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Robotic Equipments
Contact Person: MR. R.S. UMRIGER/ MR. F.R.UMRIGER
Tel No. 022 - 2679 5164/ 2679 5165 / 9323504517 / 9322236062
ISO 9001 Company Engaged In Mfg.Of Material Handling Equipments Like Hydraulic Pallet Trucks, Electrically Operated Hydraulic Stackers, Scissors Lift Platforms, Hydraulic Goods Lifts, Battery Operated Stackers, Drum Handling Trolleys, S.S.IPC Lifters, Drum Tilters, Wooden Pallets, Steel Pallets, Stainless Steel Pallets & Plastic Pallets, Semi Electric Stackers

Heera Roto Polymers
Tel No. - 9823138424
Water Storage Tanks, Vertical Cylindrical Tanks, Sprayer Tanks, Loft Tanks, Open Top Tanks, Conical Bottom Cylindrical Storage Tanks, Rotomolded Portable Plastic Toilet & Cabins, Material Handling & Processing Creates, Water Tanker & Sprayer Tanks, Custom Made Rotomoulded & Fabricated Product, Bio Septic Tanks.

Om Material Handling
Tel No. - 9011284433 / 9420169433
Manufacturing & Maintenance Work Of All Types Of Material Handling Equipments, Hyd Pallet Trucks, Hyd Pallet Trucks SS, Weighing Scale Hand Pallet Trucks, Scissor Manual Hand Pallet Trucks, Roll Pallet Trucks, Fully Electric Hand Pallet Trucks, Manual Stacker, Manual Hand Pump Stacker, Manual Platform Stacker, Manual Boom Stacker, Manual Roller Platform Stacker, Straddle Stacker, Semi Electrical Counter Balance Stacker, Fully Electrical Stacker, Semi Electrical Straddle Stacker, A.C.Power Pack Stacker, Counter Balance Stacker, Semi Electrical Stacker, Fully Electrical Counter Balance Stacker, Fully Electrical Straddle Stacker, Drum Lifters & Tilter, Drum Racking, Drum Transporter, Fork Lifter Drum Lifter And Tilter, Manual Drum Tilter Trolley, Forklift Manual Drum Attachment, Three Wheeler Drum Trolley, Pallet Drum Lifter, Extension Fork, Pallet Storage Systems, Dc Motors, Chain Hook, Wire Hook, Lifting Belt, Scrap Trolley, Conveyors, Overhead Cranes, Garbage Bin, Belts, Bins, Battery Connectors, Scissor Lifts, Mobile Ramp, Dock Levelers, Plastic Pallets, Goods Lifts, Cylinder Trolley, Platform Trolleys, Jib Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Paper Roll Handler, Dc Power Packs, Oil Dispenser, Ac Motors, Battery Operated Trucks, Electric Tigger, Forklift, Electrical Chain Hoist, Chain Pulley Blocks, Man LIft Cage, Order Picker, Wire Mesh Pallet, Skates, Tyres, Forklift Tyres, Traction Batteries, Contactors, Controllers, Ladders, Drum Trolley, Tools Trolley.

Cherrys Industrial Equipment
Contact Person: MR. JOHN COSTELLO
Tel No. - 8003500011
Pallet Inverters, Floor Safety Tape, Lift Tables, Freezer Spacers, Plastic Pallets, Pallet Dispensers, Pallet Trucks, Wire Baskets, Roller Skids, and Pallet Spacers.

Total Packaging Solutions
Contact Person:
Tel No. - 9884032630
Packaging Solutions, Air Bubble Rolls, Antistatic Air Bubble Rolls, Vci Air Bubble Rolls, Epe Foam Rolls, Epe Foam Cut Sheet, Eps Foam Fitments, Box Type Bag , Stretch Film, Corrugated Boxes, Molded Bin With Partition , Plastic Pallets , Strapping Clips, Edge Board.

Shreeram Enterprises
Tel No. 0731 - 4026380
Sealing Products (Rubber & Plastic Gaskets), Asbestos Free (Non-Asbestos) Gasket, Trolley/Castor Wheels, Material Handling Equipments, Aluminum Ladders, Spares for Pharmaceutical Equipment, Engineering Plastic, Anti Vibration Pads, Hygiene Products, Measuring Instruments, Conveyor Components (Spares), SS Wire Mesh, Chain Pulley Block / Hoist, Safety & Gas Products, Electric Panel Sheets, Plastic Crates/ Bins/ Pallets, Teflon Cloth, AHU Gaskets, Gland Packing, Aluminium Scaffolding.

Pixel Polyplast
Contact Person: MR. SOURABH Y SATHE
Tel No. - 7972086123
Manufacturer of a wide range of Water Tanks, Roto Molded Plastic Pallets, Plastic Milk Can, Roto Moulded Water Storage Tanks, Ibc Chemical Tank, PVC Water Tank, Plastic Fishing Float, Hdpe Chemical Tanks.

