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Special Purpose Machines Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters

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Anvin Engineers Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. - 7798666677 / 9370780555 / 7887889267
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Welding Positioners, Boiler Fabrication, Boom Manipulators, Chemical Plant Equipment Fabrication, Customised Fabrication, Engineering Fabrication, Fabricated Equipments, Fabrication Of Bulk Storage Vessels, Fabrication Of Machinery, Fabrication Of Machinery & Equipments, Fabrication Of Tanks, Fabricator Of Vessels, Fabricators And Erectors, Heavy Duty Fabrication, Heavy Engineering Fabrication, Heavy Fabrication, Heavy Fabrication For Machinery Equipments, Heavy Fabrication Work, Heavy Machine Base Fabrication, Heavy Machinery Parts, Heavy Metal Fabrication, Heavy Structural Fabrication, Heavy Structural Fabrication Work, Lpg Tanks, Lpg Vessels, Rotators, Self Aligning Rotators, Special Fabrication, Storage Tank Fabrication, Traversing Rotators, Twin Table Positioner, Welding Accessories, Welding Automation, Welding Columns & Booms, Welding Controller, Welding Manipulators, Welding Positioner, Welding Rotators, Welding Spm

Spepurmac Engineering Services
Contact Person: MR.VIVEK PITKE
Tel No. - 9822031792
Designing, Manufacturing And Services Of Special Purpose Machines, Boring Machines ( Workshop Machinery ), CNC Controlled Special Purpose Machines, CNC Controlled SPM, CNC Machine Tool, CNC Boring Machines, Cylinder Boring Machines, 3 Axis CNC Milling Machines, Dome Grinding Machines, Drilling Machines ( Workshop Machinery ), Fine Boring Spindles, Fine Boring Machines, Double Ended Fine Boring Machines, Vertical Fine Boring Machines, Horizontal Fine Boring Machines, Grinding Machines, CNC Grinding Machine, Honing Machines, Vertical Honing Machines, Hydraulic Honing Machines, Hydraulic Machines ( Special Purpose Machines ), Keyway Milling Machines, PLC Controlled Special Purpose Machines, PLC Controlled SPM, Spindles, Tapping Machine, Wood Working Machinery, Woodruff Key Way Milling Machines

Kalika Engineers
Contact Person: MR.ASHOK POTDAR
Tel No. - 9881494029 / 9423582849
Designing And Manufacturer of Special Purpose Machines, Hydraulic Special Purpose Machines, PLC Controlled Special Purpose Machines, Pneumatic Special Purpose Machines, Special Purpose Automation, Belt Conveyors, Conveyors, Component Elevators, Hydraulic Presses, Indexing Machines for Product Assembly, Leak Testing Machines, Mass Products of Machined Parts, Work Stations

Prabodh Nirman
Contact Person: MR.KAUSTUBH GOLE
Tel No. 20 - 27111788 / 450 / 9822843208
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Special Purpose Machines, Special Purpose Machines For Automation For High Speed Assembly Of Parts, Equipment For Performance Testing Of Products, Mass Product Of Machined Parts, Washing Machines For Cleaning Of Finished Parts, Work Stations, Assembly Automation Of Motors Used In Windshield Washer Pump, Automatic Riveting Machine For Bearing Assembly With Balls Cages, Automatic Stack Assembly Machine For Armature, Automatic High Speed Assembly Of Ball Bearings, Belt Conveyors For Industrial Automation, Cable Assembly Set-Up For Automobiles, Clutch Assembly Machine For Tape Deck, Conveyorized Automation For Assembly & Testing Of Roller Bearings, High Speed Rivet Inserting Machine For Bearing Cages, Steel Wire Conduit Making Machine, Studio Lamps Position Controller, Assembly Work Benches For Components, Electro Mechanical Component Elevator, General Indexing Mechanism, Hydraulic Presses, Multiple Drop Testing Machine For Checking The Packaging Strength, Pneumatic Indexing, Vice Lift

Jet Pack Machines Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 0 - 8767829009 / 7715881199
Packaging Machinery, Carton Overwrapping, Collating, Overwrapping Machines, Bending Machines, Caping, Cap Pressing, Neck Sleeving, Powder/Paste/Cream/Liquid/ Paste Filling Machines, Special Purpose Machines, Single Carton Over Wrapping Machine, High Speed Single Carton Over Wrapping Machine.

Dran Engineers Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 20 - 66246600 / 9370289656 / 7020868989
Welding Automation, Reactors And Agitators, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Storage Tanks, Filters, Structural Fabrication, Blenders / Mixers, Columns, Robotic Welding Systems Welding Fixture, Welding Fixture Lines, CNC Machining Fixtures, Assembly & Process Automation, Auto Welding SPM, Heavy Welding Fixtures, Machining Fixture, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Fixture.

Aditya Cranes Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 022 - 27791181 / 27790344
Health Check Up & Condition Monitoring of Cranes, Survey of Gantry Rail System, Solutions to Problems In Cranes & Gantry Rail System Maintenance Services, Crane Upgrade Studies and Solutions, Spare Parts and Crane Sub Assemblies

J.B.Engineering & Automation
Tel No. - 9823780339 / 9823671338
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Special Purpose Machines, Hydraulic Power Packs, Industrial Automation, Hydraulic Clamping Sleeve, Leak Test Machine, Rear End Clevis Cylinder, Stationary Gravity Die Casting Machine, Three Tie Rod Gravity Die Casting Machine, Tilting Gravity Die Casting Machine, Hydraulic Cylinder Magnetic Type, Vertical Stationary Gravity Die Casting Machine

Geometric Automation & Engineering Services
Tel No. - 9370044028 / 9422788025
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Special Purpose Machines, Grid Panels And Component Moulds, Hydraulic Operated, Pneumatic Operated Panel Acid Wash Conveyors , Acid Pickling Units, Group Making & Burning Station, Hole Punching Machine And Tools, Manual Brushing Machines, Semi Auto Panel Cutting Machines, LBCM (X direction) Machine For Automotive And Motorcycle Battery, LBCM (X-Y direction) Machine For Motorcycle Battery, Frame Cleaning Machines, Lug Brushing Machines, Semi Auto Sealing Machines, Fully Auto Sealing Machines, Lid Chamber Sealing Machines, Semi Auto ICW Machines, Fully Auto ICW Machines, Short Circuit Testing Machines, Acid Filling Machine For All Variants, Conveyors & Material Handling Systems, Drilling SPM, Flash Trimming Machines, Hot Air De-Flashing Machines, Leakage Testing Machines, Auto Facing And Flash Trimming Machines, 2 Wheeler ABS Sensor Testing, 2 Wheeler Side Stand Sensor Testing, 24 V flasher function Testing, Buzzer Testing Setup, Spark Plug Testing Setup, Transformer Testing, Foot Stand Sanitizer Dispensers, Contactless Sanitizer Dispensers,

Aditya Systems
Contact Person: MR.V.D.PHATAK
Tel No. - 9422023593 / 9226995303
Designing & Manufacturing Of Special Purpose Machines ( SPM ), Jigs, Fixtures, Assembly Tools, Spindle Nut Runner, Water Pump Test Rig, Pipe Crimping Tools, Clutch Plate Oil Bath Unit ( PLC Based ), Valve Collet Pressing Units, Drag Checking Unit Rear Axle, Gear Pressing Units, Press For Pressing Valve Guide & Valve Seat, Hydraulic Pressure Testing Of Cooler, Diesel Timing Checking Trolley, DV Cylinder Head Leakage Testing By Decay Method, Core Plug Fitting Unit, DV Cylinder Head Valve Leakage Testing, Machine, Compressor Valve Leakage Testing Machine, Valve Seat Valve Guide Pressing Unit, Cylinder Head Jacket Leakage Testing Unit, Cylinder Head Valve Leakage Testing Unit ( Vacuum Method ), Cylinder Head Valve Assembly Unit ( Pneumatic Press ), Cylinder Head Valve Guide Removal Press, Turn Over Device For Cylinder Head, Turn Over Device & Conveyors Press For Turbo Shaft Removal, Press For Pump Assembly & Disassembly, DV Cam Box Water Jacket Passage Leakage Testing Machine With PARAG Unit, “C” Frame Press, Cam Gear Removal Press, Compressor Valve Leakage Testing Machine, Con Rod Piston Assembly Removal Press, Crank Case Water Jacket & Oil Passage Leakage Testing Machine With ATEQ Unit, Crank Gear Removal Press, Cylinder Head Inlet Exhaust Valve Leakage Testing Machine With Parag Unit, Cylinder Head Jacket Leakage Testing Unit, Cylinder Head Water Jacket & Oil Passage Testing Machine With ATEQ Unit, Diesel Timing Checking Trolley, DV Cylinder Head Leakage Testing By Decay Method, Pipe Crimping Tool, 40 Ton Press For Clutch Plate Bonding, 3 Ton Press For Pressing Valve Guide & V Seat, Toe Lapcoping Unit, Turn Over Device For Cylinder Head, Valve Collet Pressing Unit, Gear Pressing Unit

Precimac Solutions
Tel No. - 7507800335 / 9325277701 / 9325277702
Machine Tool Automation, CNC Machines Retrofitting, CNC Reconditioning Services, Motion Control Solutions, Machine Tool Automation, High Frequency Spindles, Servo Drives Motors, Servo Drives Controllers, Servo Drives, CNC Lathe Machines, Drill Tap Centers, Special Purpose Machines, Servo Motors, CNC Controllers, Special Solutions For Grinding Machine Automation, Motion Products From SIEMENS, High Performance Spindles From Alfred Jaeger GMBH. High Precision Milling & Engraving Machines From LANG GMBH, PLC, SCADA & Motion Control Solutions For Machine Manufacturers & End Users, Used CNC Machines From Europe & USA, Laser Machines, Digitizing Systems, CAD / CAM Software, CNC Milling Machines, CNC Engraving Machines, Automation Of Notch Milling Machine For Steel Rolls, Automation Of Schaudt Angular Grinding Machine, Customized Solutions For Grinding (Replacement Of Marphos / Bosch), CNC Conversion Of Hydraulic Operated Grinding M/Cs To CNC Machines, Retrofitting Of HMCS, VMCS, Turning Machines, PLC & Motion Control Projects

Tel No. 240 - 2553187 / 9325212290
Polishing Machine, Buffing Machines, Centreless Polishing Machine, Single Station Centreless Polishing Machine, Double Station Centreless Polishing Machine, Four Station Centreless Polishing Machine, Centreless Core Polishing Machine, Planetary Polishing Machine, Centreless Buffing Machine, Single Station Centreless Buffing Machine, Double Station Centreless Buffing Machine, Three Station Centreless Buffing Machine, Six Station Centreless Buffing Machine, Flat Polishing Machine ( Single / Double / Station ), Flat Polishing Machine Oscillating Type ( Single / Double Station ), Flat Polishing Machine Floating Type ( Single / Double Station ), Belt Grinder ( Single / Double Station ), Belt Grinder Attachment On Lathe, Belt Grinder ( Vertical / Horizontal / Heavy Duty / Trolley), Belt Grinder T, Planetary Deburing Machine ( Single Station / Double Station / Slide Type ), Gear Deburring Machine ( Single / Double Station ), Gear Deburring Single Station Cutter Type, Gear Deburring Machine ( Vertical / Horizontal ), Superfinishing Attachments AC Type, Superfinishing Attachments DC Type, Special Purpose Deburring Machine, Sector Gear Deburring Machine, OD Deburring Machine, Centreless Deburring Machine, Rack Bar Deburring Machine, Crank Pin Deburring Machine, Piston Ring Deburring Machine, Special Purpose Polishing Machine, Rack Bar Polishing Machine, Flat Buffing Machine, T Section Polishing Machine, Rim Polishing Machine, Engine Valve Polishing Machine, Dish End & Shell Polishing Machine, Tube Knotching, Machine, Die Cast Flat Grinding Machine, Piston Ring OD Polishing Machine, Piston Ring Buffing Machine, Rim Corner Polishing Machine, Rim Joint Polishing Machine, Wide Belt Sander, Belt Stroke Sander, Sheet Polishing Machine, 8 Station Indexing Type Buffing Machine, Base Grooving Machine, Base Grooving & Edge Finishing Machine, Bottom Polishing Machine, Manual Polishing Machine Small, Edge Trimming Machine, Planetary Belt Polishing Machine, Edge Bevelling Machine, Centreless Buffing Machine

Infinity Technology
Tel No. 0 - 8390577977 / 8600100721
Design & Manufacturing Of Special Purpose Machines, SPM, Buffing Automation, Welding Automation, Ampoule Feeding System, Eddy Current Testing Automation, Multi Spindle Tapping Machine, Anchor, Auto Soldering, Auto Stamping Machine, Bar Cleaning Machine, Biding Machine, Robotic Automation System, Line Automation, Bowl Feeder, Vibratory Feeder, Vibratory Bowl Feeders, Pick And Place Mechanism, Conveyor System, Sorting Belt Conveyor System, Clit Conveyor System, Elevator Conveyor System, Modular Belt Conveyor System, Roller Conveyor, Chain Conveyor System, Magnetic Conveyor System, S.S. Slat Conveyor, Material Handling Equipment.

Aqua Clean Systems Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 20 - 27692235 / 9422005642
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Component Cleaning Machines, Roto Clean, Rotary Table Spray Washers, Top Loading Spray Washers. Roto - Cabinet, Front Loading Spray Washers, Roto Cabinet Washer, Cabinet Washer, Multi Stage Washing Machine, Single Chamber Cabinet Type Spray Washing Machine, Rotary Indexing Table Type Spray Washer, Conveyorised Component Washing Machines, Conveyorised Single Stage Component Washer, Conveyorised Multi Stage Component Washer, Coroused Spray Washer, Rotary Drum ( Front Loading Immersion And Spray Washer With Revolving Drum ), Dip Dunk Agi, Component Cleaning Machine, Dunking Washing Machine, Top Loading Immersion Washer, Side Loading Immersion Washer, Spares Of Component Washers Like Basket Strainers, Chip Tray, Bag Type Filters, Self Cleaning Filters, Compact Paper Band Filter, Magnetic Chip Separators, Oil Separators, Oil Skimmers, Oil Coalescers, Oil Coalescers, Mist Separators, Airy Drying Systems, Magnetic Chip Separator, Automatic Water Filling Systems, Dedicated Reciprocating Manifolds For Precision Cleaning, Duplex Filtration, Dry Ice Blasting, Parts Cleaning Machines, Industrial Cleaning Equipments, Industrial Cleaning Systems, V Sep Rotary Drum

Preci-Cut Tools
Contact Person: MR.J.M.MAINDARGE
Tel No. - 9225859914 / 9225859913
Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter Of Band Saw Machines, Swing Type Bandsaw, Double Column Bandsaw, Fully Automatic, Semi Automatic And Manual Bandsaw Machines, Horizontal Bandsaw, Vertical Bandsaw, Metal Cutting Bandsaw, Heavy Duty Bandsaw, Angular Cutting Bandsaw, DCM, Milling Machines, Boring Machines, Deep Hole Drilling Machines, Degree Cutting Bandsaw, Miter Cutting Bandsaw, Runner Riser Cutting Machines, LM Guided Bandsaw, Workshop Machinery, Metal Cutting Saws, Saw Machinery, Cutting Machinery, Bandsaw SPM, Centering And Facing Machines, Milling Type Facing And Centering Machines, Rotary Transfer Machines, Shearing Machinery, Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier. Majorly We Serve Our Products To Customers From Gulf & African Countries Like Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Kuwait, UAE, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, Congo, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Algeria, Uganda, Sudan, Morocco, Ghana, Mozambique, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Angola, Cameroon, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Mali, Malawi, Zambia, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Chad, Guinea, Tunisia, Rwanda, South Sudan, Benin, Somalia, Burundi, Togo, Libya, Sierra Leone, Eritrea, Liberia, Mauritania, Gabon, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Equatorial Guinea, Gambia, Bissau, Mauritius, Swaziland, Djibouti, France, Comoros, Western Sahara, Cape Verde, Mayotte, São Tomé and Príncipe, Seychelles, Saint Helena, Ascension, Cunha

Smart Automation & Hydropneumatics (P) Ltd.
Tel No. 20 - 24376245 / 24375145 / 8308502100 / 9422012179
Manufacturer, Exporter And Supplier Of Industrial Automation, Control Panels & Automation, HT / LT Control Panels, Power Factor Control Panels, Thyristorised Heating Panels, PLC Panels, Hydraulic And Pneumatic Control Panels, Hydraulic Press Machines, Pillar Type Hydraulic Press Machines, C type Hydraulic Press Machines, H type Hydraulic Press Machines, Hydraulic Power Pack, Material Handling Equipments, Gravity Roller Conveyors, Powerised Roller Conveyors, Salt Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, Trough Conveyors, Lab Equipments, BOD Incubators, Lab Chillers, Muffle Furnace, Water Bath, Cold Chambers, Humidity Chambers, Deep Freezers. Solutions In Process Instrumentation & Automation.

