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Kamaksha Thermocol
Tel No. - 9325096929 / 9325096928 / 9595725594 / 9511656060 / 8484985899
Manufacturer Of EPS Thermocol Blocks, Thermocol, Thermocol Packaging, Thermocol Moulding, Fabrication Packaging Boxes, Buffer, Sheets, Thermocol Pipe Section, Thermocol Refractories, Thermocol Insulation, Thermocole Moulding Boxes, Moulding Sheets, Moulding Pipe Sections, Corrugated Sheets, Decorative Articles Moulding Boxes, E. P. Foam Packing, Buffer and Sheets, P. P. Box, P. U. Foam Sheets, Construction Blocks, Expanded Polystyrene Blocks, EPS Blocks, Thermocol Blocks, Foam Blocks, Foam Construction Blocks, EPS Geofoams for Bridge Underfill, EPS Geofoams, EPS Geofoam For Rail Embankment, EPS Thermocol Geofoam Blocks, EPS Geofoam Rail Embankment, EPS Geofoam For Stadium and Theatre Seating, EPS Panels, Expanded Polystyrene Panels, EPS Sandwich Panels, EPS Insulated Panels, EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panels, Wall sandwich panels EPS, Insulated EPS Wall Panels, Thermocol Pipes, Thermocol Pipe Sections, EPS Thermocol Pipes, EPS Thermocol Pipe Sections, Thermocol Insulation Pipes, Thermocol Insulation Materials, Thermocol Insulation Sheets, Giant Foam Blocks, EPS Foam Blocks, Expanded Polystyrene Blocks, Foam Blocks, EPS Giant Blocks, EPS Cut Sheets, Insulation Panels, EPS Sheets For Thermal Insulation Systems, Expanded Polystyrene Data Sheets, EPS Data Sheets, EPS Thermocol Boxes, EPS Boxes, Thermocol Boxes, Polystyrene Boxes, Expanded Polystyrene Boxes, Expanded Polystyrene Thermocol Boxes, EPS Polystyrene Insulated Boxes, Thermocol Beads, Thermocol Beans, EPS Beads, Polystyrene Beads, EPS Thermocol Beans, White Thermocol Beads, White EPS Thermocol Beads, Corrugated Boxes, Corrugated Packaging Boxes, Corrugated Rolls, Corrugated Paper Rolls, Kraft Paper Corrugated Rolls, Corrugated Kraft Paper Rolls, Paper Cartons, PP Corrugated Sheets, PP Sheets, Stretch Films, Special Packaging, Customised Packaging, Custom Packaging, Custom Packaging Materials, Custom Foam Packaging, Expanded Polystyrene Packaging Materials, Plastic Packaging Materials, Wooden Packaging Materials, Foam Packaging Inserts, Custom Foam Box Inserts, Thermocol Chips, Packaging Chips, Polystyrene Packing Chips, EPS Chips, EPS Beads, Packing Beads, Polypropylene Boxes, PP Boxes, Custom PP Boxes, Polypropylene Packaging Boxes, Industrial Boxes, Plain Polypropylene Boxes, PP Corrugated Crates, PP Sheets, Polypropylene Corrugated Boxes, PP Hollow Sheets, Returnable Polypropylene Corrugated Boxes, Air Bubble Films, Air Bubble Bags, Air Bubble Sheets, Air Bubble Rolls, Air Bubble Film Rolls, Bubble Wrap Films, Bubble Air Bags, Air Bubble Packaging Materials, Cross Linked Foams, Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foams, Polyethylene Foams, Crosslink Foams, Cross Linked PE Foams, PE Foam Materials, Polyurethane Foams, Reticulated Foams, Filter Foams, Polyester Foams, Polyether Foams, Reticulated Polyether Foams, Polyester Block Foams, Polyether Block Foams, PU Foams, Bopp Tapes, Bopp Packing Tapes, Bopp Adhesive Tapes, Self Adhesive Tapes, Bopp Packaging Tapes, Masking Tapes, Stretch Films, EPE Foam Sheets, EPE Foam Rolls, Expanded Polyethylene Foams, EPE Foams, High Density Polyethylene, HDPE, Low Density Polyethylene, LDPE, HDPE Sheets, LDPE Sheets, LDPE Polythene Sheets, Corner Foam Guards, Foam Corners, Foam Rubber Corner Guards, Corner Guards, Rubber Corner Guards, Edge Guards, Foam Corner Protectors, Foam Bumper Guards, EPE Foam Buffers, EPE Foams, EPE Buffers, Industrial Foams, Expanded Polyethylene Foams, EPE Foam Rolls, EPE Foam Bags, EPE Foam Bags, EPE Foam Packaging Bags, Foam Bags, EPE Foam Pouch, Foam Pouch, Industrial Foams, EPE Foam Packaging Bags, EPE Foam Packaging, EPE Foam Packing Materials, Foam Boxes, EPE Foam Packaging Boxes, Packaging Boxes, EPE Foam Products, EPE Foam Inserts, Foam Packaging Inserts, Foam Inserts, EPE Foam Insert Packaging, EPE Foam Net, Foam Net, EPE Fruit Nets, EPE Foam Fruit Net, Fruit Foam Net, Expanded Polyethylene Foam Net EPE Foam Trays, Foam Packaging Trays, EPE Foam Packaging Trays, EPE Tubes, EPE Foam Tubes, EPE Foam Pipes, EPE Foams, EPE Insulation Tubes, EPS Foams, Expanded Polystyrene Foams, EPS, EPS Geofoam For Bridge Underfill, EPS Geofoam Blocks, Thermocol Packaging Materials, Molded Thermocol Boxes.

