wire Industries
Tel No. 20 - 64109400 / 9822083580
Cables & Wires, PVC Insulated Copper House Wires, Flexible Multicore Copper Cables, Submersible 3 Core Copper Cables, Aluminium Service Wires, Auto And Panel Wires, Multi Core Flexible Industrial Cables, Single Core Auto Wires, Single Core Panel Wires, Weather Proof Cables, Service Wires, Submersible Pump Flat 3 Core Cables, Submersible Pump Round 3 Core Cables, Telephone Cables, Coaxial Cables, ISI Marked Electrical House Wires And Cables For Homes, Offices, Shops, Warehouses, Factories, Electric Shock Proof Wires And Cables, Short Circuit Proof Wires And Cables, Fire Proof Wires And Cables

Planet Packaging
Contact Person: MR. MUKESH CHAUHAN
Tel No. 011 - 22636373
We Exports Co-Axial, Telephone & Video Cables, Wires, Armature & Exhaust Fan Stamping.

Anudeep Trading Corporation
Contact Person: MR. AJIT PARULKAR
Tel No. 0712 - 230316, 2541303
Flameguard Electrical Wires, Flexible Cables, Winding Wires, Battery Cable, Telephone Cables .

Hpl India Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. ANIL KARAN
Tel No. 22 - 28528181
Distributor And Supplier Of Switchgear, Panel Mounted Meters, Electronic Energy Meters, Meter Cover Boxes, Submersible Winding Wire, Telephone Cables, Cover Meters.

Power Cable Industries
Contact Person: MR. SHOBHIT SHARMA
Tel No. 141 - 2770156 / 2720967
Manufacturer of LT Power Cable, Control Cable, Instrumentation Cable, Railway Signaling Cable, Telephone Cable, Compensating Cable, Radio Frequency Cable, Bunched Cable, Flexible Cable, Rubber Cable.

Magni Tech Speciality Cables Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 141 - 4001551
Manufacture Wires And Cables.

Mohta Cables
Contact Person:
Tel No. 731 - 2431846
Industrial/Domestic wires, P.V.C. Insulated Wires, Industrial Multi-core Cable, Submersible Cables (Flat), Telephone wires, Multi-Pair Armoured/ Un-Armoured Telephone Wires, ACSR and AAAC Conductors.

Shilpi Cable Technologies Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 11 - 43117900
RF Cables, RF Accessories, RF Connectors, RF Jumpers, Telecom Booklet, Automotive Cable, PVC Insulated, Battery Cables, Photovolta Cables Solar, Power Cord, Power Energy Cables, Control Cables, Telephone Cables, LAN Cable, Co Axial Cables. Solar Cables. H

Dhara Cables Llp
Contact Person: MR.RAJESH SHAH - PROP.
Tel No. 22 - 39567883 / 22063106 / 9920230905
Specialist InScreen/Sheilded/Instrumentation Cables,Copper Flexible/Armoured Cables, All Cables for IBMS and Fire Safety (Including Fire Survivals),PTFE (Teflon Cables,All types of Compensating and Thermocouple Cables,CCTV Cable(Including Flat Cables for Elevator Use), Telephone Cables,Co-Axial Cable(RG-6,8,11,58,213,214 etc), Fiber glass and Asbestos cables,Silicone/EPR-PCP/TRS etc Rubber Cables,Fiber Optic,CAT-6,CAT-6 SSTP,CAT 7 etc,Tailor made special purpose Cables.

Cords Cable Industries Ltd
Contact Person: MR. VARUN SAWHNEY
Tel No. 11 - 40551200
Telephone Cables, Coaxial Cables, Computer Networking Cables, Panel Wires, Control Cables, Instrumentation Cables.

Rajnigandha Cables Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. BURHAN KHAN
Tel No. - 9322695098
Manufacturer of PVC Wires and Cables, PVC Power & Control Cables, Telephone Cables, Switchboard Cables, Industrial and Residential Wires & Cables.

Elegant Engineers
Contact Person: MR.HARI SHENDE
Tel No. - 9011898100
Design / Development / Erection And Commissioning Of Substations, Design / Development Of MCC / PCC / Control Panels And PLC Panels, Instruments Calibration, Energy conservation Technique And Auditing, Industrial Job Development And Fabrication, Process C

Alfa Electricals
Contact Person:
Tel No. 422 - 2237393
Cables, Wires & Allied Products

Guardian Cables & Conductors (P) Ltd
Contact Person: MR. MAHAVIR BANSAL
Tel No. - 9910480857
Power And Control Cables. House Wires And Industrial Cables Are Stocked, Single Core, Multicores, Telephone Cables, Data Cables, Submersible Cables, Cables For Audio Video And Security Applications.