Shikovi Heatgen Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 022 - 27607758 / 27607759 / 20870341
Mfrs.Of All Types Of Industrial Furnaces, Ovens Allied Heating Systems, Kilns & Baths, Furnace Spares, Gas Burners, Solar Heating Systems, Also Undertake Furnace Repair Works

Swastik Industries
Contact Person: MR.SUNIL GHODKE
Tel No. - 9823537171 / 9923275454
Blister Packing Machines, Packaging Machines, Pepcee Packaging Machines, Pepcee Packaging Machines, Pepsi Cola Pouch Packaging Machines, Automatic Pepsicola Packaging Machine, Candy Packing Machines, Pepsi Cola Packing Machines, Pepsi Pouch Packing Machines, Special Purpose Form Fill Seal Machines, FFS Machines, Form Filling Machines, Form Sealing Machines, Pouch Filling Machines, Liquid Filling Machines, Milk Filling Machines, Automatic Packaging Machines

Hydro-Pneumatic Controls
Contact Person: MR. AMOL PADHYE - (DIR.)
Tel No. 0250 - 2328322 / 9320718912
Pneumatic Cylinders, Valves, Accessories, Electro Pneumatic Positioner, Hydraulic Cylinder, Hydraulic Power Pack, Standard Cylinder, ISO Cylinders, Solenoid Valve, Manual Valve, Ball Valve, Flow Control Valve, Rotary Actuator, Control Valves, Feed Control Cylinders, Hydraulic Automation Systems, Hydraulic Cylinders, Hydraulic Equipments, Hydraulic Valves, Hydro-Pneumatic Cylinders, Hydropneumatic Cylinders, Pneumatic Actuators, Pneumatic Automation Systems, Pneumatic Cylinders, Pneumatic Equipments, Pneumatic Valves, Power Pack Units, Pressure Switches, Rotary Actuators, Customised Product, Filter Regulator Lubricator.

Vrushali Engineering Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. - 9422326233 / 9422311138
Manufacturers Of Machine Enclosures, Canopy, Machine Covers, Machine Claddings, Machine Guards, Generator Covers, Generator Canopy, Generator Guards, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Enclosures For Workshop Machinery, Enclosures For CNC Turning Machines, CNC Traub, CNC Wire Cut, CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine, Enclosure For CNC Turning Center, Grinding Machines, CNC Lathes & All Types Of Special Purpose Machines, Machine Enclosures With Designing, Enclosures For CNC Grinding Machines, Enclosures For Internal Grinding Machines, Enclosures For Facing, Guards For Special Purpose Machines, Enclosures For Control Panels, Control Panel Cabinets, Control Panel Enclosures, Enclosures For Special Purpose Machines, Enclosures For SPMS

Garud Automation
Contact Person: MR.PRADEEP GARUD
Tel No. - 9604682845 / 8087703223
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Belt Conveyors, Conveyors, Chain Conveyors, Degassing Unit, Flat Belt Conveyors, Gravity Roller Conveyor, Hydraulic Press, Industrial Washing Machines, Manipulators, Plc, Pneumatic Lifters, Pneumatic Presses, Programmable Logic Controllers, Scissor Lifts, Special Purpose Machines, SPM, Vacuum Testing Unit, Industrial Process Equipments, Material Handling Equipments, Flat Belt Conveyors.

Syscon Engineers
Tel No. 022 - 21721108 / 21724088
Pollution Control Equipments, Chemical Machinery, Chemical Plant Machinery, Chemical Plants, Chemical Process Plant & Machinery, Condensers, Dispersers, Distillation Columns, Evaporators, Heat Exchangers (Process Plant), Heat Exchangers, Jacketed Vessel, Limpet Coil Reaction Vessel, Machinery Consultants, Pharma Equipments, Planetory Mixers, Pressure Vessels, Process Equipments, Process Plant Consultants, Process Plant Machinery, Process Plant Services, Process Vessels For Formulation Systems, Project Consultants, Reaction Kettles, Reaction Vessels, Reactors, Stainless Steel Fabrication, Storage Tanks (Process Plant), Storage Vessels For Formulation Systems, Turn Key Projects Consultants, Vessels (Process Plant), Winery Plant Equipments

Aditi Engineers & Instruments
Tel No. - 9422428589 / 9545678800
Manufacturer Of Dynamic Balancing Machine, Horizontal Balancing Machines, Vertical Balancing Machines, Testing Machines, Rotor Balancing Machines, Fan Balancing Machines, Rotating Component Balancing, Pulley / Flywheel Balancing Machines, Reconditioning of Balancing Machines, Calibration of Balancing Machines, Wheel Balancing Machines, Portable Vibration Analyser, Portable Vibration Balancer, Special Purpose Machines, Polar / Component Indication, Material Testing Machines, Rotating Component Balancing Machines, Fly Wheel Balancing Machines, Polar Indication Machines, Component Indication Machines, Vertical Dynamic Balancing Machines, Horizontal Dynamic Balancing Machine Belt Drive, Polar / Component Indicators, Portable Vibration Balancers, Portable Vibration Analyzers, Horizontal Balancing Machines End Drive, Horizontal Balancing Machine Belt Drive.

Global Shree Engineering Projects Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. - 9922997025 / 7219314586
Plant Machinery Relocation, Relocation / Shifting Services, Industrial Relocation Service, Factory Shifting Service, Heavy Machinery Relocation Services, Robotic Equipment Shifting Services, Industrial Plant Shifting Services, Industrial Machine Shifting Services, Industrial Equipment Relocation Services, Plant Shifting In Automotive Industries, EOT Crane Relocation, EOT / Goliath Crane Shifting Service, Injection Molding Machine Relocation, Machine Erection & Commissioning Services, CNC Machine Reconditioning & Retro Fitment Service, Paint Booth & Furnace Shifting Services, Mechanical, Electrical And Plumbing, Piping Works, Electrical Works, Industrial Greenfield Projects, Interior And Landscaping, Effluent Treatment & Water Treatment Plant, Industrial Project Management Services, Mechanical Structures / PEB, GI Piping, PPRC Industrial Piping, Industrial Hydraulic Piping Work, Industrial Pneumatic Piping Work, Industrial Cable Tray & Cables Installations, Design Of MEP System For Plant, Electrical Panel Design & Installation, Manufacturer Of Industrial Washing Machine, Water Jet Cleaning Machines, High Pressure Water Jet Washing Machine, General Purpose Industrial Washing Machine, Leak Testing Machine, Special Purpose Machine, Hydraulic Press.

Technocraft Engineers
Tel No. 022 - 25800065 / 25833872 / 9820416275
Designers & Mfgrs.Of Gear Boxes, F.H.P.Geared Motors & Geared Units, Motorised Fly Grids, Motorised Lighting Grids.

Maxwell Engineers
Tel No. - 9970164455 / 8600022775
Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter Of MCC Control Panels, PCC Control Panels, PLC Control Panels, MCC Automation Control Panels, PCC Automation Control Panels, PLC Automation Control Panels, Industrial Automation Control Panels, Industrial Automation Systems, Electrical Control Panels, AC Drives, VFD Systems, Variable Frequency Drive Systems, Disparsers, Basket Mills, Agitators, ATEX Explosion Proof Panels, ATEX Explosion Proof Pressurized Panels, ATEX Explosion Proof Purging Panels, ATEX Explosion Proof Control Panels, Explosion Proof Electrical Control Panels, Explosion Proof Electrical Control Stations, Decanter Centrifuge Panels, Also Provide AMC Maintenance Services Of The Same, Also Provide SPM Reconditioning Services, SPM Erection Services, SPM Installation Services, SPM Commissioning Services, Special Purpose Machines Reconditioning Services, Special Purpose Machines Erection Services, Special Purpose Machines Installation Services, Special Purpose Machines Commissioning Services.

Shree Samarth Automation
Tel No. - 9970225272 / 9421173892 / 9823192144
Industrial Automation, Manufacturers Of Electric Control Panels, PLC Base Panel, Motor Control Center Panel, Auto Mains Failure Panel, Automatic Power Factor Control Panel, Machine Control Panel, Mater Control Panel, Special Purpose Machine Panel, Bus Bar Panel, Electrical Feeder Pillar Panel, Electrical Distribution Panel, Sales & Services - VFD, PLC, HMI, Sales & Services Of UPS ( Single & Three Phase ), Services & Maintenance Of All Type OF AC, All Types Of Fabrication

Poonam Designs
Tel No. - 9822508281 / 9822092402 / 9823939857
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Foundry Equipments, Aluminium Foundry Equipments, Gravity Die Castings, Tilting GDC, CNC Pipe Bending Machines, Core Shooter, CNC Boring Machines, Pressure Furnaces, Special Purpose Machines, Leak Testing Machines, Industrial Equipments, Auto Pourer, Shell Core, Shell Cores, Alloy Wheel, Dry Hearth Furnaces, Resistance Furnaces, LPDC Machines, Ingot Charging Trolley, Wheel Gripper, Aluminium Dry Hearth, GDC Machines, Gravity Die Casting Machines, 2 Wheelar GDC Machine, 4 Wheeler GDC Machines, Tilt Die Casting Machines, Aluminum Casting Machine

Shramik Feeding Systems
Tel No. 20 - 27457575 / 9423204519 / 9822313022 / 9881143096 / 9822562802
Bowl Feeder, Vibratory Bowl Feeders, Vibrating Feeders, Stock Feeder, Pick & Place Units, Automatic Assembly Machines, Special Purpose Machines, Cylindrical Bowl Feeder, Stepped Bowl Feeder, Council Bowl Feeder, Pin Feeder, Screw Feeder, Linear Feeder, Automation Units, Two Track Linear Feeder, SF-40 Cap Bowl Feeder, SF30 Bowl Feeder, SF10 Linear Feeder With Guide Stand, Linear Feeder With Stand, Cap Bowl Feeder, Bowl Feeder With Linear, Pin Feeders, Conical Bowl Feeders, Cylindrical Bowl Feeders, Council Bowl Feeders, Small Parts Feeders, Stepped Bowl Feeders, Stock Feeders.

Pethkar Industries
Tel No. - 9822604272
Designer & Manufacturer Of Crimping Machines, Crimping Applicator, Crimping Machine For Harness Industries, Crimping Tools, Jigs, Fixtures, Job Working Unit, Precision Engineering Components, Terminal Crimping Machinery, Semi Automatic Bench Type Crimping Press, Crimp Flex Machines, Special Purpose Machines

Rsv Industries India Pvt. Ltd.
Tel No. - 9881276781
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Hinges, HMI, Handle, Locks, Latches, Round Bush, Angle Bracket, Polyamide End Cap, Angle Bracket Cap, Alen Bolt, Workstation, Trolly, Display Board, Machine Partition, Inspection Table, Concealed Hinges, Die Cast Flat Hinge, Handles & Knob, Panel Locks, Aluminium Extrusions, Aluminium Extrusion Profiles, Aluminium Extrusion And Accessories, Aluminium Extrusion Fittings, Aluminium Profiles Accessories, HMI (Human Machine Interface) Accessories, Door Handles, Kitchen Handles, Cabinet Handles, Furniture Handles, Cupboard Handles, Door Hinges, Concealed Hinge In MS, Concealed Hinge In SS, Die Cast Hinges, Heavy Door Hinges, SS Door Hinges, Stainless Still Door Hinges, Door Locks, Die Cast Panel Locks, Die Cast Wing Knob, Door Latches, Control Panel Door Locks, Levelling Bases, Aluminium Extrusion, 3 Point Locks, Three Point Locks, T Slot Nut, Profile Cover, End Cap, Custom Aluminium Enclosure, Customised Aluminium Extrusion, Testing Table, SPM (Special Purpose Machine), Pendent Arms, Support Arm System, Heavy Duty Door Hinges, Hinge Polyamide, Metal Hinges, Stainless Still Hinges, Aluminium Hinges, Mild Steel Hinges, HMI Enclosures, Die Casting Hinges.

Shan Engineering Works
Tel No. - 9922998650 / 9921401920
Manufacture Of Valve Components, Ball Valve Componants, Butterfly Valve Componants & Gate Valve Componants, Gland Flange, Retainer Ring, Seat Rings, Disc, Stem Extension, Bkts, Piston & Piston Rods, Mounting Plate, Bottom Plates, Machining And Welding Jigs And Fixtures In Mechanical, Hydraulic, Pneumatic Or Hydropneumatic type, Answering Gauges / Fixtures, Low Cost Automation SPMs, Hydraulic Power Packs & Automation Spare Parts, Special Purpose Machines, Auto components, Diesel Engine Components & Engineering Components.

Shree Automation
Contact Person: MR.VIJAY AKOT - PROP.
Tel No. - 8999869162
Transporter System, Automation, Surface Coating Plants, ED Coating Plants, Phosphating Process Plants, Pre - Treatment Plants, Zinc Plating Plants, Silver Plating Plants, Nickel Chrome Plating, Autophoretic Coating Plants, MIP Coating Plants, Insulating Coating Machine With Fluidised Plants, Spray Painting / Powder Coating Booth, Baking System, Spray Painting Systems, Baking Oven, Liquid Painting System, Automatic Spray Reciprocators, Servo Based Automation, Robotic Systems, Bending SPM, 3 Axis Bending, Pipe Bending, Strip Bending / Roll Form, Welding Automation, Welding SPM. Material Handling Equipments, Pick and Place Systems, Conveyorised Automation, Lifts / Scissor Lifts. Turn Table, Dispensing Machines.

Kimaya Engineers
Tel No. 022 - 25853758 / 9869004560
Hydraulic Presses, Hydraulic Machines (Special Purpose Machines), Laboratory Testing Equipment, Accessories for IR / FTIR Spectroscopy Analysis, Accessories for XRF Sample Preparation & Analysis, Motorized Lab Pallet Presses for IR / FTIR / XRF Sampling, Lab. Hydraulic Pellet Presses & Powder Compaction Dies.