Marss Packaging
Contact Person: MR. SACHIN PASAD - PROP
Tel No. 02525 - 655210 / 9322342223
Mfg.Of Plastic Air Bubble Rolls & Pouches, Aerosol Packaing, Flexible Packaging, Plastic Packaging Materials

Sai Packing
Tel No. - 7887843099 / 9881703099 / 8308303099
Wooden Packaging, Air Freight Pallets, Box Pallets, Cable Drums Wooden, Cage Pallets, Chemical Pallets, Coil Pallets, Collapsible Pallets, Construction Site Covers, Container Lashing Solutions, Double Deck Four Way Non Reversible Pallets, Double Deck Four Way Pallets, Double Deck Four Way Reversible Pallets, Double Deck Pallets, Double Deck Two Way Non Reversible Pallets, Double Deck Two Way Pallets, Double Deck Two Way Reversible Pallets, Double Deck Two Way Reversible Wing Type Pallets, Euro Pallets, Export Wooden Boxes, Export Wooden Pallets, Fire Resistant Tarpaulins, Flight Case, Four Way Non Reversible Pallets, HDPE Tarpaulins, Heavy Duty Wooden Pallets, Industrial Heavy Machine Packaging Boxes, Industrial Skids, Industrial Wooden Boxes, Industrial Wooden Pallets, Jungle Wood Pallet, Lashing, Pallets, Pine Wood Boxes, Plywood Boxes, Plywood Crates, Plywood Pallet, Rubber Wood Pallets, Shipping Container Covers, Single Deck Two Way Pallets, Tarpaulins, Truck Tarpaulins, Waterproof Tarpaulins, Weather Sheds, Wood Cases, Wood Storage Pallets, Wooden Cases, Wooden Crates, Wooden Packaging Box, Wooden Packaging Material, Wooden Packing Cases, Wooden Pallets, Wooden Skids

Shree Sairam Industrial Corporation
Tel No. - 9860921110 / 9860439812
Wooden Boxes, Packaging Material For Domestic Packaging, Pet Strap Pneumatic Machine, Rubber Wood Pallet, Rubber Wood Saddle, Rubber Wood Collar Container, Carton Box, Palletised Corrugated Box, Export Packaging, Plywood Box, Pine Wood Pallets, Plywood Saddle, Pine Wood Pallets, Collar Container, Pine Wood Box, Pine Wood Crate, Silver Wood Box, Corrugated Box, Pine Wood Collar, Heavy Duty Box, Euro Pallet, Inner Packaging Materials, Air Pad, Loose Fill, Paper Pad, VCI Bags, Desiccants, Silica Gel Packets, VCI Paper, Crosslink Foam, PE-Foam, Foam Bag, Fabricated Foam, Air Bubble Bag, Vpci-Oil , Outer Packaging Material, Stretch Film, Air Bubble Roll, Edge Protector, Pet Strapping, PP Strap & Clip, MS Strap & Clip, Corrugated Roll, HDPE Tarpaulin Cover, Aluminium Foil Cover, LDPE Bag, Bopp Tape – Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene, Wire Nails, One Way Lashing System, Polyester Lashes, Export Machinery Lashing, Container Lashing, Lashing Palatalization, Aluminium Foil Packaging, Pet Strap Pneumatic Machine, Battery Operating Machine, Manual Strapping Machine, Fully Automatic Strapping Machine, Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