Meera Enterprise
Contact Person: MR.H.B.VALIA - PROP.
Tel No. 22 - 23422825
ACSR Conductors, Armoured Cables, Asbestos Cables, Co-Axial Cables, Compensating Cables, Computer Cables, Copper Braided Cables, Fibre Glass Cables, Flexible Cables, Instrument Cables, Instrumentation Cables, PTFE Cables, PTFE Wires, Screen Cables, Shield

Radhika Cables & Switchgear
Contact Person: MR.KAMAL PUNJABI - DIR.
Tel No. 20 - 65101883 / 65113883 / 27416789
Authorised Distributors - Polycab- Wires & Cables, Schnider - Electric, Preccession - Piper & Accessary, Phillips - Lighting, Samrat - Switchgear, Cromption Greaves - Fans

Ajit Power Solutions Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 22 - 22051994 / 22066001
Distributors Of All types Of Cables, Instrumentation Cable, Telephone Cables, Conductors, Submersible Cables, Industrial Plugs & Sockets

Capcab India Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 11 - 25226983 / 25226584
Powder Cables, Control Cables, LT/HT XLPE Cables, Building Wire, Flexible Cables, Instrumentation Cables, Special Cables, Telephone Cables, Aerial Bunched

Delton Cables Ltd.
Contact Person: MANOJ KR. MAHATO
Tel No. - 9864060319
Telephone Cables, Jellyfilled Telephone Cables, Power, Contol, Instrumentation, House Wires, Co-Axial, MCB, DB.

Electric Cable Industries
Contact Person:
Tel No. 11 - 64580112 / 64580113
Airport Lighting Cables, Auto Cables, House Wiring Cables, Teflon Cables, Welding Cables, Telephone Cables

Electronic Instruments
Contact Person: MR.MANDAR WAKADE
Tel No. 22 - 25446521
Leading Dealer & Stockist Of Polycab Cables, Control Cables, Multicore Flexible Cables, Telephone Cables, PTFE Cables, Multifunction Meter, Voltmeter, Electrical Measuring Instrument, Current Transformer.

Helukabel India Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. H.B. SINGH
Tel No. 22 - 25185841
Flexible Control Cables, Power Cables, Signal Cable, Telephone Cables, Data Cables

K.M.Cables & Conductors
Contact Person:
Tel No. 80 - 22253445 / 22286169
Manufacturers & Stockists Of Shielded & Screened Cables, Flexible Cables

Kalyani Electronics
Tel No. 22 - 26870167
Panel Wires, Household Wire, Flexible Cable, Low Tension Control Cable, Data Cable, Cumputer Networking Cables, Telephone Cables, Compensating Cable

Linkwell Telesystems Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. SANDEEP
Tel No. 40 - 6638000
GSM / CDMA Modems, Serial To Ethernet Converter

Microqual Techno Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 22 - 66989381
Manufacturing Telecom Cable

Millennium Semiconductors
Tel No. 20 - 27484800 / 27484900
Electronic Components, Importers & Distributors of All Types of Electrical & Electronic Components, Capacitors, Diodes, Electronic Parts, Transmitters, Semi Conductors, Insulators, Resistors, ICs, Connectors, Electrical Lamps, Red Lamps, Rectifiers, SMD C

Network Cables
Contact Person:
Tel No. 120 - 2423192
Manufacturer Of Switch Board, Multipair, Telephone Cables, CCTV, Power Control Cables, MDF Pair Box, G.D.Tubes, Networking System

Omega Telecom
Contact Person: MR. RUBAN
Tel No. - 9223337070
Structured Network & Telecommunication Cabling

Orient Telematics Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR.M. NAIR - DIR.
Tel No. 22 - 25665766 / 25665738
Manufacturers & Dealers For EPABX, Society Intercom Systems, Key Telephone Systems, Fax Machines & Security Surveillance Systems

Prestige Cable Industries
Contact Person: MR. AKASH KUMAR
Tel No. 0 - 8862861253
Manufacturers Of.PVC/XLPE Power & Control Cables, Instrumentation Cables, Silicon Rubber Cables, Welding Cables, Telephone Cables

Rajsav India Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 11 - 23649107 / 23650167
Manufacturer & Exporters Of Telephone Coil / Line Cord & Cables, Power Cord-Instrument & Equipment, Networking Cable-CCTV, Computer, Instrumentation Cable, Thermocouple Compensating Cable

Rpg Cables Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 821 - 2402401/ 03/ 04
XLPE Insulated Power Cables, PVC Cables, Jelly Filled Telephone Cables

Shaniya Cables
Contact Person:
Tel No. 11 - 23860143 / 22902143
Power & Control Cables, Industrial Cables, Pvc Insulated Cables, Telephone Cables

Special Cables Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. MUKUL KHANNA
Tel No. 11 - 26432684
Manufacturer Of PVC & XLPE Insulated, Power & Control Cables, Telephone, Co-axial, Screened Instrumentation, Flexible, Radio-Frequency, Compensating And Thermocouple, Rubber Cables.

Trishla International
Contact Person:
Tel No. 22 - 22066556
Authorised Distributors Polycab, Power Cables, Flexible Cables, Structure Cables, Telephone Cables, Welding Cables, Aluminium Wires, Winding Cables, House Wires, Control Cables

Udey Pyrocables Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR.SURESH GOLIYA - DIR.
Tel No. 22 - 26837565 / 26832117 / 26832118
Thermocouple Extension, Compensating Cables, Instruemntation Shield Signal, Alarm Cables, Control Cables, Power Cables, Rubber Cables, Elastomer Cables, Fire Survial, Retardant Cables, Zero Halogen Wires, Coaxial, Welding Cables, Data Communication Cables

Xl Electricals
Contact Person:
Tel No. 0 - 9930127315
Electrical Wires, Single & Multi Core Flexible Cables, Power & Telephone Cables, Jelly Filled Telephone Cables
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