Skylark Tool Technologies
Contact Person: MR.RAJESH UGHADE - PROP.
Tel No. 240 - 2553139 / 9850998021
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Press Tools, Pipe Notching Tools Assembly, Disk Piercing Tool, Draw Tool Top Assembly, Draw Tool Bottom Assembly, Gauges & Fixtures, Pipe Relation Gauge, Cross Member Assembly Relation Gauge, Drill Jig-For Cross Member, Silencer Relation Gauge, Disk, Caliper (Aluminum Part), Chassis Assembly, Dust Cover & Spring Cup, Cylinder Rest, Upper Terminal, Nut Plate, Central Bracket, Crgo Bracket, Oil Sump, Panel Wheel Arch, Parking Lever, RR Shock Absorber LH-RH, Design Of Press Tools, Development And Fabrication, Injection Mould, Special Purpose Machine - SPM, Jigs And Fixtures.

Ovk Gears And Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. OMANG KALE
Tel No. - 8976340020
Manufacturer of Spur Gears, Helical Gears, Compound Gears, Pump Gears, Planetary Gear, Micro and Precision Gears and Assembly, Double Helical / Herringbone Gears, Straight Bevel, Spiral Bevel Gears, Gear Teeth Profile Grinding, Special Purpose Machine, Automation and Robotics, Packaging and Material Handling Equipment, Plant Inspection - Project Design, Revamp and Development, Gear Box, Machine Development.

Yash Enterprises
Contact Person: MR. M.B.KHATAL
Tel No. 020 - 24363023 / 9763827581 / 9422003081
We Offer Electrical & Electronic Components, Anti Static & Static Control Products, Conductive Materials, Clean Room Products - Set Up Class 1000, 10000 & 100000, General & Special Purpose Machines & Equipments, Special Consumables & Chemicals,

Ovk Gears And Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. OMANG KALE
Tel No. 0 - 8976340020
Manufacturer of Spur Gears, Helical Gears, Compound Gears, Pump Gears, Planetary Gear, Micro and Precision Gears and Assembly, Double Helical / Herringbone Gears, Straight Bevel, Spiral Bevel Gears, Gear Teeth Profile Grinding, Special Purpose Machine, Automation and Robotics, Packaging and Material Handling Equipment, Plant Inspection - Project Design, Revamp and Development, Gear Box, Machine Development.

Patson Machines Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR.S.N.PATWARDHAN
Tel No. 20 - 25442913 / 9823057654
Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter Of SPM, Multispindle Drilling Heads, Multispindle Tapping Heads, Automatic Grill Feed Drilling Units ( Cam Operated, Hydraulic Operated, Pneumatic Operated, Servo Operated ), Automatic Slide Unite ( Hydraulic / Pneumatic ), Special Purpose Machines Like - Multispindle Drilling Machines ( Horizontal / Vertical ), Multispindle Tapping Machines ( Vertical / Horizontal ), Way Type Drilling, Milling, Tapping And Boring Machines, Rotary Indexing Drilling / Milling / Tapping And Boring Machines, 3 Spindle Vertical Machining Centre. All Types Of Jigs & Fixtures, Precision Machined Components, Sub Assemblies, Tapping Machinery, Carburetor Machining Machines, Gear Debarring Machines, Multispindle Drilling Machines, Fine Boring SPM, Rotary Indexing SPM, Way Type SPM, SPM For Defence Industry

Mechelonic Engineers Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 022 - 28571582 / 28571530
Welding Equipments, Welding Machines, Spot Welding Machines, Bench Mounted, Projection Welding, Flash Butt Welding, Seam Welders, Machines For Can Making, Special Purpose Machines, Solid State Controls for Welding Machines, Wire Mesh Welding Machines, Grating Welding Machines, Copper Foil Solidification Machines, Stud Welders, Welding Guns

Jk Automation
Contact Person: MR.JOSE K.L.
Tel No. - 9850346201
Manufacturer Of Special Purpose Machines, End Off Line Test Bench, Bearing press, Oil Seals Test Rig, Telescopic Cylinder, Honing Machines, SPM Machines, Assembly SPM Machines, Assembly Line, Brake Pedal Assembly Line, Clutch Pedal Assembly Line, Air Spring Leak Testing Machines, Air Spring Test Rig, BS6 Automotive Filter, Cleaning System, Hydraulic Press Machines, Bearing Test Rig, Test Rig, Hydraulic Cylinders, Assembly Line Conveyors, Assembly Line Fixtures, Seaming Machines.

Techno Mac Systems
Contact Person: MR.RAHUL JADHAV
Tel No. - 9881097140 / 9850180250
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Component Cleaning Machines, Component Cleaning Machines, Cartridge Filter Housing, Dipping Machine, Industrial Component Cleaning Equipments, Mobile Filter Machines, Oil Skimmer, Ovens Industrial, Painting Booths, Industrial LPG Ovens, Industrial Natural Gas Ovens, Rotary Cabinet Washers, Rotary Cabinet Washing Machines, Rotary Indexing Washer, Bin Cleaning Machines, Dipping Systems, Indirect Oil Ovens, Dipping Washer Systems, Dipping Washing Machine Systems, Rotary Table Washing Machines, Belt Type Oil Skimmers, Component Cleaning SPM, Component Washing SPM, Conveyorised Washers, Conveyorised Washing Machines, Conveyorized Washers, Conveyorized Washing Machines, Filtration Systems, Front Loaded Rotary Cabinet Washers, Front Loaded Rotary Cabinet Washing Machines, Indirect Oil Ovens, Industrial Component Cleaners, Industrial Component Cleaning SPM, Industrial Component Washers, Industrial Component Washing SPM, Mobile Water Filters, Special Purpose Machines.

Yash Enterprises
Tel No. - 9850893570 / 9850087464
Sand Making Machines, Artificial Sand Making Machines, Plaster Sand Making Machines, Stone Crushers, Cone Crushers, Vibratory Screens, Jaw Crushers, Vibrating Feeders, Vibratory Feeders, Grizzly Feeders, Reciprocating Feeders, Sand Washing Systems, Conveyors Systems, Belt Conveyors, Sand Blasting Machines, Loader Buckets, Perforated Sheets, Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Service Provider

Dran Classic Automation Systems Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 20 - 67524000 / 9371024698
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Assembly Automation Solutions, Welding Automation, BIW Lines, Robotic MIG Welding Lines, Welding Fixtures, Material Handling Systems, Special Purpose Machines, Welding SPM ( Special Purpose Welding Machines ), Special Spot Welding Machines, MIG Welding Machines, BIW Machines, BIW Welding Fixtures, Pick And Place Systems, Lift And Carry Systems, Robotic Spot Welding Fixtures, Robotic Spot Welding Systems, Load Body Welding Fixtures, Pneumatic Clamp Fixtures, Electro Pneumatic Clamp Fixtures, Hydraulic Clamp Fixtures, PLC Clamp Fixtures, Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier, Robotic Turnkey Solutions For Four Wheeler, For Auto Industries, For Automobile Sector, Mechanical Designing Services, Robotic Integration Services, PLC Programming Services, BIW Welding Lines, Robotic Spot Welding, Automated Handling Systems, Robotic Turn Key Solutions, Pneumatic Clamps Fixtures, Electro Pneumatic Clamps Fixtures, Hydraulic Clamps Fixtures, PLC Clamps Fixtures, Chassis Welding Fixtures, CCB Welding Fixtures, Truck Cabin Welding Fixtures, Robotic Spot Welding Lines, Door Handling Grippers, Door Handling Manipulators, Robotic Turnkey Solutions For Auto Industries, Robotic Turnkey Solutions For Automobile Sector.

Seal + Pack Industries
Tel No. 020 - 27130067 / 9552497205 / 9822476551
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Packaging Machinery, Pepcee Packing Machine, Cup Filler, Augar Filler, Oil Packing Machine, Liquid Packing Machine, Single Head & Multi Heat Weighfiller, Powder Filling Machine

Stan-Plant Industries
Tel No. 20 - 24699229 / 9028530827 / 9371012308
Manufacturing & Developing Special Purpose Plant And Machinery In Pharma Industries, Dairy, Food, Chemical Industries, Sugar Industries, Breweries & Distilleries, Textile & Pharma Industries, Powder Blenders, Oil Extractors, Heating Coils, Powder Hopper, Cyclones, Powder Conveying Systems, Belt Conveyors, Milk Cooling Tanks, Milk Storage Tanks, Chemical Storage Tanks, Syrup storage Tanks, Cream Storage Tanks, Chemical Mixing Tanks, LPG storage Tanks, LPG Bullet Tanks, Milk Silos, Pressure Vessels, Blending Vessels, Fermenter Vessels, Kettle Type Reboiler, Fixed Tube Sheets, Construction Mini Cranes, Construction Mini Lifts, Sugar Syrup Kettle / Mixing Kettle

Catengic-Jb Foundry Machines
Contact Person: MR.PRAMOD JADHAV
Tel No. - 9823780339 / 9890691221
Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter Of, Foundry Machines, Fabrication Shed, Steel Fabrications, Fabric Services For Local Area, Heavy Steel Fabrication, Fabrication Services, Warehouse Fabricate, Die Casting Machines - Low Pressure Die Casting Machine, GDC Machines - Tilt Pour GDC Machine, Horizontal Parted GDC Machine, Special Purpose Machines - Vertical Parted GDC Machine, Hydraulic Products - Hydraulic Cylinder Power Pack - LPDC Machine Hydraulic Power Pack, Continuous Mould Line Hydraulic Cylinders,Tilt Pour Gravity Die Casting, Low Pressure Die Casting, Operated Special Purpose Machine. Low Pressure Die Casting Machines, Gravity Die Casting Machines, Vertical Parted GDC Machines, Tilt Pour Gravity Die Casting, Tilt GDC Machines, C Frame Type Tilt GDC Machines, Four Half Tilt GDC Machines, SPM, Operated Special Purpose Machines, Hydraulic Power Packs, Continuos Mould Line Hydraulic Cylinders, Die Casting Machinery, LDPC Machines, Gravity Die Casting, Tilt Pour Gravity Die Casting Machines.

Precimake Automation Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. - 7350266779 / 9822620022
Industrial Automation, Manufacturer Of Leak Testing Machines, Assembly Machines, Assembly Automation, Hub Needle Assembly Machines, Wing Body Assembly Machines, Tip Forming Machines, Needle Autofixing Machines, IV Set Assembly Machines, Rocker Arm Assembly Machines, Chain Tensioner Assembly Machines, Testing Equipment, Tread Stopper Assembly Machines, NRV Assembly Machines, Water Leak Testing Machines, Radiator Assembly Machine, Measuring Equipments, Special Purpose Machines, Hydro Leak Testing Machines, Bar Pressure Leak Testing Machines, Valve Leak Testing Machines, Assembly Line Pick & Place Systems, Packaging Machines, Filling Sealing Machines, Bottle Filling Machines, Bottle Sealing Machines, Hydraulic Tensioner Assembly Machines.

Mccoy Machine Tools Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR.RAMESH RANE - DIR.
Tel No. 022 - 9082143667 / 9819968973 / 9821139298
We Undertake All Types Of Engineering Job Work, Specialist In Mfg.Machinery & Spare Parts For Cement Plants, Power Plants, All Types Of Industrial Furnaces, We Also Design & Mfr. & Install Special Purpose Machinery As Per Customers Requirements

Venus Engineering
Contact Person: MR.A.K.PHATAN - PROP.
Tel No. - 9850757629
Manufacturers & Design Of Jigs, Fixtures, Press Tools, Moulds, Mechanical Works & Special Purpose Machines

Renuka Industries
Contact Person: MR.GANESH CHAVAN
Tel No. - 7387174850
Manufacturer of Material Handling Equipment, Activated Carbon Filters, Jib Crane, GI Tank, Industrial Conveyor, Heavy Fabrication, General Fabrication, Oil Filtration, Oil Skimmer, Oil Separator, Battery Cutting Machines, Special Purpose Machines, Industrial Trolley, Industrial Racks, Dock Leveler, Electric Hot Air Oven, Vibrator Machines, HDPE Tray, And All Types Of Fabrication Work. Service Provider Of Powder Coating Job Work, Industrial Cranes, Platform Trolleys, Step Holder Trolleys, Boom Cranes, Mobile Floor Cranes, SS Chain Conveyors, Three Stage Belt Conveyors, Bucket Conveyors. Waste Trolleys, Hand Lift Trolleys, Auto Component Trolleys, Sheet Holding Trolleys, Store Material Trolleys.

Krison Industries
Contact Person: MR.T. K. PREM - PROP.
Tel No. 022 - 26843813 / 9820217211
Road Marking Machine, Road Marking Applicator With Auto Glass Bead Dispenser, Precision Tools, Sheet Metal Components, Specialsed Die Makers, Pre Melter, Pre Heaters.

Aaryan Engineering Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. RAVINDRA KADAM - DIR.
Tel No. 022 - 25328369 / 25320147 / 9324226763
Process Equipments, Bag Filtration Skid, Basket Filters, Boiler Chimney Erection, Broaching Machines, Ceramic Liners, Chain Conveyors, Chilling Plants, Classifiers, Cnc Machines, Container Mixer, Cooling Belt Conveyor, Cooling Rollers, Crusher Conveyor, Crushers, Cuno Cartridge Filter, Dairy Projects, Double Cone Blenders, Double Cone Mixer, Extruder Dies, Grinding Machine, Hard Chrome Plating Machines, Heavy Engineering Tanks, Heavy Engineering Vessels, High Speed Dispersers, Horizontal Blenders, Hvac Project, Inert Gas Cleaning Tubes, Jacketed Storage Tank, Laboratory Equipments, Laboratory Sand Mills, Laboratory Stirrers, Liquid Paint Spares, Mild Steel Storage Vessels, Mixers With Tank, Mixing Conveyors, Mobile Conveyor, Mobile Hoppers, Mobile Vortex, Powder Coating Spares, Refrigerated Tanks, Rotor Plate, Rubber Bellows, Sand Mill Agitator Discs, Saw Tooth Agitator Cawl, Scissor Lifts, Screw Elements, Screw Shafts, Side Feeder Screw, Skid Conveyors Systems, Skid Filtration Systems, Small Laboratory Equipments, Small Lift, Sparking Machines, Special Purpose Machines, Ss Dip Rodsand Mill Discs, Stainless Steel Storage Vessels, Storage Vessels, Storage Vessels For Formulation Systems, Structural Fabrication, Thread Mill, Tungsten Carbide Coating Machines, Turnkey Conveying Systems, Turnkey Engineering Projects, Turnkey Projects, Turnkey Projects In Hvac, Ultrasonic Cleaning Tubes, Utility Pipelines, Utility Piping, Vibratory Sieving Machines, Vibratory Sleving Machine, Wedge Wire Mesh Screens

Absolute India Mechatronics Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. MEHUL J. MANE (DIRECTOR)
Tel No. - 9867996677
Manufacturer And Service Provider For CNC , Automation , SPM, Robotics Solutions. Reconditioning & Automation Of Conventional Machine , Retro Fittings, CNC Controllers, Special Purpose Machine, Pick & Place Application For Material Handling.

Innovic Technology
Contact Person: MR VINAY MAKWANA
Tel No. -
Innovic Technology is a design & manufacturing firm that provides customized solutions to shape and create best engineering products in the fields of Power, Nuclear, Process industries.