Tel No. - 9371234803 / 9921357393
Blister Packaging, Thermoforming, Vacuum Forming Of Industrial, Vacuum Forming Of Auto, Confectionaries, Plastic Packaging Of Toys, Plastic Trays To Export Fruits, Fish etc., Electrical Components, Skin & Blister Paking, Thermoforming

Global Packaging
Tel No. 0771 - 4085091
Laminated Food Packaging Materials, Plastic Packaging Materials, Laminated Roll Forms, Packaging Materials, Laminated Packaging Materials, Flexible Packaging Materials, Plastic Packing Material.

Jindal Plastics Enterprises
Contact Person: MR. RAJAT JINDAL
Tel No. 011 - 23612403 / 23624947
EVA Bags, PP Woven Bag, Plastic Packaging Material.

Narai Packaging
Tel No. 022 - 26787978
Plastic Packing Materials, PP Plastic Bags, LDPE Plastic Bags, P. V. C. Bags, P. V. C. Rolls.

Noon Products
Contact Person: MR. A. AZIZ
Tel No. 0 - 9300000201
Confectionery Packaging, Construction Tape, Flexible Material Film, Food Packaging.

Parsan Polymers Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MS. P. SUJATHA
Tel No. 0413 - 2248967
Manufacturer Of All Types Of Plastic Packaging Materials.

Contact Person: MR. ANAND ARUN MODI
Tel No. 022 - 26871311/26874962
Plastic Vaccum Formed Products, Packaging Industries, Automotive Parts.

S. V. Plasto Films
Tel No. 022 - 66764239
Plastic Packaging Materials, PVC Products, BOPP Films, PVC Films, Rigid Films, Plastic Boxes, Blister Packaging.

Saroj Poly Plast
Tel No. 0 - 9324367624
Packaging Containers, Plastic Packaging Containers, Plastic Food Packaging Container.

First Packaging
Contact Person: MR. LALIT H. RANKA
Tel No. - 9320100345
Plastic Packaging Material with Multi Color Printing,

Brothers Packaging
Contact Person: MR. KARAN SAHNI
Tel No. 01795 - 656869
Mfg of Stretch Films, Wrap Films, Packaging Films, PE Films.

Creative Plastics
Contact Person: MR. SHOBHIT GANDHI
Tel No. 0 - 9323132470
Plastic Packaging Trays, Packaging Trays, Blister Packaging Materials and Plastic Packaging Material.

Dip Jim Enterprises
Contact Person: MR. DILIP NAGJI GALA
Tel No. 022 - 28753713
Plastic Packaging Materials.

Shubh Polypack
Tel No. 141 - 2235700
Manufacturer Of Plastic Packaging Material.

Compak Packaging Solution
Contact Person: MR. MAHESH GUPTA
Tel No. 022 - 65258737 / 26856682
Strapping, Tapping Machines, Wrapping Machines, Automatic Sealer, Shrink Wrapping Tunnels, Polyolefin Shrink Films, Pallet Strappers, Cushion Films, Plastic Packaging Materials, Packaging Films, Industrial Dryers

Crayons Packaging Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 141 - 2587014
Package Material, Wooden, Plastic & Tin with effective.

Natraj Plastics
Tel No. 141 - 2331488 / 2233523
Manufacturer Of Plastic Packaging Material.

Sahani Packaging
Contact Person: MR. PRADEEP
Tel No. 141 - 2651328
Packaging Material, Plastic Packaging Material.

Shivalik Plastic Industries
Contact Person:
Tel No. - 9829139533
Deals in Packaging Material.

