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Dran Engineers Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 20 - 66246600 / 9370289656 / 7020868989
Welding Automation, Reactors And Agitators, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Storage Tanks, Filters, Structural Fabrication, Blenders / Mixers, Columns, Robotic Welding Systems Welding Fixture, Welding Fixture Lines, CNC Machining Fixtures, Assembly & Process Automation, Auto Welding SPM, Heavy Welding Fixtures, Machining Fixture, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Fixture.

Noble Cast Comp.Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. - 9822840862
Manufacturing of All Aluminium Gravity Die Casting, GDC Dies , Foundry Tooling , Machinery & Jigs & Fixture, Thin Wall Leak proof Castings, Heavy Commercial Vehicle Intercoolers, Light Commercial Vehicle Intercoolers, Fully Finished Precision Machined Castings, Radiography Quality Castings for High RPM, Butterfly Valve Body for Material Handling, Diesel Engine Parts, Crank Cases, Cylinder Heads, High Voltage Electric PartsTwo Wheelers Proto Castings, GDC Dies & Pattern Equipments, Jigs & Fixtures, Foundry Machinery, Leak Testing Machines, Die Casting Machines, Core Shooter Machines

Soham Foundry Tools
Contact Person: MR.M.D.BIRADAR - PROP.
Tel No. - 9011067252 / 9423700597
Designer And Manufacturer Of Foundry Tools, Jigs & Fixture & Precision Job Works, High Pressure Moulding Line Tooling (GF,KW) With Fully Automated Loramendi & Hans Burg Core Making Mach, Robots Gripper Open & Closed Type, Core Transfer Fixture, Averaging Fixture, Prototype Casting Development Of Small Parts, Casting Fin Trimming Die, Manufacturing SPM Of Core Drilling , Oil Feeling & Shock Absorber Shaft Centre Drill Machine, Manufacturing Of Precision Jigs And Fixtures, All Type Of Horizontal Boring , Critical Machining Works & Assembly, Shell Core Box, Cold Core Box, Core Box, Four Cylinder Head Casting, Cylinder Block, Pattern Equipment

Geometric Automation & Engineering Services
Tel No. - 9370044028 / 9422788025
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Special Purpose Machines, Trimming Dies For Grid Casting Machines, Hydraulic Planishing Systems For Grid Casting Machines, Pasting Machines, Acid / Conveyor / Acid Pickling Unit, Flash Drying Oven-Gas Fired Or Electrically Fired, Component Casting Machines And Moulds For Assembly And Lid Components, Sandwich Type Group Assembly Machines, Plate Lug Buffing And Cutting Machines, Battery Plates Frame Cleaning Machines, Heat Sealing Tools, Acid Filling Machines, Hole Punching Machines, Spares With Early Delivery & Services For The Machines To Be Rectified Or Repairs, Low Cost Automation To Various Industries, Assembly Machine, Jigs And Fixtures, Special Purpose Machines, Welding Automation, Material Handling Solutions, Testing Machines.

Venus Engineering
Contact Person: MR.A.K.PHATAN - PROP.
Tel No. - 9850757629
Manufacturers & Design Of Jigs, Fixtures, Press Tools, Moulds, Mechanical Works & Special Purpose Machines

Sneha Industries.
Contact Person: MR.ANIL PARATANE
Tel No. 20 - 27129345 / 9822790587 / 9822349934
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Pressed Components, Design And Development Of All Types Of Stamping Tools Manufacturing Of All Types Of Stamping Components And Assemblies, Compound Tools, Stampings And Assemblies

Fastener Toolings Inc.
Tel No. 0250 - 6067111
Specialist in Fastener Toolings, Nuts, Bolts, Screw, Punches, Thread Gauges, Thread Rolling

Quality Engineering Co.
Tel No. - 9011048167 / 9011048165
We Offer Surface & Slideway Grinding, CNC Machining, Machine Tool Reconditioning & Retrofitting, CNC Machining Services, Machine Tools Rebuild, Machine Tools Retrofitting, Machine Tools Modernisation, CNC Machines Retrofitting, Guideways Manufacturer, SPM Reconditioning, Reconditioning Of SPM, Reconditioning Of Special Purpose Machines, Machine Tools Modification, Machine Tools Scraping Work, Machine Tools Scraping Works, Machine Tools Calibration, Gauges Calibration, Calibration Of Gauges, Calibration Of CNC Machines, Surface Plate Calibration, Straight Edge Calibration, Heavy Duty Machining Job Work.