C-Tech Engineers Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 20 - 66467900 / 9325315982
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Precision Machined Components, Hardened And Ground Bushes, Hardened And Ground Pins, Excavator Parts, Fasteners, Ductile Iron Casting, Sub Assemblies, Earth Moving Equipments Spares, Locking Pistons For Excavator ( Assembly), CNC Machined Components Used In Construction Machinery, Excavators, Automobile And General Engineering Industries

Shree Mechatronics Llp
Tel No. - 9922997025 / 26
Special Purpose Machines, Industrial Machinery Shifting Services, Heavy Machinery Relocation Services, Plant Shifting Services, Industrial Plant Shifting Services, Injection Molding Machine Relocation, Machine Shifting Services, CNC Machine Component, Machine Erection Services, SPM Reconditioning Services, Machine Commissioning Services, CNC Machine Retrofitting Services, Machine Reconditioning, Valve Test Rig, Special Purpose Machines, Industrial Washing Machine, Leak Testing Machine, Low Cost Automation, Tool Room Parts, Paint Booth, Machined Component, Hydro Pneumatic Press, Machine Tools, Hydraulic Press, Component Cleaners, Component Cleaning Equipments, Component Cleaning Machines, Component Washers, Filtration Systems, Rotary Type Washing Unit, General Purpose Industrial Machines, Fabrication, Heavy Fabrication, Factory Shifting Services, Powder Coating Booth, Powder Coating Equipments, Machine maintenance, Machine Modifications, CNC Automation, Leak Testing Machines, Air Leak Testing Machines, Industrial Trolleys, Machine Erections, Scissor Lift, Machine Erection And Installation, Machine Installation, Machine Loading Services, Machine Unloading Services, Turnkey Projects, Machine Shifting And Turnkey Projects, Machine Shifting Contractor.

Delight Process Designers & Automation
Contact Person: MR.LANJEWAR
Tel No. - 9225655201 / 9225655210
Industrial Automation, Dispensing SPM’s - OD Greasing For Brake System Body, Liquid Gasketing Machine, Steering Wheel Spraying System, Taper Roller Bearing Greasing System, Gauging Systems - Automatic Bearing Outer Race Ring Gauging System, Ring Gauging System, Industrial Automated Systems - Slider Riveting Machine, Autoloading System For Sizing Press, Paddle Dowelling Machine, Switch Assembly Fixture, Nut Pressing into Bracket and Re-taping, Rivet Autoloading and Pressing into Bracket, SPM for Synchrohub Automatic Deburring Machine, MAZAK CNC Automatic Loading & Unloading System, Testing Systems – End of Line - End Assembly Machine for Torque Testing, Endurance Testing Machine, Fishbowl Leak Tester, Leak Testing Machine for Brake Body, Steering Gearbox Testing Machine, Switch Testing & Marking Systems, Material Handling Equipments - Belt Conveyor, Bend Roller Conveyor, Roller Conveyor, Welding Systems - Welding Fixtures, Liquid Gasketing Machines, Metered Quantity Grease Filling Machines, Axle Oil Spinning Machines, Auto Gauging of Valve Seat & Sortings, Switch Testing & Sorting, Rivet Auto Loading And Pressing Into Brackets, Ignition Switch Torque Testing Systems, Auto Loading Systems, Powder Metallurgy Parts, Auto Components, Switch Endurance Testing Systems, Europa Weld Med Locking Systems, Assembly Automation, Auto Riveting Machines, Automatic Riveting Machines, Automation For Gauging Units, Axle Oil Spinning Machines, Drilling SPM, End Of Line Testing Machines, End Of Line Testing Automation, Gauging Automation, Gauging Units Automation, Grease Filling Machines, Milling SPM, Sizing Press Auto Loading Systems, Special Purpose Dispensing Machines, Special Purpose Drilling Machines, Special Purpose Machines, Special Purpose Milling Machines, Special Purpose Reaming Machines, Switch Endurance Testing Systems, Valve Seat Gauging Machines, Vehicle Axle Oil Spinning Machines.

Spas Engineers Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 022 - 21724088 / 1108
Pollution Control Equipments, Chemical Machinery, Chemical Plant Machinery, Chemical Plants, Chemical Process Plant & Machinery, Condensers, Dispersers, Distillation Columns, Evaporators, Heat Exchangers (Process Plant), Jacketed Vessel, Pharma Equipments

Tool Tech Spm
Tel No. - 9765559929 / 9822021897
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Special Purpose Machine, Sheet Metal Forming Machine, Sheet Metal Cutting Machine, Cylindrical Shell End Forming, Conical Shell End Forming, Pipe Swaging & Flaring, Thin Sheet Cylindrical Or Conical Shell Roll Forming Machine, Sheet Stretch Forming Machine, Tube Hemming And Clinching Machine, Hump Or Critical Bump Forming Machine On Surface Of Cylindrical Or Conical Shell, Groove Forming Machine For Nitrogen Filled Shocker, Panel Pocket Cutting Machine, Variable Section Forming Machine, Relation Gauge For Rear Wheel Assembly / Radiator Assembly, On Line Multinut Tightening System, Multi Spindle Hydraulic Press For Engine Crankcase, Auto Feeding Mechanisum For Circlip Pressing, Dry And Wet Leak Testing Rig, Multi Spindle Boring Machine, Automatic Labeling Machine For Cartons And Complicated Parts, Hydraulic Punching Unit, Auto Load And Unload Machine, Auto Tip Weld Machine, Leaser Marking Machine, TIG Welding Machine, Pipe Forming Machine, Sheet Metal Forming Machine, MCB Unscrewing Machine, Welding Automation, Hydraulic Operated Pipe Swaging Machine, Hydraulic Operated Roll Forming Machine, Rotary Swaging Machine, Hydraulic / Pneumatic Presses, TIG / MIG Welding Automation, Scaffolding Welding Automation With PLC Control, Multispindle Hydraulic Presses With Auto Feeding Unit, Grease Dispensing Unit, Automatic Buffing And Polishing Machine, Profile Welding Automation, Hydraulic Operated Groove Forming For Pipe And Bars, Grinding Machines For Break Pad And Shoe, Automatic Parting And Slitting Machine, Auto Loading Attachment

Pallwin Technologies
Contact Person: MR.ROHIT TUPE
Tel No. - 9850078902 / 9657543965
Manufacturer, Supplier Of All Types Of Special Purpose Machines & Engineering Equipments, SPM,

Jm Enterprises
Tel No. - 9823835283 / 8149812811
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Welding Automation, Welding Machines, Spot Welding, Projection Welding, Special Purpose Machines

Synergetic Automation Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 0253 - 6607014 / 9850063095
Assembly Lines, Palletised Conveyor Line, Helium Leak Testing Machines, Special Purpose Machines, Hydro Pneumatic Presses, Hydraulic Presses, Assembly Line Automation, S.P.M., Spm, Pressing Machines, Capacitor Sealing & Growing Pressing Machine, Sealing Machine, Screw Tightening, Handheld Screw Tightening, Servo Nut, Servo Press, Hydropneumatic Press, Fin Mill Machine, Spin Riveting

Sew Surface Coating Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 20 - 24355384 / 9860027066
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Powder Coating Plants, Surface Coating Plants, Surface Coating Machinery, Pre-Treatment Plants ( Spray & Dip ), Powder Coating Machinery, Liquid Painting Plants, Pre-Treatment Plants with Transportar, Special Purpose Ovens, Heating Elements, P.V.C.Coating Plant, Special Type Heating System, Conveyor Systems, Scissor Lift, Sieving Machinery, Fluidization System, Special Purpose Machines, Powder Coating Booth, Batch Type Booth, Conveyorised Booth, Powder Recovery System, Batch Type Oven, Overhead Conveyorised Oven, Ground Conveyorised Oven, Ground Conveyor

Tel No. 7104 - 237760 / 9422802152
Power Generating Equipment SPM, Special Purpose Machines, Power Station Spares & Repairing, Thermal Power Station Spares, Hydro Power Station Spares, Manufacturing & Reconditioning of Dynamic Balancing Metastasizing upto 12 MT, Repairs / Reconditioning of Equipments, Repair / Rebuilding of Teeth & Gripping Area, Industrial Fabrication, Rebuilding & Reconditioning of online Condenser Tube Cleaning System, Griping Sheave, Turbine Rotor, Casing Gland Box - Refining Machinery, Repairs / Rebaling of ID Fan, FD Fan, PA Fan, Impellers, Boiler Tube Coating with Wear Resistance Material, SPM For Insite Machining of CT Slot of Turbine Cylinder, SPM For Insite Machining of Coal Mill Yoke Table Wiper Ring for 140 MW Turbine, Rebuilding of Kiln Support Roller, Dynamic Balancing ( upto 18 MT ) of Turbine Rotors, Rotory Vane Assembly, Condenser Tube Cleaning Systems, Turbine Rotor, Power Generating Equipments

Spm Engineering Corporation
Contact Person: MR.RAVI BHORE
Tel No. - 7767804392
Special Purpose Machines, Leak Testing Machines, Industrial Automation, Industrial Components Cleaning Machines, Industrial Washing Machines, Plastic Bin Cleaning Machines, Case Washing Machines, Oil Pump Washing Machines, Marking Machines, Flange Marking Machines, Scribing Marking Machines, Material Handling Equipments, Roller Chain Conveyor, Conveyors, Conveyor Trolleys, Chip Bin Trolley, Manipulators, Pull Type Hydraulic Press & Assembly, Cylinder Head Continuity Test Machines, Oil Dipping Tank, Assembly Stations, Hydraulic Cylinders, Pneumatic Presses, Pneumatic Cylinders, C Frame,

Tech Ethos Engineers Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. - 9881726350
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Special Purpose Machines, Drilling Automation, Welding Automation, Assembly Automation, Tube Bending Automation, Material Handling Automation, Automation In Special Areas, Spot Welding SPM, Tube Forming SPM, Auto Gauging and Inspection SPM, Rivet Welding Automation, Smart Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS), Test Rigs And Benches, Laser Marking SPM

Tirupati Hydropneumatics & Services
Contact Person: MR. NARSING KHADKE - PROP.
Tel No. - 7517806066 / 9763850571
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Hydraulic And Pneumatics, Hydropneumatic Products, Power Packs, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Seals, All Types Of Hydraulic Seals, Hydraulic Cylinders, Hydraulic Accessories, Lubrication Pumps & Accessories, Hydraulic Presses, Hydraulic Power Pack, Hydraulic Valves, Hydraulic Pumps, Hydraulic Fittings, Hydraulic Seals, Pneumatic Seals, Hydraulic Pipings, Pneumatic Pipings, Lubrication Pumps & Fittings, Hydraulic Presses

Jet Pack Machines (Overwrapping) Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. ASUTOSH GAUTAM
Tel No. 22 - 28680069 / 8767829009 / 9820134988 / 7715881199
Packaging Machinery, Carton Overwrapping, Collating, Overwrapping Machines, Bending Machines, Caping, Cap Pressing, Neck Sleeving, Powder/Paste/Cream/Liquid/ Paste Filling Machines, Special Purpose Machines

Shree Shot Equipment Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 240 - 2552619 / 9422707599
Shot Blasting Machines, Shot Peening Machines, Special Purpose Shot Blasting Machine, Internal & External Shot Blasting Machine for Cyliners, Pneumatic Shot Blasting Machines, Material Handling Equipments, Foundry Equipments, Spares for Shot Blasting Machines

Panacea Engineers
Contact Person: MR. HEMANT KSHIRE- DIR.
Tel No. 022 - 27791181 / 27790344 / 09619141050
Design, Engineering, Crane Design, Crane Design Engineer, Mfgrs. of EOT Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Goliath Cranes, Semi Gantry Cranes, Rotating Trolley Cranes, Rotating Beam Cranes, Grab Cranes, Grabbing Cranes, Magnet Cranes, Heavy Duty Cranes, Light Duty Cranes, Ladle Cranes, Grab Buckets Mfgrs., Inspection Of Cranes, Crane Inspection, Health Check up Of Cranes, Survey Of Gantry Rail Systems, Crane Maintenance, Crane Modification, Crane Upgradation, Crane Spare parts, Crane Wheels, Crane Gearboxes, Crane Gears, Brake Drums, Brake Liners, Brake Rotor, Wire Ropes, Crane Hook, Crane Sheave, Crane Pulley, Hook Blocks, Crane Weighing, Jib Cranes, Crane Condition Monitoring, Crane Preventive Maintenance, Crane Trouble Shooting, End Carriage, Crane AMC, Gear Coupling, Rope Drum, Crane Annual Maintenance Contract, Crane Third Party Inspection, Crane Drawing Vetting, Crane Drawing Approval, Crane Offer Evaluation, Crane Site Fabrication, Crane Erection, DSL Erection, Bus Bar Erection, Gantry Rail Erection, Rail Alignment Laser, Design of Steel Plant Equipments, Ladles, Ladle Transfer Car, Scrap Bucket, Scrap Boxes, Scrap Box Car, Transfer Cars, Upender, Slag Pots, Slag Pot Transfer Car, Ingot Mould Car, Roller Tables, Detail Design, Indianization of Drawings, Enclosed Festoon Cable System, Flat Cables, C Track Festoon Cable System, Imported Festoon Cable System, Fall Arrest System, Vertical Fall Arrest System, Horizontal Fall Arrest System, Factory Roof Top Fall Arrest System, Fall Arrest System For Dispatch, Explosion Proof Festoon Cable System, Offshore Festoon Cable System, Hose Festoon System, Cable Reeling Drums, Heavy Duty Drag Chain, Crane in a Box, Free Standing Cranes, Crane System for Assembly Line.

Workplus Engineering
Tel No. 20 - 24361053 / 9423743431 / 9881403915
SPM Design & Manufacturing, Automation, Material Handling, Conveyor Manufacturing, Training & Consultancy For Manufacturing, Pick & Place Automation Systems, Industrial Automation Solutions, Pneumatic Automation Systems, Automation Projects, Automation Solutions, Industrial Automation Systems, Pick And Place Machines. Special Purpose Machines, CNC Tapping Machines, Screen Printing Machines, Silicone Cutting Machines, Rubber Cutting Machines, Mini Half Cut Machines, File Creasing Machines, Material Handling Systems, Gravity Roller Conveyors, SPM Drilling Machines, SPM Printing Machines, SPM Tapping Machines, Tapping Machines SPM, Tapping SPM, Pick And Place Automation Systems, Two Axis Pick Place Automation Systems, Automatic Pick And Place Robot, Pick And Place Robot Applications, Three Axis Pick And Place Automation, Hose Cutting Machines, Slat Chain Conveyors, Material Handling Equipments.

Prime Technologies
Tel No. - 7887519763 / 9822072302
Special Purpose Machines

Prompt Engineering Services
Tel No. 240 - 2326179 / 9822718047
Special Purpose Machines, Precision Component Machining, Hydraulic Power Packs, Hydraulic Presses, Machine Automation, Pneumatic Systems, Control Panels, Centralised Lubrication & Coolant Systems, Retrofitting Machine Tools, Energy Audit, Assel Hydraulic Powerpack, Bakelite Tablet Making Machine, Bearing Fitting Press, Adjustable Fork Stacker, HMC Fixture For Machining Component, Hydraulic Power Pack, Leak Testing Machine, Motorised Hydralic Stacker, Piercing Mill, Rotary Welding SPM, Automation For Robo Welding, Dry Ice Mfg Machine, Textile Machine, CHAKALI Single / Multi Sticks, Hydraulic Presses, Industrial Power Packs, Industrial Power Packs, Hydraulic Power Pack Machines, Hydraulic Powerpack Machines for Assel Mill, Assel Hydraulic Powerpacks, Tablet Making Machines, HMC Fixtures For Machining Components, Leak Testing Machines, Motorised Hydraulic Stackers, Chakali Making Machines, Shev Making Machines, Noodles Making Machines, Hydraulic Stackers, Rotary Welding SPM Machines, Robotic Welding Automation, Dry Ice Making Machines, CO2 Dry Ice Making Machines, Two Station Dry Ice Making Machines

Krison Industries Co.
Contact Person: MR.T. K. PREM - PROP.
Tel No. 022 - 26843813 / 9820217211
Road Marking Machine, Road Marking Applicator With Auto Glass Bead Dispenser, Precision Tools, Sheet Metal Components, Specialsed Die Makers, Pre Melter, Pre Heaters.