Maharashtra Plastic & Industries
Contact Person: MR. RAM BHAGWAT
Tel No. 022 - 67205200 / 26736468 / 26736469
Plastic Packaging and Strapping Materials. Our Product Series Consists Polyester Strap, Polypropylene Straps, PP Strapping Machines, Friction Seal, Polypropylene Box Strapping, Hand Strapping Tools.

Jain Wood Wool Industries
Contact Person: MR. SHANTILAL JAIN
Tel No. 1482 - 246794
All Type Of Packaging Material.

Swastic Industries
Contact Person: MR. J. N. LALWANI
Tel No. 141 - 2771070
Packaging Materials Wooden, Paper, Plastic.

Shakun Plastic Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 0141 - 2330721
Manufacturer Of Multilayer, Plastic Packing Materials, Film, Pouch, Plastic Bags, Shopping Bags, Customized Bags.

Rycon Services (P). Ltd.
Tel No. 022 - 25893489 / 9892365885
Manufacturer & Supplier of Thermocol Sheets & EPS Thermocol Sheets, Thermocol Packaging for Pharma Products and Thermocol Mouldings Industrial Packaging & Chain Solutions

Navalai Industries
Contact Person: MR. NARAYAN KADAM
Tel No. - 9619468384
Plastic Packaging Material, Packaging Boxes, Corrugated Boxes, Adhesive Tapes, Thermocol, Packaging Films, Packaging Papers.

Raj Corporation
Contact Person: MR.HEMANT PATIL
Tel No. - 9765800752
Manufacturer Of Air Bubble Bags, Foam Bags, Stretch Film, Shrink Film, Polythene Packaging Material

Adarsh Corporation
Contact Person: MR. PARESH ZAVERI
Tel No. 022 - 28281221/ 28281213
Specialist in Supplying Raw Material As Well As Packing Material for Ice Creams. Ice-Cream Cones, Sugar Cones, Waffle Cone Dry Mix, Waffle Cone Liquid Mix, Premium Premix, Paper Cups, Aluminium Paper Cone Sleeves,Wheat Crunch, Cashew Butterscotch Chikki,P

Contact Person:
Tel No. - 8080004646
Dealer In Paint, Plastic Raw Materials, Plastic Packaging & Material Handling.

Shripad Agencies
Tel No. 253 - 2383519 / 9823916718
Air Bubble Film for Packaging, Aerosol Packaging, Air Bubble Packaging, Industrial Packaging, Industrial Packaging Material, Packaging Materials, Packing Papers, Pharmaceutical Packaging, Plastic Air Bubble Packaging, Plastic Air Bubble Rolls & Pouches, P

Ruda Containers
Contact Person: MR.AJIT MUNGEKAR - PROP.
Tel No. 022 - 29270189 / 29271592 / 9820852829
Mfg. Of Containers, Pharmaceutical Containers, Plastic Pipes, Moulding Articles

Konark Plastics
Contact Person: MR.PARAG MANIYAR - PROP.
Tel No. 20 - 32300333
Plastic Mouldings, Injection Moulded Components, Blow Moulded Plastic Components, Plastic Moulds, Industrial Plastic Components, Plastic Packaging Materials, Plastic Caps & Stoppers For Pharmaceuticals, End Caps, OD End Caps For Seamless / ERW / CRW Pipes

Suvidhi Plasto Pack Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. MULCHAND BHAI
Tel No. 2525 - 256293
Plastic Packaging Material

Packshield Industries
Contact Person: MR.PRAVIN MANGE
Tel No. 022 - 25113895 / 25100691 / 40
Manufacturer Of Protective Packaging From EPS, EPE, EVA, PU And Plastic Bubbleguard Boxes And Articles

Jagnarayan Packaging Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR.SANJAY B.DHAGGA
Tel No. 022 - 2712318 / 2710826
Manufacturers & Suppliers Of Flexible Packaging Material Like Preformed Pouches Or Bags & Rolls, Consisting Of Pet, BOPP, Nylon-Films Paper, Aluminium Foil & Multilayer Films Of LDPE / LLDPE / M-LLDPE & So On.