Dynamic Ourteach Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 0 - 9810690843
Manufacturing, Supplying, Distribution, Trading And Exporting Recycled Plastic Granules,Recycled Granules And PP Granules. Apart From This The Company Also Manufactures Water Tank Lids, Waste Bins, Road Barriers, Pallets, Water Storage Tanks And Other Injection Moulding Products As Per Customers' Requirements.

Esquire Multiplast Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 0484 - 2541044
Roto Moulded Articles, Injection Moulding Products, Pallets, Crates, Plastic Furniture, House Hold Products.

Fame Storage System Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. M .K. AKHTAR (MANAGER)
Tel No. 0 - 9811926887
Plastic Pallets Mfg.

Plastech Engineers
Contact Person: MR. UMESH KUMAR
Tel No. 044 - 42719322
Thermoforming, Vacuum Forming Plastic Products, Plastic Pallets, Material Handling Trays, Plastic Sheets, Blow Moulding.

Pms Pack
Contact Person:
Tel No. 0 - 9874666336
Manufacturing And Supplying Of Quality Pinewood Export Wooden Pallets, Plastic Pallets, Plastic Crates, Industrial Purpose Waste Bins, Hand Pallet Truck And Other Industrial Packing Products Like BOPP Tape, Strapping, Shrink Film, Stretch Warp, Bubble Wrap Etc.

Nihva Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. VIJAY TARAK
Tel No. 020 - 66304033
Material Handling Equipment, Scissor Lift, Dock Leveller, Goods Lift, Towing Trolley, Hand Pallet Truck, Drum Stacker, Electric Pallet Truck, Plastic Pallets, Metal Pallets, Traction Batteries & Charger, Pallet Storage, Conveyers, Automation System – Factory / Warehouse, Time And Attendance.

Mercantile Shipping Agencies
Contact Person:
Tel No. 022 - 23713829 / 56605563 / 23746946
Manufacturer of Container Lashing Equipment, Container Lashing Parts, Chord Straps, Nylon Straps, Ratchet and Belts, Plastic Pallets, Bridge Fittings, Nylon Straps, Plastic Pallets, Ratchet Lashing Belts, Turnbuckles, Twist Locks.

One Way Solutions
Contact Person: MR. SAM MATHER
Tel No. - 8474460872
Plastic Pallet Provider.

White Plaast
Contact Person:
Tel No. 422 - 2546505, 2546186
Manufacture Of Storage And Material Handling Products, Road Safety Equipments, Road Barriers, Traffic Cones, Plastic Pallets, Plastic Crates, Dye Tubes, FPO Bins, Waste Bins & Dust Bins.

Akashdoot Vayapar Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 80 - 28604254 / 28604711 / 28604266
Manufacturer & Dealers of Water Storage Tank, Pipes, Industrial Containers, Plastic Pallets.

Pushti Crates & Bins
Contact Person: MR. JAY MUKUND MEHTA
Tel No. - 9867243880
Plastic Crates, Plastic Bins, Plastic Pallets & Material Handling & Storage Solutions

Vinuss Pollymers
Contact Person:
Tel No. - 8080408889
Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets, Heavy Duty Pallets, Pallets, Conveyors.

Mahavir Engineers
Contact Person: MR. KAPIL V. LALWANI
Tel No. - 8042959355
Slotted Angle, Steel Racks & Plastic Bins, SS Cable Trays, Display Racks, Super Market Racks, Plastic Pallets.

Ajooni Storage Systems
Contact Person: MR. JITENDER
Tel No. 11 - 65700600
Mfg. Plastic Pallets, Poly Pallets, Cable Trays, Raceways, Slotted Angle, Steel Racks, Pallet Racks, Mezzanine Floor, Multi Tier Racking, Heavy Duty Racks, Supermarket Racks, Library Racks, Mobile Compactor, FIFO Racks, Pipe Joint System

Arjun Polymers
Contact Person: MR. DIVYA SHAILESH
Tel No. - 9699090872
PVC Paver Moulds, Synthetic Iron Oxides, Construction Chemical, Lacquer Polish, Plastic Pallets.

Himalaya Polyplast
Contact Person: MR. YUV RAJ
Tel No. - 8655740905
Plastic Pallets,Garbage Bins,Stretch wrap Films,LDPE Shrink Film, Air Bubble film.

Industrial Plastic Container
Contact Person: MR. K VELUMURUGAN
Tel No. 022 - 26499654/ 26485732/ 26499659/ 26052261
Plastic Pallet/ Bins, Boxes & Containers, Container, Crate/Racking & Storage, Material Handling Equipment & Services, Storage Tanks & Vessels, Double Layer Water Storage Tank.