Samadhan Industries
Contact Person: MR.R.A.KULKARNI
Tel No. - 9766649123 / 8600688895
Pipe Bending Machine, SPM, jigs and Fixtures, Industrial Dies, Special Purpose Machines, Hole Piercing Unit, Drill Jigs, Welding Fixtures, Assembly Fixtures, Inspection Fixtures, Job Holding Fixture, Forming Dies, Blanking Dies, Pipe Bending Dies, Nail Spotting Machine, Component Assembler SPM, Special Purpose Shearing Unit

Varad Industries
Tel No. - 9422775544 / 9422771645
SPM, Special Purpose Machines, Welding Fixtures, Jigs & Fixtures, BIW Fixtures, Robotic Welding Line, Special Purpose Welding Machine, Checking Gauges, Inspection Gauges, Industrial Tools, Mould Base, Moulded Components, Welding Fixture For Automobile Industries, Proof Testing Machines, Draw Tower Machine, MEK Rub Testing Machine, Powder Mixing Dosing, Liquid Mixing, Liquid Metering & Dosing

Concept Tech-Know Equipments Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 20 - 41224974 / 9823040809
Fly Ash Brick Machines, Brick Machines, Brick Making Machines, Special Purpose Machines, Material Handling Systems, Construction Equipments, Construction Machinery

Technosys Automation
Tel No. 20 - 30694719 / 9850579615
Industrial Automation, CNC Machines Retro Fittings, CNC / PLC Machine Upgradation & Reconditioning, CNC / Robotic Gantry Material Handling Systems, Industrial Automation Systems, Annual Maintenance Contracts of CNC Machines with FANUC Controllers, Training of FANUC CNC Products, Upgradation of the CNC Machines with FANUC / Mitsubishi / Siemens CNC

Tantra India
Tel No. - 9763421256
Conveyors, Forging Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, Foundry Conveyors, Pharma Conveyors, Material Handling & Automations, Forging Line Automations, Special Purpose Machines, Maintenance & Reconditioning of Conveyors

Mikro Innotech Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. - 8308802300
Manufacturer of Special Purpose Machine, Leak Testing Machine.

S.R. Enterprises
Contact Person: MR. VIJAY
Tel No. 044 - 26257083 / 26357108
Manufactures of Special and General purpose machines, Sheet Straightner Machines, Component levelling Machines, Inspection Equipments, Jigs & Fixtures.

Pushpanjali Industrial Equipment
Contact Person: MR. J.S KUMAR (OWNER)
Tel No. 044 - 42109777/9840128173
Scaffolding Equipments, Screening Equipments, Material Handling Equipments, Industrial vibrators, Compactors, Mixers, Special Purpose Machines (SPM).

Anand Enterprises
Contact Person: MR. VISHAL KOLHE
Tel No. - 9096933492
Hydraulic Lift, Blue Point Tools, Scissor Lift, Battery Charger, Torque Wrenches, Air Compressor, Car Washer, Nut Runner, Special Purpose Tools, Tachometers, Special Purpose Machine, Foot Operator Sanitizer Stand, Motorcycle Ramp Lift, Grease Pump, Mechanic Tools and Trolley, Hydraulic Stacker, Automatic Two Wheeler Wash Machine, Under Chassis Washing Machine, Pneumatic Grease Pumps, Portable Truck Loader, Wheel Balancing Machines, Mobile Service Van, Spark Plug Cleaner, Chain Greasing Unit, Tool Hanger, Smokeless System, Water Recycling Pant (ETP), Soket Bits.

Integrated Drive Systems Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. K.K. SHAH. / MR. KETAN SHAH (DIRECTOR)
Tel No. 022 - 67974757 / 67974758
Control Panel, Motion Control Systems, Automation Systems, NDT Systems / Multi-Axis Manipulators & Scanners, Paint Machine / Reciprocators, Special Purpose Machine, Car Parking Systems, Packaging Machines.

Mekonix Systems
Contact Person:
Tel No. 020 - 27420139:
Assembly Line Machines, Special Purpose Machines, Pick And Place Systems, Welding Fixtures, Material Handling Systems, Conveyors , Scissors Lifts, Rotary Table, Belt Conveyor, Duct Trolly.

S.M. Engineers And Contractors
Contact Person:
Tel No. - 9422054545
Special Purpose Machines Mfg., HDPE Welding, Industrial Fabrication, Infra Material Supplier, Garden Development, Industrial Sheds, Irrigation Projects.

Insight Technologies
Contact Person: MR. AJAY V / MR. ASWAJITH A S
Tel No. 0 - 9980909380
Manufacturer OF Special Purpose Machines, Fixtures, Tooling, Automation, Assembly Machines, Metal Working Machines, Metal Cutting | Metal Finishing.

Disco Systems Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. - 9619681629
Manufacture of Special Purpose Machinery.

New Hydro Equipements Pvt Ltd
Contact Person: MR. MOHAN CHOLKAR
Tel No. - 9822194603
Manufacturer of Hydraulic Systems, Hydraulic Cylinders, Manifold Blocks and Special Purpose Machines.

Huntech Engineers
Contact Person: MR. NIRBHAY GUPTA
Tel No. - 9911796297
Manufacturer of Pouch Packaging Machines, Special Purpose Machine and Spare Parts, Packaging Machinery, Multihead Weighing Packaging Machine, Auger Filler Packaging Machine, Cup Filler Packaging Machine, FFS Machine, Half Pneumatic Machine, Horizontal Flow Wrape Packaging Machine, Filter Khaini Machine, Multi Track Liquid Machine, Tea Bag Packaging Machine, Bend Sealer Machine, Auger Filler Machine.

Tirupati Tool Tech & Automation
Contact Person: MR.DINARAJ N.
Tel No. - 9970388769
Inspection Fixtures, Welding Fixtures, VMC/HMC Machining Fixtures, Leak Testing Machines & Fixtures, Special Purpose Machines, Aluminium Extrusion Precision Grid Tables, Die And Punches.

Sew Fluid Power Co.
Contact Person: MR.R.P.GOLE
Tel No. - 9623150364
Hydraulic Jacks & Cylinders, Special Purpose Machines, Hydraulic Crimping Curve Machine, Hydraulic Press, SPM Machine, Hydraulic Hose Pipes, Hydrolic Cylinder, Hose Pipe, Hydraulic Spares, Hose Crimping Machine, Hydraulic Power Packs.

4M Automation
Contact Person: MR. BHARAT KURKUTE
Tel No. 0 - 8380096107
Leak Test Machine, Infrared Welding Machine or IR Welding Machine, Hotplate Welding Machine, Heat Staking Machine, Hot Insertion SPM, Special Purpose Machines (SPM), Vision Inspection Machine or Sorting Machines, Plastic Punching SPM.

Smartek Machines And Automation
Contact Person: MR. NISAR KHAN
Tel No. - 8700012171
Manufacturer of Hydraulic Grinding Machines, Universal Grinding Machines, Precision Hydraulic Cylindrical Grinders, Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylindrical Grinding Machine, Special Purpose Machines, CNC Grinding Machines, Cylindrical Grinding Machine.

V. M. Engineers
Contact Person:
Tel No. 080 - 41172174
Manufacture Wide Range Of CNC Engraving Machines, CNC Milling Machines And Special Purpose Machines.

Luna Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. - 7875533871
We are Leading supplier of Industrial Components, Bearings, Pneumatics, Motors, Controllers and Drives Indian Industries, Special Purpose Machines, Packaging Machine, Engraving Machines, Milling Machines, CNC Machines, Laser Cutting Machine, Plasma Cutting Machines etc

Tocol Machine Tools Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. H.G. SHIVASHANKAR
Tel No. 080 - 28361018
Manufacture Of Build To Print Complete Assemblies And Components, Special Purpose Machines, Rotor Milling Machine, Pre Boring Machines, Facing And Centre Drilling Machines.

Sam Machinery Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 080 - 41273006
Manufacturing of special purpose machines for Metal Cutting, Assembling, Testing & Material Handling for various segments of the industry, including automobile, the processing industry, general and heavy engineering, along with the integration of PLC or CNC systems. Products: Piston Machining Line, Piston Ring Machining Line, Bimetal Bearings & Bushes, Miscellaneous Auto Parts.

Sree Rama Engineering Works
Contact Person:
Tel No. 080 - 23200290
Heavy Structured High Precision Tools And Machinery, Heavy Engineering Job Works, Machinery Assemblies, Jigs & Fixtures, Special Purpose Machinery, Etc.

Sunmas Machine Tools Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. T. SUNDARA BASHYAM (MD)
Tel No. 0 - 9844034856
Design And Manufacture Of Special Purpose Machines Like Milling Machines, Boring Machines Drilling Machines, Tapping Machines, Multi Operation Machines, And Non-Metal Cutting Machines Etc.

Techno Mac Systems
Contact Person: MR.RAHUL JADHAV
Tel No. - 9881097140
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Component Cleaning Machines, Component Cleaning Machines, Cartridge Filter Housing, Dipping Machine, Industrial Component Cleaning Equipments, Mobile Filter Machines, Oil Skimmer, Ovens Industrial, Painting Booths, Industrial LPG Ovens, Industrial Natural Gas Ovens, Rotary Cabinet Washers, Rotary Cabinet Washing Machines, Rotary Indexing Washer, Bin Cleaning Machines, Dipping Systems, Indirect Oil Ovens, Dipping Washer Systems, Dipping Washing Machine Systems, Rotary Table Washing Machines, Belt Type Oil Skimmers, Component Cleaning SPM, Component Washing SPM, Conveyorised Washers, Conveyorised Washing Machines, Conveyorized Washers, Conveyorized Washing Machines, Filtration Systems, Front Loaded Rotary Cabinet Washers, Front Loaded Rotary Cabinet Washing Machines, Indirect Oil Ovens, Industrial Component Cleaners, Industrial Component Cleaning SPM, Industrial Component Washers, Industrial Component Washing SPM, Mobile Water Filters, Special Purpose Machines.

Mechelonic Welders Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. JOSEPH JN (DIRECTOR)
Tel No. 080 - 29639752
Rocker Arm Spot Welder, Press Type Welder, Portable Welder, Bench Welder, Seam Welder, Special Purpose Machines, Welding Controls.

Krisam Automation Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR PRASAD (GM)
Tel No. 0 - 9731301817
Design And Manufacture Of Special Purpose Machines For Various Industries.

Tamilnadu Industrial Conveyors
Contact Person: MR. S.P. MOHAN KUMA (DIRECTOR)
Tel No. 044 - 26244578 /26257510
Material Handling Products, Material Handling System, Material Handling Conveyors, Chain Conveyor, Industrial Belt Conveyor, Roller Conveyor, Special Purpose Machines, Ventilation Systems, Storage Silo, Bucket Elevators, Filter Systems, Industrial Blender, Industrial Feeder, Industrial Hopper, Industrial Tanks, Industrial Vessels, Industrial Gates, Metal Gratings.

Sigt Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 044 - 24960241
Tool & Cutter Grinders, Tool & Cutter Grinder Accessories, Special Purpose Machines.

Automated Tooling Systems India Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 040 - 48517735
Stud Press Machine, Walking Beam Transfer, Conveying Systems, Special Purpose Machines, Material Handling Solutions, Assembly Line Automation.

Macpro Automation Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 044 - 32003202
Manufacturer of Assembly Station, Pivot Assembly Station, Automatic Assembly Station, Base Sub Assembly Station, Glass Assembly Station and Actuator Assembly Station.

Md Conveyor Systems
Tel No. - 8208101780
Automated Material Handling Systems Equipments, All Types Of Conveyors & Systems, Bin Lifter, Good Lifter, Scissor Lift, Perform Loader, Industrial Special Purpose Machine, Electrostatic Oil Purification Machine, All Types Of Fabrication, Conveyor Assembly & Structure Installation

Itl Industries Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. RAJENDRA JAIN (MD)
Tel No. 0731 - 7104400 / 09
Bandsaw Machines, Circular Sawing Machine, Tube/Pipe Manufacturing Machine, Power Hacksaw Machines, Blades, Special Purpose Machines.

Aph Tech
Contact Person: MR. HARSHIL PADIA
Tel No. - 9870404610
Manufacturer Special Purpose Machine.

Vaishnavi Machine Manufacturer
Contact Person: MS. SHOBHA BORADE
Tel No. - 9225119128
Manufacturer of Special Purpose Machine.

Shree Precision Engineers
Tel No. 020 - 66303019 / 64103730
Material Handling Equipment, Industrial Fabrication, Boiler Accessories, Industrial Plant And Machinery, Special Purpose Machines.

Ask Innovations Llp
Contact Person: MR. SAHIL MARU
Tel No. - 9892255184
Manufacturer of Special Purpose Machines & Automation.

Midas Eastern Machine Tools Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 022 - 28475897
Design And Manufacture Of Special Purpose Machines.

Dat Cam Automation
Tel No. - 9940314576
Manufacturer of Special Purpose Machinery. Control Panels, AC Drives, Paper Blanking Machine.

Nutec Engineers
Contact Person: MR. A. M. PRAVEEN
Tel No. 044 - 42189019
Manufacturer and Supplier of Industrial Furnaces, Ovens & Special Purpose Machines, Aluminum Melting Furnaces, Bogie Hearth Furnaces, Chamber Furnaces.

Merit Industries Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. RAJKUMAR
Tel No. - 9994281917
We Specializes in Providing Hydraulic & Material Handling Equipment and Special Purpose Machines.

Paraflat Machines Manufacturers
Tel No. 044 - 26541814
Special Purpose Machines, Single Side / Flat Lapping Machines, Precision Parallel Lapping Machines.

Ucal Machine Tools Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 044 - 28601610
Manufactures Intricate Pressure Die Casting Dies & Moulds, Special Purpose Machines, Intricate Pressure Die Cast Aluminium & Zinc Components.

Guhan Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 0 - 7200081419
Robotics, Conveyors, Material Handling Equipments, Hydraulics, Special Purpose Machineries, Testing Machineries.

Jasraj Multitech Cnc
Contact Person:
Tel No. - 7447758861
Manufacturer of Precision Spare Parts and Job Work, Wire Cutting Jobs Done, Special Purpose Machine, Hydraulic Cylinders, Power Packs, Presses, Metal Shedders, Balling Press & Granulators etc. Food processing Machines,

Accumechatronics Mfg. And Engg India Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. PRAVIN BADHE
Tel No. - 7506148532
Special Purpose Machines and Complete Pneumatics.

Lohia Corp
Contact Person: MR. VINAY (MD) / MR. GAURAV LOHIA
Tel No. 0512 - 3045100
Tape Stretching Lines, Tape Winders, Circular Looms, Extrusion Coating Lines, Printing Machines, Bag Conversion Lines, Special Purpose Machines, Spin - Draw - Wind Lines for PP Multifilament Yarn.