Dsl Packaging And Sales Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. CAPT.RAJ - C.E.O.
Tel No. 022 - 25223232 / 25226473 / 25222248
Since 2001 (BRC Global Std. Food-Packaging Approved) Manufacturer & Exporter Of Food Grade Plastic Packing Products. Company Offer Product Designing & Production in Arange Of Plastic Packing Product Like Printed Self Lock Gozetted Pouches, Tubes, Bottles,

Shiva International
Contact Person: MR.SANJAY B.DHAGGA
Tel No. 0251 - 2712318 / 2710826
Manufacturers & Suppliers Of Speciality Bags & Pouches

Shakti Plastic
Contact Person: MR. PURAV THAKKAR
Tel No. 0 - 9403017344 / 8149182607
Polyethylene Foam Sheet, Net, Rod, Tube & Pouches, Air Bubble Film & Bags, Cross Linked Foam (Capcell), Reticulated Foam

Chirag Industries
Contact Person: MR. CHIRAG RAWAL - PROP.
Tel No. 250 - 2392596 / 9372489841 / 9765389725
Bopp Self Adhesive, Stretch Film, Bubbals Film & All Type Of Packaging Material, Air Bubble Rolls, Automatic Strapping Machines, Bag Sealing Tapes, Blister Packaging, Carton Sealers, Cling Film, Cloth Tapes, Cutter Knives, Foam Tapes, Hdpe Film, Insulatio

Shedhani Trading Co.
Contact Person: MR. CHIRAG RAWAL
Tel No. 250 - 2392596 / 9372489841
Stockist Of BOPP Self Adhesive, Stretch Film, Bubbals Film & All Type Of Packing Material

Anant Overseas
Contact Person: MR. ASHISH LAMBA
Tel No. 11 - 2684748
Plastic Packagin Material

Ardee Polypack Industries
Tel No. 2352 - 222673
Industrial Plastic Packing Materials

Bharti Enteprises
Contact Person: MR. CHIRAG MEHTA
Tel No. 022 - 28110099
Manufacturer Of Plastic Packing Materials, Vaccum Forming Items

Crystal Plastic Industries
Contact Person: MR. S. R. POOJARY
Tel No. 253 - 2382055 / 6601410
Plastic Material (packing)

Dahake Suppliers
Contact Person: MR. DILIP DAHAKE
Tel No. 257 - 2223356
Suppliers Is One Of The Well Reputed Suppliers Of Packaging Products Like Plastic Packing Materials, Strapping Tensioners, Strapping Sealers, Strapping Seals And Pu Foam Tapes

Delta Thermoformers
Contact Person:
Tel No. 022 - 26527299 / 2652281
Manufacturer Of Pharma, Plastic And Paper Trays For Ampoules And Vials, Packaging Industrial & Blister Packs, Disposable Cups, Glasses

Heena Plastics
Contact Person: MR. DHAVAL SHAH
Tel No. 022 - 25928357
Plastic Packing Materials, Polypropelene Bags, LDPE Bags, PVC Rolls, LD Rolls, PP Rolls, Air Bubble Rolls / Bags, HDPE Bags, Plastic Carry Bags

Karabulut Plastik San.Tic.Ltd.
Tel No. - 902126596161
HDPE, LDPE, GPPS, HIPS Bags And Plastic Packaging Materials

Pack Smart Corp
Contact Person: MR. AMIT PANDYA
Tel No. 022 - 22406857
Leading Suppliers Of Protective Packaging Materials, Air Bubble Rolls.

Parshva Plastics
Contact Person: MR. DOSHI
Tel No. - 9820180907
All Types Of Plastics Packaging Bags, Carry Bags

Patel Enterprises
Contact Person: MR. MAHESH PATEL
Tel No. - 9892090308
Trading In All Kinds of Plastic Packing Materials, Forex Currency Exchange, Domestic And International Flight Bookings, Stock Market

Pearl Plastic
Contact Person:
Tel No. 250 - 3204736
Vacuum Formed Blister Packing, HIP/PVC/PET Other Forming Grade Material, Design & Development.

Plasticage Corporation
Contact Person: MR. SHASHIN H. SHAH
Tel No. 022 - 66930947
Mfg. Of Blow Moulded Articles, Plastic Packaging Articles, Plastic Packing Bags, PVC Blisters Etc

Pooja Export
Contact Person: MR. PRAKASH KHODE
Tel No. - 9960581014
Manufacturer Plastic Packaging, Packaging Agricultural Products
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