City Storage Systems
Tel No. 022 - 26824141 / 26834742
Slotted Angles, Racks, Loft & Heavy Duty Racks, Super Market Display Racks, Beltless Racks, Cantilever Racks, Co-location Racks, Cooling Racks, Dispenser Rack, Display Racks, Enclosed Shelving Racks, Filling Racks, Floor Standing Racks, Furniture For Offi

Alison Handling
Tel No. 44 - 1772687940
New Plastic Storage Boxes And Second Hand Plastic Boxes, Plastic Trays, Plastic Skips, Plastic Totes, Plastic Pallets And Plastic Pallet Boxes. At Alison Handling

Pilco Marketing & Mfg. Corpn.(I)
Contact Person: MR. M S KHURANA
Tel No. 011 - 27121705
Manufacturer Of Plastic Pallet, Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet, Display Rack, Flow Rack, Cable Tray, Industrial Storage Rack, Plastic Pallet Exporters, Storage System, Pallet Rack, Pallet Rack Exporters, Cable Tray, Storage System Exporters, Display Rack Expor

Pilco Storage System Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 11 - 27121705
Design & Manufacturer Of Storage Systems, Plastic Pallets, Duty Pallet Racks, Gravity Racks, Cable Tray,

Packshield Industries
Contact Person: MR.PRAVIN MANGE
Tel No. 022 - 25113895 / 25100691 / 40
Manufacturer Of Protective Packaging From EPS, EPE, EVA, PU And Plastic Bubbleguard Boxes And Articles

Aaress Resource Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. H.R.SHETTY
Tel No. 022 - 26406249
Water Storage Tanks, Chemicals Tanks, HDPE Tanks, PP Tanks FRP Tanks, Crates, Plastic Pallets

Acme Plastic Ind.
Contact Person: MR. MEHTA
Tel No. 022 - 27691367 - 09892 / 09821480074
Leading Manufacturer Distributors of Plastic, Engg, Semi Vargine, Sweaping Of Grade, Reprocess, Granules & Pallets

Acme Polymers
Contact Person: MR.A. MEHTA
Tel No. - 9821259120
Manufacturer & Exporters Of Plastic Raw Material, Hdpe Granules, Ldpe Pallets, Plastic Granules.

Capco Solutions
Contact Person:
Tel No. 731 - 4225317
Development As pet Requirements, Complete ERP Solustion, Mechanicaln Engineering Projects, in IT & Mechanica'l engg.

Iraco Group Fze
Contact Person: MR. K. PARIZAD
Tel No. 971 - 7 - 2077012
Plastic Pallets, Waste Bins & Containers, Jigs & Ice Box, Plastic Crates

Newgen Specialty Plastic Ltd.
Tel No. 120 - 4153200
Manufacturer Of Premium Quality Plastics Pallets & Chemical Tanks.

Prima Plastics Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. VIREN SONI
Tel No. 022 - 28574768 / 69
Chairs, Study Table, Dining Tables, Stools, Storage Solution, Industrial Pallets, Road Safety Products, Crates, Insulated Box, Waste Management Products

Sharp Batteries & Allied Industries Ltd.
Tel No. 022 - 41517777
Water Tanks Overhead & Soft Plastic Pallets Waste Material Handling

Sintex Industries Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. AJAY GUPTA
Tel No. - 4003108
Water Storge Tanks In Brand Reno / Sintex, PVC Doors, Plastic Section For Furniture, Plastic Pallets, Insulated Ice Box, Sandwich Panels For Infrastructure Prefabricated, Chemical Tanks, Household Drums

Spacemark Engineers
Contact Person: MR. KIRAN KORLEKAR
Tel No. 022 - 25630305
Heavy Duty Palletized Racking System, Mobile Racks, Slotted Angle, M.S.Pallets, Plastic Pallets, Pallet Trucks, Trolleys, Drum Lifters

Spanco Storage Systems
Contact Person:
Tel No. 11 - 25274363 / 64
Cable Trays & Raceways, Storage Systems, Palletised Racks & Plastic Pallets

Suresh Engineering Works
Contact Person: MR.SURESH SHARMA - PROP.
Tel No. 0731 - 2721387 / 4047280
Plastic Processing Machines, Food Processing Machinery & Equipments, Fryms, Varmshily, Plastic Pallets, PVC Compound Mixer with Cooler, PVC Tubing Plant, Polythene Pipe Plant, Pet Stretch Blow, Rotating Dies for Tubing, Soft PVC Krishi Pipe Plant, Suction

Swift Industrial Products
Tel No. 022 - 32674169
Manufacturer & Suppliers Of Plastic Pallets, Steel Reinforced Plastic Pallets, HDPE Injection Molded Plastic Pallets, Heavy Duty Steel Reinforced, Light Weight.

Vijeta Palletising Company
Contact Person: MR. ANAND V.MAHADIK - (C.E.O.)
Tel No. 022 - 27707509 / 9819409409
Manufacturer& Supplier Of Wooden Pallets, Specialised in Container Lashing & Chocking, All Types Of Shipping, Industrial Wooden Pallet, ManufacturerOf Industrial Heavy Light Machine Packaging Boxes, Two Way & Four Way Pallet, Plywood Boxes, Chemical Treat
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