Creative Power And Control
Contact Person: MR. AVINASH KINAGE
Tel No. 020 - 30629793 / 4
Manufacturer of Hydraulic Power Packs, Special Purpose Machines, Hydraulic C Frame / H Frame Deep Draw Press, Custom Buit Hydraulic Manifolds.

Mach One Automation
Tel No. - 9823647757 / 9011007269
Manufacturer of Sales & Services of SPMs Specialist in Leak Test Machine. Accessories of Leak Testing Machine, Sealing Plugs (Automatic / Manual), Conveyors and Material Handling Equipment, Jigs and Fixture, Tools and Tackles.

Applied Design And Automation
Tel No. 0 - 9881450503
Design Of Special Purpose Machine, Material Handling Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Engine Line Automation, Conveyor System and Precision Machines.

Jaas Automation India Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. - 9850205908
Manufacture of Special Purpose Machinery.

Ace Engineering Co
Contact Person: MR. NIMISH GANDHI
Tel No. 0 - 9764772901
Metallic Components, Jigs and Fixtures, Dies, Special Purpose Machines.

Hydrodynamics Machine Tools
Tel No. 0 - 9325316041
Pipe & Tube Bending Machine, Tube End Forming Machine, Special Purpose Machine, Elbow Cold Forming Machine, Hydraulic Metal Forming Presses, Finite Element Method.

Mechomatic Engineering Solutions
Tel No. 0 - 9004958221
Manufacturer of Special Purpose Machines, Robotic Arms, Industrial Process Automation Systems, Hydraulic Equipments, Hydraulic Power Packs, Hydraulic Press, Machine Automation.

Vs Automation Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. VINOD PATHAK
Tel No. 0 - 9766645425
Manufacturer, Exporter & Importer Of A Wide Assortment Of Special Purpose Machines, Process Instruments PLC Integration, Low Cost Automation Poka Yoke And Automation Systems.

Hyt Industrial Corporation
Contact Person: MS. SUNIL KHAIRNAR
Tel No. 020 - 27471257
Special Purpose Machines, Like Lathes, Surface Wheel Lathes Etc.

Precision Machine Works
Tel No. - 9975519033
Manufacturers of CNC Special Purpose Machines, Hydraulic Pneumatic Press, Straightening Machine, Material Handling Systems.

Scan Thermocon Inc.
Contact Person: MR. SATYAJIT H SALI
Tel No. 020 - 66302876 / 66302874
Special Purpose Machine, Boiler Accessories, Material Handling, Ovens, Furnaces.

Dhananjai Equipments Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. G. R. RAJU
Tel No. 040 - 23090544
Chemical Process Plants, Special Purpose Machines, Ground Handling Equipments.

Intra Industrial Automation
Contact Person: MR. N. SRIHARI VARMA
Tel No. 040 - 23074128
Special Purpose Machines, Automation and Handling Requirement.

Elmec Components Industries
Contact Person: MR. R.S.PALIWAL
Tel No. 0755 - 2587596
Special Purpose Machines.

Orbit Equipments Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. MOHD. MUZAFAR
Tel No. 040 - 32504222/ 65456222
Conveyors, Loaders / Unloaders, Packaging Machines, and Special Purpose Machine.

Pedvak Cranes Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. B. N. PEDDI RAJU
Tel No. 040 - 27122014
Manufacturer of Material Handling and Custom-Built Equipment like EOT, GOLIATH, GANTRY, HOT and Special Purpose Cranes.

Vasundhara It Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 0 - 7720064516
Earth Moving Equipments, Software Engineering, SCADA, Fleet Management, Special Purpose Machines.

Macht Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 0120 - 2866567
Manufacture Special Purpose Machines, Sub-Assemblies, Jigs & Fixtures.

Aurangabad Machine Tools
Contact Person: MR.ARUN BHOLE - PROP.
Tel No. - 9422203787
Designers & Manufacturers Of Special Purpose Machine, PLC Controlled Lug Milling SPM, Fork Shift Fine Boring SPM, Hydraulic Clamping Fixture & Coolant Tank, Round and Linear Welding SPM for Automobile Components, Crank Case Drilling SPM with Pneumatic Clamping Systems, Bearing Fitting Press using Hydro - Pneumatic Press with Automatic Greasing of the Bearing, Multi Bearing Fitting SPM with Two Hand Safety Control, Electro Chemical Etching Machine, Jigs & Fixtures, Gauges, Machine Spare Parts, Material Handling Equipments, Low Cost Automation, Press Tools, Hydraulic Presses, Pneumatic Presses, Machine Spare Parts, Material Handling Equipments, Tool Room Work, Die Sets

Sunrise Spm
Tel No. 240 - 2553396 / 9975445232
Manufacturers Of Pouch Packing Machine, Water Pouch Packing Machines, Pick And Place Systems, Special Purpose Machine, Conveyors, Chain Conveyors, Roller Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, Slat Conveyors, Electrical Panel Automation, PLC Programming, Services Of PLC, Retro Fitment Of Panels, Welding Robotics

Contact Person: MR.G.N.MOGHE
Tel No. 253 - 2351665 / 6451665 / 9881127704
Machine Tools, Machine Tools & Accessories, Workshop Machinery, Thread Rolling Machinery, Spline Rolling Machine, Profile Projector, Shadow Graph, Optical Profile Projector, Special Purpose Machines, Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems, Grinding Machines, Deep Hole Drilling Machines, Reconditioning of All Types of Machinery, Repairing of All Types of Machinery, CNC Machines Retrofitting, Retrofitting, Maintenance & Repairers of All Types of Machinery, Gauging & Spoofing Machines, Flat Lapping Machines, Gun Drilling / Deep Hole Drilling Machines, Centerless Grinding Machines, Roll Forming Machines, Horizontal Bandsaw Machines, Contactless Video Measuring Profile Projectors, ( Vpp - CNC & Maz), Hydraulic Cylindrical & Auto Cycle Internal Grinding Machines, Radical Drilling Machines, Double Disc ( Duplex ) Grinding Machines, Digital Microscope, Turner Lathe Machines, Special Purpose Machines, ( SPM ), Spares For Praga Thread Rolling Machines

Vindhyawasini Automation & Conveyor Systems
Contact Person: MR. AVINASH SINGH
Tel No. - 9764747747
Vibratory Bowl Feeder, Vibratory Livear Feeder, Vibratory Tables, Vibratory Stock Feeder, Magnetic Coils, Belt Conveyor, Slot Conveyor

Manesh Mahabat Batteries Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR.SURESH CHAVAN - M.D.
Tel No. - 9822271927 / 9422513113
Manufacturer, Sales And Service Of 2V Industrial Batteries, Tubular ( HR ), OPzS, VRLA, 12V Batteries, Tubular, VRLA, GEL, Inverter / UPS Batteries, NI-CD Batteries, Solar Batteries, Lithium Iron Batteries, Battery Chargers, ACDB / DCDB For Power Sector

Metal Cast
Contact Person: MR. PRABHAT MATHUR
Tel No. 141 - 2460845 / 2460867
Special Purpose Machine.

Kinaki Medilinks Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 1493 - 220999
Special Purpose Machinery, Surgical Instruments & Fully Automatic Chapati Making Machine.

Advance Machine Tools
Contact Person: MR. PARAMJIT SINGH
Tel No. 161 - 2674799
Manufacturer of Special Purpose Machines, capstan, Turret and Combination Lathes.

Chanan Engineers
Contact Person: MR. S.RAJBIR SINGH
Tel No. 161 - 2534530 / 2535704
Grinding Machines, Sawing Machines, Circular Saw, Special Purpose Machine.

Yashdeep Engineering Services
Contact Person: MR. SUHAS KADAM
Tel No. - 9969102251
Manufacturer of Industrial Gear, Bevel Gears, Spur Gears, Helical Gears, Gear Boxes, Industrial Cams &, Jack Actuators, Packaging Machines, Special Purpose Machines, Tin Container Packaging Machinery.

Desai Machine Tools
Contact Person: MR. SACHIN DESAI
Tel No. 231 - 9049718700
Manufacturer of Special Purpose Machines & Band Saw Machines.

Patil Automation Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. SHEKHAR KOLTE
Tel No. - 9168338383
Assembly Machines And Lines, Robotic Welding, Special Production Machines.

Reel O Fab
Tel No. - 9423888433
Manufacture of other Special Purpose Machinery.

Gradient Machining
Contact Person: MR. HARPREET SINGH
Tel No. 022 - 65245352 / 9324511038
Mfg. of Special Purpose Machinery & CNC / VMC Job Works.

R.P. Products Pharma Equipments Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. R. G. PATWARDHAN
Tel No. 022 - 27600926 / 27601549
Manufacturer And Supplier Of Processing Equipment, Special Purpose Equipments For Pharmaceutical, Food Industry, Chemical Industry.

Shree Sk Manufacturing Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 022 - 27696380
Mfg of Special Purpose Machinery And Equipment NEC.

Raj Technology
Contact Person: MR. VITTHAL GAJARE
Tel No. - 9152495161
Special Purpose Machine Manufacturing.

Vardhman Technocraft
Contact Person: MR. VISHAL
Tel No. 022 - 27699643 / 65241127
Mfg. & Consultants Of Special Purpose Machine & Precision Machine Parts, Press Automation Line ANd Robotics.

Rushi Automation
Tel No. 20 - 7887883601 / 7887883604
All Types Of SPM & Tool Room

Young Technocrafts
Contact Person: MR. VASUDEV
Tel No. 022 - 26151023
Mfg of Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, Transformer Winding Machine, Special Purpose Machines.

Milban Moulds Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. SUSHIL MUTHA
Tel No. 20 - 26345680
Manufacture of Special Purpose Machinery.

Swami Samarth Engineering`
Contact Person: MR. SITARAM M. GAIKWAD
Tel No. 241 - 2778122
Manufacturer of Special Purpose Machines (SPM) & Material Handling Systems.

Maruti Industries
Tel No. 241 - 2778122 / 2778112 / 9689945071
Manufacturer And Supplier Of Special Purpose Machines & Material Handling Systems.

Supertech Heavy Equipments
Tel No. 241 - 2777710 / 2777705
Manufacturer And Supplier Of Special Purpose Machinery And Heavy Industrial Equipments.

Strama Summit Machinery Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. KAPIL BHADANE
Tel No. 253 - 6640562 / 72 / 74 / 8087074417
Manufacturer Of Special Purpose Machinery, Automation /Integrated Systems.

Weldcon India Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 253 - 6615704
Separate Transformer Type Guns, Special Purpose Machines, Stud Welding, Auto Nut and Bolt Feeders, Nut Bolt Weld Checker, Tip Dresser.

Suyash Metatech Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 253 - 2363059 / 9960428999
Pressed Parts & Components, Pressed Components, Sheet Metal Pressed Components, Precision Job Work, Precision Machined Components, Precision Pressed Parts, Precision Turned Components, Automobile Components, Material Handling Equipments, Trolleys, Pallet Trucks, Storage Racks, Storage Bins, Special Purpose Machines, Welding Fixtures, Pneumatic Tools, Torque Screw Drivers, Calibration Testers, Pipe Bending Works, Flanges, Sub Assemblies, CNC Machining

Concept Techno Systems
Contact Person: MR.AKASH KARWA - PROP.
Tel No. 20 - 25218374 / 7588034137
Test & Measuring Instruments,Electronic Meters & Analyzers, Engineering Training Kits, HDTV Trainer, GSM Trainer, Telephone Trainer, PA System Trainer, Digital TV Trainer, Wi Fi TV Trainer, Digital IC Trainer, DTH Trainer, DVD Player Trainer, VOIP Trainer, Wireless CCTV Trainer, Testing & Measuring Solutions, Signal Generators, Bench Digital Multimeter, Micro Ohm Meters, Lux Meter, IR Thermometer, Tachometer, Humidity Temperature Meter, Coat Meters, Testers & Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzer, Power Quality Analyzer, Insulation Resistance Testers, High Voltage Detectors, Earth Resistance Tester, Digital Testing Meters, Digital Multimeters, Sound Level Meter, Anemometers, Thickness Meter, Clamp Meters, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Vibration Meters, Air Velocity Meter, CFM/CMM Thermo-Anemometer, Pressure Manometer & Air Flow Meter, Thermo-Anemometer, Hot Wire Anemometer, Testing & Measuring Instruments, Measuring Instruments, Digital Multimeters, Clamp Meters, LCR Meters, Light Meters, Tachometers, Anemometers, Vibration Meters, Moisture Meters, IR Thermometers, Infrared Thermometers, Thickness Meters, Coat Thickness Meters, Power Quality Analysers, Process Meters, Process Calibrators

Siddheya Precision Works Private Limited
Contact Person: MR.KISHOR KHEMNAR - M.D.
Tel No. 240 - 2622069 / 7030007006
Shot Blasting Machines, Shot Blasting Equipments, Shot Peening Machine, Shot Blasting Spares, Blast Room Systems, Bucket Electors, SPM, Special Purpose Machine

Agrasen Global Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. ASHUTOSH BHATT
Tel No. 022 - 28022248
Lobby Wet Umbrella Wrapping Machines

Bianca Automations Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 022 - 2702493
We are Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of SPM, Hydraulic Power Pack & Cylinders Machinery

Dimension Mechanix Pvt. Ltd.
Tel No. 20 - 24390521
Special Purpose Machines & Industrial Engineering Designs Consultants

Falcon Technologies
Contact Person: MR. N. VENUKUMAR
Tel No. 44 - 26356072
Special Purpose Machine, Jigs & Fixtures.

Flex Solutions
Tel No. 0251 - 2434565
Industrial Automation Systems, Control Panels Special Purpose Machines, Control Panels, Automation Software Machinery.

Giriraj Engineering
Contact Person: MR. T.N. MANORAJ
Tel No. 44 - 26256702
Special Purpose Machines.

Hydrolink Systems
Contact Person: MR.YOGESH GORE - M.D.
Tel No. 0 - 8796631475
S.P.M., Special Purpose Machine, SPM, Hydraulic Machines ( Special Purpose Machines ), Industrial Automation Systems

Jayratan Technokraft
Contact Person:
Tel No. 022 - 28744617 / 28745324
Special Purpose Machine, Diamond Cutting Tool. Diamond Dressers, Diamond Tools, Diamond Drill Bits, Diamond Drills.

K.P.A. Industries
Contact Person: MR. Y G ANIL
Tel No. 022 - 25855930
Vessels And Special Purpose Machinery.

Maan Machine Tools
Contact Person:
Tel No. 129 - 2240123 / 4062545
Mfg. of Special Purpose Machine for Packaging Industry, Printing Pharmaceuticals.

Nirmal Engineers
Tel No. - 9850507423
SPM & Automation, Special Purpose Machines, Fixtures, Robotics, Pick And Place Automation, Conveyors, Pipe Threading, Air Blowing, Pipe Cutter, Bar Straightening, Air Vent Assembly

Noble Sonics Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. NEERAJ PATTIR
Tel No. 022 - 32215959
Vibration Fixtures, Spin Welding Machine, Special Purpose Machine, Ultrasonic Horns & Fixtures, Composite Horns.

Priyadharshini Engineering Works
Tel No. 4344 - 278499
SPM Industrial Machine, Fabrication Work, Special Purpose Machines,General Fabrication.Industrial Fabrication.

Rajma Engineering Systems Llp
Contact Person: MR. KAMAL K. VIJAYAN
Tel No. 022 - 25827414 / 25821892
Fish Processing Equipments, Conveyors & Special Purpose Machinery.

Smash Marketiers
Tel No. 20 - 25655623
Hydraulics, Pneumatics, SS/High Tensile-Nut Bolt, Fasteners, Automations, Special Purpose Machines

Sri Lakshmi Engineering
Contact Person: MR. D. MURTHY
Tel No. 44 - 52179263
Special Purpose Cleaning Machines.

Techmech Engineers
Contact Person: MR. A. Y. AKOLAWALA
Tel No. 022 - 25828749
Heat Exchangers, Dryers, Dust Collectors, Reactors, Spray Dryers, Filters, Gas Turbine Spares & Special Purpose Machinery.

Vize Systems
Contact Person: MR. RAMAN PANCHAL
Tel No. 022 - 25803823
Fastener Fixer, Smart Card Machines. Credit Card Laminator, Tipping Machine, Special Purpose Machine, Die Cutter Machinery.

Automation & Control Technics
Contact Person:
Tel No. 240 - 2564003
Special Purpose Machines, Pharmaceutical Machine, Industrial Automation

Microtech Engineers
Contact Person: MR.RAHUL WAKODE
Tel No. 20 - 27692047 / 9011759669
Mfg. Of Special Purpose Machines, Jigs & Fixtures And Gauges

Triz Systems
Contact Person: MR.MAHADEO PAWAR
Tel No. - 9623135885 / 9850472942
Material Handling Systems, Special Purpose Machines, Automation & Robotics, Wire Netting Machine, Chain Link Fencing Machine, Automation Of Assembly Line

Sara Elgi Industrial R & D Ltd.
Contact Person: MR JOHNSON
Tel No. 4259 - 259713
We are SPM Manufactures

Kaundinya Machines & Automation
Contact Person: MR. NAGARAJA NK
Tel No. 80 - 6720191
Special Purpose Machines, Test Equipments, Automation And Material Handling Systems

Interfafce Design Associates Pv
Tel No. 022 - 27893070
CNC Controllers, Special Purpose Machines, CNC Drilling Machines, PCB Drilling Cum Routing Machines, Mechatronics Soilutions, CNC Lathe Machines

Epic Technologies
Tel No. 022 - 65563297
Manufacturers and Suppliers of Different Types of Welding, Cutting and Special Purpose Machines, Resistance Welding Machines, Arc Welding Transformers, Air Plasma Cutting Machines.

Hdc Enterprise
Contact Person: MR. C. R.THAKAR
Tel No. 022 - 32937010 / 25420552
High Pressure and Ultra High Pressure Water Jet / Hydro Blasting machines. Special Purpose Systems, Machines and Tools. Engineering Consultants.

Magic Special Purpose Machineries Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. SANJEEV IYER
Tel No. 022 - 27604020 / 27601122
Manufacturing Wide Range of Packing Machineries & Special Purpose Machines. Shrink Sleeve Applicator, Cap Sleeve Applicator, Electric Tunnel, Steam Tunnel, Shrink Wrapper, L-Sealer, Self Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine, Capping Machine, Wadding Machine,

Marco Hydraulics
Contact Person: MR.JOHN SEQUERRA - PROP.
Tel No. 022 - 28474434 / 4435 / 4436 / 9821318126 / 9821818126
Mfg. & Exporters Of Hydraulic Cylinders, Power Pack Units (ac & Dc), Hand Pumps, Hydraulic Press, Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine, Hydraulic Elevators (residence Lift & Car Lift), Rubber Moulding Press, Car Carrier Units, Special Purpose Machine Etc., For

1M Welding Systems
Tel No. - 9422201290 / 7875308196
Welding Machines, Welding Equipments, Welding Consumables, Welding Transformers, Welding Rectifiers, MIG Welding Equipments, CO2 Welding Machines, Welding Accessories, Special Purpose Welding Machines, Special Purpose Automation

Ken Arc Preci Form
Contact Person: MR.ANIL PATIL
Tel No. - 9890889838 / 8378994671
Design & Manufacturing Of All Type Of Foundry Tools, Patterns, Moulds, Forging / Gravity / PDC / LPDC / Dies, Proto Type Ferrous / Non Ferrous Castings, Proto-Type Machined Parts & Product Development, Leak Test Fixture With Systems, VMC / HMC / Conventio

Akshay Udyog
Tel No. - 9623746890
Manufacturers Of Welding Automation,Inverter Arc Welding Machine, Tig Welding Machine, Mig Welding Machine, Industrial Fixtures, Industrial Jig & Fixture, Special Purpose Machine, Spot Welding Equipments, Fabrication Services, Stainless Steel Fabrication

Contact Person: MR.KANTILAL WAGH
Tel No. - 9881319729 / 9604698997
Manufacturers Of Special Purpose Machines, SPM's, Hydraulic Equipments, Pneumatic Equipments, PLC Automation, Retrofitting of CNC Machines, CNC Lathes Retrofitting, CNC Machine Tool Maintenance And Repairs, CNC Machines Retro Fittings, CNC Reconditioning

Cyclo Techno Fab
Tel No. - 9890762280
Industrial Fabrication, Heavy Fabrication, General Fabrication, Structural Fabrication, Heavy Fabrication, Job Working Unit, Pressure Vessels, S.S.Fabrication

Anand Machine Tools
Tel No. - 9423001276
Manufacturers Of Vertical Machining Centers ( MVC ), Horizontal Machining Centers ( HMC ), CNC Turning Centers ( CNC Lathe ), Special Purpose Machines ( SPM )

Eastro Control Systems Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 253 - 2350572 / 9890035185
Distributor & Service Provider Of Industrial Automation Products, ABB Drives, AC Drives, Network & Field-Bus Solutions, DC Drives, Pro-Face Human Machine Interfaces, Human Machine Interface, Human Machine Interface ST Series, 6P 4000 Series Human Machine

Hmt Machine Tools Ltd.
Tel No. 080 - 23330333
All Types Of CNC And Conventional Machine tools Like Lathes, Milling Machines, Grinding Machines, Gear Hobbers, Food Processing Machines, Special Purpose Machines Etc.

Honesty Machine Tools
Tel No. 022 - 23736650 / 23720268
Reduction Gear Boxes, All Types Of Machines, Machine Tools.

Insulation Machines Company
Contact Person: MR. BARRY PENDLEY
Tel No. - 810-614-0072
Nobody would like to take risks when it comes to insulation blower. In case of portable insulation blower you wish feel same aura of safe and soundness. And what is wonder in wonders, well, our website provides insulation machines with free remote trainin

Jack Industries
Contact Person: MR. K. RAJA
Tel No. 4344 - 325399
Supplier and Manufacturer of Special Purpose Machine.

Janaki Engineering & Automations
Tel No. 240 - 2551484
Industrial Automation, Special Purpose Machines Manufacturing

Karthik Engineering Enterprises
Contact Person:
Tel No. - 9480451949
Special Purpose Machines.

Kasthuri Machine Builders
Contact Person: MR. K.JEYACHANDRAN
Tel No. 422 - 2643338 / 2648026
Special Purpose Machines.

Khayzen System (India) Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. SENTHILRAJ.G.
Tel No. 422 - 4521214 / 6537098
Panel Boards, Servo Drives, Commissioning and Programming, Spl.Purpose Machines.

Machine Tools Combine
Contact Person: MR.R.R.PRABHUNE
Tel No. 20 - 27124646 / 9422028546 / 9922760600
Special Purpose Machines & Equipments, Material Handling Systems, Automation, Machine Upgredation, Reverse Engineering, Engineering Consultants

Madurai Engineering Company
Contact Person: MR. N.SHANMUGAM
Tel No. 452 - 2331654 / 2333226
Gear Boxes, Linear Actuator, Cranes & Special Purpose M/c

Maharashtra Machines
Tel No. 231 - 2692858
Manufacturing of Special Purpose Machines

Mauli Services
Contact Person: MR.R.K.TEWALE - PARTNER
Tel No. - 9850416670
Special Purpose Machines, Jig Fixtures, Trolley,Industrial Fabrication, Tool Room Job, Cable & Panel Work

Maxx Equipments Company
Contact Person: MR. KANNAN. D.
Tel No. 422 - 2432003
Mfrs. Special Purpose Machineries & Spares.

Messer Cutting Systems India Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 422 - 7155521
Cutting Systems, Plasma and Laser Cutting Systems, Special Purpose Machines

Metal Weld India
Contact Person: MR. HARDEEP SINGH - GM
Tel No. 161 - 2530541
Mfg. of Scaffolding Fixture, Automatic Machines, Scaffolding Machines, Scaffolding Equipments, Scaffolding Fabrication.

Precihole Machine Tools Pvt.Ltd
Contact Person:
Tel No. 022 - 39914444 / 39914445 / 7498019136
Manufacturer of Deep Hole Drilling Machine, Gun Drilling Machines, Special Purpose Machines.

Progressive Technology
Contact Person: MR.PRASHANT WAGH
Tel No. - 9422601485
CLC Plants, Control Panel Accessories, Control Panels, Fly Ash Brick Machines, Fly Ash Brick Making Machine, Fly Ash Bricks Plants, Hydraulic Power Packs, Hydraulic System Tool, Industrial Automation Systems, Industrial Automation, Special Purpose Machine

Prompt Machine Tools & Re-Conditioners
Contact Person:
Tel No. 80 - 41115866
Mfrs of Moulding Tools, Jigs & Fixtures & Special Purpose Machines.

Sark Enterprises
Contact Person: MR. R.N.KESAVAN
Tel No. 4344 - 277157
Service Provider of Hard Chrome Plating Services Manufacturer and Supplier of Plant Automation, Process Automation, Special Purpose Machines.

Sharpline Automation Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. TOBY GEORGE
Tel No. 022 - 27798900
CNC Floor Boring Machine, CNC Retrofitting, Ultrasonic Testing Machine, CNC Spares, Biplast Sheet, CNC Machine Tools, CNC Retrofitting, Special Purpose Machines, Ultrasonic Testing Machines, Linear Scales, Laser Calibration, CNC Spares, Ball Screw, Antifriction Materials.

Sri Jai Ganesh Industries
Contact Person:
Tel No. - 9986011135
Special Purpose Machines.

Ubcon Marketing Services
Contact Person: MR.ULHAS BUDUKH
Tel No. - 9850500438
Stainless Steel Fabrications, Special Purpose Machines

Yontro Mechatronic Systech
Tel No. - 9810138212
Reflow Soldering Machines, Wave Soldering MIC, Stencil Printer, Forming Machinery, Wire Processing Machinery, Conveyors And Automation, Work Station, Special Purpose Machines

Nps Engineering
Contact Person: MR.NITIN SURVE
Tel No. 240 - 2556425 / 9764599906
Special Purpose Machines, Jigs & Fixtures, Hydraulic Fixtures, Pneumatic Fixtures, Welding Fixtures, Assembly Fixtures, Engine Assembly Automation, Feeding Conveyors, Loading, Unloading & Intermediate Conveyors For SPM, Control Panels, Roller Conveyor

Apricot Techno Solutions
Tel No. 20 - 27110096 / 9373304199
Automation Systems, Material Handling Systems, Conveyors, Machine Frame Work, Machine Enclosures, Work Table & Benches, Inspection Stations, Assembly Lines, Trolleys, Storage Racks

Niyantaa Technologies
Contact Person: MR.NILESH YEOLE - PROP.
Tel No. - 9890881111 / 9762061111
Intelligent Sensors In Automated Processes, Miniature Sensors, Inductive Proximity Switches, AC Proximity Switches, DC Proximity Switches, Tubular Switches, Capacitive Proximity Switches, Optical Proximity Switches, Magnetic Proximity Switches, Switching

Ngp Machines
Contact Person: MR. N.G.PARANJPE - PROP.
Tel No. - 9820836207
Pharma Machinery, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Powder Processing Equipments, Hydraulic Paste Kettle, Bottle Washing Machinery, Engineering Fabrication, Injectable Machinery

Insa Weighing And Automation
Tel No. 022 - 66959193 / 66959194 / 26672390 / 26672393
Weighing System, Filling Machine, Special Purpose Machines, Data Aquisition System, SCADA, Weigh Feeders, Batching Systems, Tank Weighing Systems, Bagging Machines, Check Weighers, Drum Filling Machines, Can Filling Machines

Surya Engineers
Tel No. - 9850073797
Manufacturers of all types of Special Purpose Machines.

Sapana Enterprises
Tel No. - 9422209923 / 9420759383
Shot Blasting Machines, Shot Peening Machines, Special Purpose Shot Blasting Machines, Material Handling Equipments, Roller Conveyors, Vertical Pipe Conveyor, Bucket Elevators, Electrical Ovens, Gas Fire Ovens, Exhaust Blowers, Foundry Machineries, Pulver

Gurukrupa Engineers Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR.SAMIR MANIAR
Tel No. 20 - 66308632 / 66308633 / 9370327212
Reactors And Agitators, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Storage Tanks, Filters, Structural Fabrication, Blenders / Mixers, Columns, Chimneys

Can-Fab Welders
Tel No. 022 - 65856727 / 9820220226
Welding Equipments, Welding Machinery, Can Making Machinery, Food Can Making Machinery, Spray Aerosol, Can Making Machinery, Barrel Making Machine, Drum Making Machinery, Tin Can Making Machinery, Spot Welding Machine, Projection Welding Machine, Seam Wel

Bhurjee Machine Tools
Contact Person: MR. MOHINDER SINGH
Tel No. 161 - 4680200
Manufacture of Sheet Metal Assemblies, Tools, and Special Machinery.

Contact Person: MR.DEVIDAS KOLHE
Tel No. - M - 9271907602
Dal Mill Machinery

Dundage Engineering
Contact Person: MR.VIKAS DUNDAGE
Tel No. - M - 9890247268
SPM, Special Purpose Machines, Machine Tool Reconditioning, Industrial Automation, Industrial Automation Sysstems

Gaurishankar Pattern
Contact Person: MR. RAJENDRA THAVI
Tel No. 022 - 26683947/ 26681631
Industrial Machine, Horizontal Packaging Machine, Owc Machine, Special Purpose Machine, Indusrial Roofings, Roof Truss/Gutter Guards, Sheet Metal Component, Sheet Metal And Turned Components, Structural & Industrial Fabrication.

Gudhi Engineering
Contact Person:
Tel No. 022 - 28800475
Special Purpose Machines and Renewable Energy Equipments.

Jyoti Enterprises
Contact Person: MR.UMESH KATGI
Tel No. - M - 9021455087
Electrical & Automation Solutions, Installation & Commissionong For All Types Of Projects, Electrical Control Panels, Automation Projects, Special Purpose Machine (SPM), Machine Modifications, Project Work, Poke Yoke In Machines, Dies, Fixtures Etc. Suppl

Rasco Industries
Contact Person: MR.SANJAY MATE
Tel No. - M - 9226157066
Special Purpose Machine & Toolings, Industrial Automation & Services

Faco Automation
Tel No. 022 - 25003344 / 9324291298
Double Hand Safety System, Fusing Machine, Pneumatic Strip Feeder, Pneumatic Press, Strip Straightening Machine, Wire Straightening Machines, Decoiling Machine, Pin Grinding Machine, Pin Feeding Machine, Centrifuge Cum Hot Air Oven, Industrial Washing Mac

A-One Automation
Contact Person: MR. K.M.HEGDE
Tel No. 022 - 9930055570
Special Purpose Machines, Industrial Belts, Conveyor Belts, Material Handling Equipments & Systems, Batching And Weighing Systems, Belt Conveyors, Conveyor Systems, Fork Lifts

Conveytech Engineering
Contact Person: MR.P.P.GULVE - DIR.
Tel No. 022 - 27693247
Material Handling Equipments, Conveyors, Conveyor Systems, Steel Wire Conveyor Belts, Special Machines, Screw Conveyors, Slat Conveyors, Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors, Roller Conveyors, Bucket Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, Conveyor Belts, Shrink Cap Sealing Machi

Water Dekor
Contact Person: MR.KAUSHIK DUARA
Tel No. - M - 9762984975
Sculptures, Fountains

Omicron Industrial Components
Contact Person: MR.GAURAV HEGDE
Tel No. 022 - 26664138 / 9867538660
Structural & Mechanical Engineers & Contractors, Mfg. Of SP.Purpose Machines, Draw Benches, Swagers, Bar Straighteners, Powerpack, Hyd.Cyl, Rolls Etc

Castech Sales & Service
Tel No. 20 - 24699158 / 9623026870
CNC PCB Drilling Machines, CNC Drilling Cum Routing Machines, CNC Special Purpose Machines, Circular Sawing Machine For Stainless Steel Pipes, Cam Shaft Cleaning Machine, 3 Spindle SPM, Stepper Drives & Controllers, Reconditioning Of Old Machines, Replace

Industrial Equipments & Components
Contact Person: MR.M.K.HEGDE
Tel No. 022 - 26665160 / 9821222659
Structural & Mechanical Engineers & Contractors, Mfg.Of Special Purpose Machines, Draw Benches, Swagers, Bar Straighteners, Powerpack, Hydraulic Cylinders, Precision Machined Components

Maxtech Technologies
Contact Person: MR.RAJU KHEDKAR
Tel No. - 8888308853
IBR / Non IBR Pipe / Tube Bending, Carbon Steel & Stainless steel Fabrication, Structural Fabrication, Industrial Material Handling, Expansion / Bellows Joints, Damper, Bulk Material Handling, Special Purpose Machines

Transmax Technologies
Contact Person: MR. SHAILESH C.
Tel No. 250 - 3200114
Chains, Sprockets, Conveyors, Material Handling Systems

Cyclone Automation
Contact Person: MR. SANTOSH DEV
Tel No. - 9821443462
Special Purpose Machines, Sheet Metal Fileld Automation, Straightenining Machiners, Any Cut to Length Plant

Prem Industries
Contact Person: MR. J.B.TAMBE
Tel No. - 9821326464
Different Types Of Filling And Packaging Machines, Special Purpose Machine For Edible Oil, Lubricant Oil, Milk And Milk Product, Pharmaceutical Products Etc.

Pratik Machineries Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR.PRAVIN VETAL - M.D.
Tel No. 02162 - 240863
Special Purpose Machines, Paper Covering Machines, Paper Tapping Machines

Tel No. 20 - 64102440
Special Purpose Machines, Motion Control Devices, Jigs & Fixtures, Special Tools

Tool Tech Toolings
Contact Person: MR.SUNIL KIRDAK - PROP.
Tel No. 240 - 2553484
Special Purpose Machines, Process Automation, Precision Spares of Machines, Jigs & Fixtures, Endurance Testing Machines, Pipe Expanding Machines, Pipe Swagging Machines, Welding SPM, Catalytic Converter Welding SPM, Dry Leakage Test SPM, Wet Leakage Test

Cenozoic Hydraulic
Contact Person: MR.RIZVI - PARTNER
Tel No. 022 - 25356176
Manufacturer Of Hydraulic Presses, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Special Purpose Machine, Hydraulic Cylinder & Power Packs, Services & Spares

Kuuality Engineers
Contact Person: MR.D.A.SUTAR - PARTNER
Tel No. 020 - 46765103
Material Handling Systems, Jib Cranes, Powerised Roller Conveyors, Idler Roller Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, SS Roller Conveyors, Paint Booth Trolleys and Turn Tables, Chain Conveyors, Material Handling Trolleys, Auto Components Trolleys, Special Purpose Ma

Craft Systems
Tel No. 020 - 27441314 / 9689910608
Special Purpose Machines, Industrial Automation Systems, Low Cost Automation, Pick & Place Automation, Tools, Dies, Jigs & Fixtures, Prototypes

S.P.Movers & Hydraulics
Tel No. 20 - 32305157
Hydraulic Pneumatic Equipments, Hydraulic Equipments, Hydraulic Cylinders, Hydraulic Power Packs, Hydraulic Presses, Mobile Hydraulics, High Pressure Cylinders, Precision Hydraulic Press with Height Control, Special Purpose Machines, Brick Making Machines

Axies Engineering Systems
Tel No. 0230 - 2468777
Special Purpose Machines, Reparing of All Types of Machines, Multi Spindle Drilling Heads, Multi Spindle Pitch Feed Operated Tapping Heads, Vertical & Horizontal Rough & Fine Boring Machines, Duplex Milling Machines, Drilling Machines, Facing Machines, Ve

Precitech Developements
Tel No. 230 - 2431652
Special Purpose Machines, Multispindle Drilling Heads, Material Testing Machines Spares, Material Testing Machines, Broaching Machines, Bandsaw Machines, Bandsaw Machine Spares, Centering & Fencing Machines, Jigs & Fixtures

Ragwanand Engineering
Contact Person: MR.GANESH JADHEV - PROP.
Tel No. - 9822766065
SPM, Special Purpose Machines, Pressed Parts, Conveyor System, Electrical Panels, Oiling & Washing Machines

Trident Technologies
Contact Person: MR.PRADEEP BHAT - PROP.
Tel No. 20 - 24340207
Special Purpose Machines, Industrial Automation, Designers, Consultants, Manufacturers

Speed Automation
Tel No. 020 - 27128372 / M - 98907 69647 / 98607 70101
Leak Testing Machines, Testing Rigs for Automobile & Electronic Industries, Line Automation, Colour Coding Machines, Jigs, Fixtures with Electro Mechanical Attachments, Special Purpose Machines

Royal Engineering Technologies
Contact Person: MR.ANAND PATIL - DIR.
Tel No. 020 - 65302034
Material Handling Equipments, Conveyors, Fabrication Sub Assembly, CAD Designing Services, Jigs & Fixtures, Sizzer Tables, Welded Gas Assembly, Special Purpose Machines, Pro Designing, Sheet Metal Pressed Parts

Sapana Engineers
Contact Person: MR.M.H.MAHAJAN
Tel No. 0240 - 2553799
Shot Blasting Machines, Shot Penning Machines, Special Purpose Shot Blasting Machine, Internal & External Shot Blasting Machine for Cyliners, Pneumatic Shot Blasting Machines, Material Handling Equipments, Foundry Equipments, Spares for Shot Blasting Mach

Tel No. 020 - 30623397
Moulding Machine, Rubber Moulding Machine, Injection Moulding Machines, Plastic Moulding Machines, Special Purpose Machines

Vardhaman Engineering.
Contact Person: MR.ARUN KANGLE - PROP.
Tel No. 20 - 24699143 / M - 94229 42357
Welding Fixtures, Jigs & Fixtures, CNC Machining Components, Precision Machining Components, Reconditioning & Calibration of Surface Plate, Special Purpose Machines, Job Working Unit, Tool Room Job Work, Sub Assembly Work, Auto Parts Machining, Auto Compo

Ujjwal Automation
Contact Person: MR.DILIP WAYKOLE - PROP.
Tel No. 20 - 25464985 / M - 98224 95028
Special Purpose Machines, Robotics & Pick & Place Systems, Conveyors, Assembly Automation, Material Handling Equipments, Workshop Machinery

Contour Engineering & Automation
Contact Person: MR.S.K.PATEKAR
Tel No. 20 - 66115922
Welding Columns & Booms, Welding Positioners, Welding Rotators, Welding Automation, Wire Mesh Conveyors, Telescopic Roller Conveyors, Chain Conveyors, Roller Conveyors, Rotary Table Presses, Flexi Link Automation, Bottle Handling Conveyors, Food Handling

Applied Power Industries
Contact Person: MR.R.N.SAPRE - AUTH.SIGN.
Tel No. 20 - 27122114
Metal Marking Machines, Special Purpose Marking Machines, Thread Checking Machines, MG Welding Machines, Hydraulic Presses, Pneumatic Presses, Gas Load Checking Machines for Shock Absorbers, Impact Load Testing Machines for Shock Absorbers, Conveyors for

Horizon Solutions
Tel No. 020 - 27270488
Industrial Automation Systems, Machine Controls Device, CNC Machines, Pipe Bending Machines, Image Processing Solutions, Labelling Machines, Special Purpose Machines

Savitron Technosys
Contact Person: MR.K.W.KELKAR - C.E.O.
Tel No. - M - 93711 00524
CNC Engraving Machines, Electric Discharge Machines, EDM Wirecut Machines, Special Purpose Machines, Drilling Machines

Yuvraj Enterprises
Tel No. - 9923235868 / 98237 61205
Hydraulic Presses, Hydraulic Press Brakes & Shears, Shearing Machines, Shearing Job Work, Shearing & Bending, Hydraulic Power Packs, Hydraulic Cylinders, Hydraulic Fittings, Hydraulic Components, Special Purpose Machines, Hydraulic Machines

Shilpa Engineering Works
Contact Person: MR.RUPESH GOLE - PROP.
Tel No. 020 - 25293020 / 9623150364 / 96231 50364
Manufacturing Of Hydraulic Cylinders, Hydraulic Powerpack, Hydraulic Presses and SPM

Dynarc Systems
Tel No. 020 - 25291099
Welding Equipments, Welding Machines, Welding Transformers, Welding Rectifiers Upto 800 AMPs, Special Purpose Machinery, Electrical Equipments, Machinery Spares, Workshop Machinery, Welding Rotators, Welding Column & Booms, SPMs for Full Automatic Welding

Pioneer Engineers.
Tel No. 240 - 6600305 / M - 93261 01341
Tools, Dies, Jigs, Fixtures, Relation Gauges, CNC Fixtures, VMC Fixtures, Special Purpose Machines, Tool Room Job Work

A To Z Gumming Works
Contact Person: MR.A.S.MARATHE - PROP.
Tel No. 20 - 65213349 / 65702655
Hotmelt Gumming Machinery, Special Purpose Machine, Label Gumming Machine, Guar Gum Machinery, Special Purpose Foam Gumming Machines, Hot Melt Gum for Machines & Gum Products, Labour Work, Adhesive Tapes - Industrial Electrical, Gum Paper Tapes, Self Adhe

Icon Engineering
Tel No. 022 - 25898625
Electrical Hoists - Conical & Modular Type, Electrical Overhead Cranes, Lifting Beams With Tandem Control, Cantilever Jib Cranes, Goliath Cranes, Electric Winches, Grab Buckets, Grabbing Cranes, Flame Proof Hoists & Gear Boxes - Crane Duty & Special Purpo

Precise Technologies
Contact Person: MR. M.H.PATIL - PROP.
Tel No. 20 - 66317651
Jigs & Fixtures, Hydraulic Fixtures, Precision Components, Special Purpose Machines, SPM, S.P.M.

Sapana Rotoblast Industries
Tel No. 0240 - 2487336
Shot Blasting Machines, Shot Peening Machines, Special Purpose Shot Blasting Machines, Material Handling Equipments, Roller Conveyors, Vertical Pipe Conveyor, Bucket Elevators, Electrical Ovens, Gas Fire Ovens, Exhaust Blowers, Foundry Machineries, Pulver

Shree Ganesh Tools Making Works
Contact Person: MR.B.N.ROMAN - PROP.
Tel No. 20 - 65261737
Corrugated Tube Spiraling Machine, Centrifuges, Heat Exchangeers, Dairy Plant Equipments, Valves, Finned Tubes, Spiral Tubes, Special Purpose Machines, Centrifuge Filters

Litz Enterprises
Contact Person: MR.THOMAS VARGHESE - C.E.O.
Tel No. 020 - 27275467 / 27275466
Springs ( All Types ), Jigs & Fixtures, Special Purpose Machines, Special Purpose Spring Making Machines, Spring Testing Machines, Job Working Unit, CNC Job Work, Special Purpose Springs, Heavy Duty Springs upto 50W, Wires & Strips, Beryllium Copper Sprin

Tel No. - M - 9372411254 / 9922887021
Hydraulic Power Packs, Hydraulic Cylinders, Hydraulic Operated Press Machines, Hydraulic Operated Broaching Machinery, Hydraulic Systems, Hydraulic Power Pack Unit, Special Purpose Machines, Plastic Injection Molding Mahcines, Rubber Molding Machines

Naveen Hydrocontrols
Tel No. 20 - 27126077
CNC Pipe Bending Machines, Tube Bending Machines, CNC Tube Bending Machines, Servo Bending Machinery, Wire Bending Machines, Hydraulic Bending Machines, S.P.M., Block Marking Machines, Tube End Forming Machinery, Multi Axis Servo Bending Machinery, Pipe B

Techno Crafts
Tel No. 20 - 20425551 / 25446496
Workshop Machinery, Plasma Cutting Machines, CNC Shearing Machines, Notching Machines, Press Breake Machines, CNC Punching Machines, Safety Chucks, Folding Machines, Copper Bar Punching Machines, Special Purpose Machines, Plasma with Punching Machine, Deb

Dyna Engineering Co.
Tel No. 240 - 2376840
Material Handling Equipments, Material Handling Systems, Material Storage Systems, Conveyors, Slat Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, Powerised Roller Conveyors, Cell Conveyor, Pneumatic Base Material Handling Systems, Lift & Shift Systems ( Hydraulic / Pneumatic

Pvk Technocrats Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR.P.V.KULKARNI
Tel No. - 9763964544
Process Plant Machinery, Storage Tanks, Air Receivers, Auto Claves, Heavy Fabrication, Structural Fabrication, EOT Cranes, JIB Cranes, Material Handling Equipments, Rollers, Pulleys, Shafts, Conveyors, Special Purpose Machines, Refractory Insulation

Contact Person: MR.KRISHNA PATIL - PROP.
Tel No. 20 - 25234434
Fabrication, Job Working Unit, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Control Panels, UPS Boxes, SPM, Cabinets, Heavy Fabrication Works

Force Engineers
Contact Person: MR.KIRAN HON - PARTNER
Tel No. 231 - 2520351
Mechanical Seals, Welding Rods, Dosing Pumps, Epoxy Coating, Industrial Valves, Special Purpose Machines

Samir Engineering
Contact Person: MR.NAJEEB SHAIKH
Tel No. 253 - 2385096
Precision Machined Components, Precision Engineering Components, Precision Engineering Parts, Precision Mechanical Components, Precision Mechanical Parts, Precision Job Work, Precision Machining, SPM, CNC Toolings, Tool Room Job Work, Conveyors, Dies, Jig

Laser S International
Contact Person: MR.SANDEEP YALGI - PROP.
Tel No. 2322 - 221354
Material Testing Machines, Special Purpose Machines, Automobile Components, Jigs, Fixtures, Industrial Consultants, CNC Tools, Chucks, Bandsaw Machines, Workshop Machinery, Honing Machines

Soft Tech Engineers
Tel No. - M - 98233 43224 / 94038 60960
Manufacturerof Material Handling Equipments, Industrial Automation, Special Purpose Machines, Electrical Control Panels, Chain Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, Slat Conveyors, Flexi Link Conveyor, Flow Racks

Tel No. 44 - 2357792
Log Peeling Machines, Wire / Cable Cutting, Stripping, Lenght Measuring Machines.