Omkar Engineering
Tel No. - 8446073884
Manufacturer, Supplier OF Power Chuck, Hydraulic Power Chucks, 2 Jaw, Hollow Type, Close Type, Hydraulic Rotary Cylinders, Hydraulic Power Packs, Jigs & Fixtures, VMC & HMC Fixtures, Turret Sleeves & Turret Blocks, Repair & Reconditioning Of Power Chucks, Soft & Hard Jaws, Backplates To Suit CNC Spindle, T Nuts, Custom Built Turning Fixtures With Dynamic Balancing

Sharp Engineers
Tel No. 20 - 25631377 / 9049983391 / 9822332021
Tool Room / Manufacturing And Mass Production Of Job Work On CNC And VMC Machines. Manufacture Moulds & Dies, Plastic Moulds, Industrial Die Moulds, Shoe Die Mould, Agricultural Housing Die Mould, PVC Pipe Mould, JIG And Fixtures, Assembly Fixtures, Welding Fixture, Drilling Fixture, Inspection Fixtures, Milling Fixture, Auto Ancillaries, Gear blanks, Shafts, Spindles, Rollers, Tungsten Carbide Products, Air Classifying Mill Hammers, ACM 10, ACM 30, ACM 60, ACM 100, Bandsaw Machine Spares, Solid Carbide, Tungsten Carbide Brazed Pads, Food Processing Dies, Photos Will Be Provided, Tungsten Carbide Flats, Used For VSI Crushers (Vertical Shaft Impact), Tungsten Carbide Rods, Bushes, Wear Parts And Cutting Tools,

Gandhi Tools Syndicate
Contact Person: MR. JAYANT GANDHI - PROP.
Tel No. 0250 - 6067111 / 9769401811 / 9821283236
Specialist in Fastener Toolings, Nuts, Bolts, Screw, Punches, Thread Gauges, Thread Rolling

Aditya Systems
Contact Person: MR.V.D.PHATAK
Tel No. - 9422023593 / 9226995303
Designing & Manufacturing Of Special Purpose Machines ( SPM ), Jigs, Fixtures, Assembly Tools, Spindle Nut Runner, Water Pump Test Rig, Pipe Crimping Tools, Clutch Plate Oil Bath Unit ( PLC Based ), Valve Collet Pressing Units, Drag Checking Unit Rear Axle, Gear Pressing Units, Press For Pressing Valve Guide & Valve Seat, Hydraulic Pressure Testing Of Cooler, Diesel Timing Checking Trolley, DV Cylinder Head Leakage Testing By Decay Method, Core Plug Fitting Unit, DV Cylinder Head Valve Leakage Testing, Machine, Compressor Valve Leakage Testing Machine, Valve Seat Valve Guide Pressing Unit, Cylinder Head Jacket Leakage Testing Unit, Cylinder Head Valve Leakage Testing Unit ( Vacuum Method ), Cylinder Head Valve Assembly Unit ( Pneumatic Press ), Cylinder Head Valve Guide Removal Press, Turn Over Device For Cylinder Head, Turn Over Device & Conveyors Press For Turbo Shaft Removal, Press For Pump Assembly & Disassembly, DV Cam Box Water Jacket Passage Leakage Testing Machine With PARAG Unit, “C” Frame Press, Cam Gear Removal Press, Compressor Valve Leakage Testing Machine, Con Rod Piston Assembly Removal Press, Crank Case Water Jacket & Oil Passage Leakage Testing Machine With ATEQ Unit, Crank Gear Removal Press, Cylinder Head Inlet Exhaust Valve Leakage Testing Machine With Parag Unit, Cylinder Head Jacket Leakage Testing Unit, Cylinder Head Water Jacket & Oil Passage Testing Machine With ATEQ Unit, Diesel Timing Checking Trolley, DV Cylinder Head Leakage Testing By Decay Method, Pipe Crimping Tool, 40 Ton Press For Clutch Plate Bonding, 3 Ton Press For Pressing Valve Guide & V Seat, Toe Lapcoping Unit, Turn Over Device For Cylinder Head, Valve Collet Pressing Unit, Water Pump Test Rig, Gear Pressing Unit

Technokraten Llp
Tel No. - 9970070528
SPM, Automation - Grease Dispensing Machines, Auto Belt Tensioner, Product Development - Brake Bleeding System, Nut Runner Poka Yoke, Oxygen Generator Unit, Reaction Arm For Bolt Tightner, Rotary Indexer, Special Tools - Bike Servicing Tools, Wire Tensioner, Torch Slide, Special Gauge, Spares Parts Indigenization - SS Perforated Tubes, SS Wire, SS High Tensile Nut & Bolt, Punch, Material handling - Seat Lifting Tackle, Engine Stand, Paddle Lock Stand, Engine Lifting Tackle, Jigs And Fixtures - Component Testing Fixture, Bike Assembly Fixture, Swivel Type Screwing Fixture, Gear Shifter Assembly Fixture, SPM - Thermocol Cutting Machine, Disc Filter Circumference Welding Machine, Radiator Tube Welding Machine, Linear Welding Machine, Gear Pin Marking Machine, Special Material Cutting Machine, Filter Media Hydraulic Densing Machine, Polymer Grinder, Polyethylene Bag Cutting And Sealing Machine, Magnet Pressing Machine, Pin Pressing Machine, Plunger Press, Rewinder And Slitter For Stretch Film Rolls, Testing Equipment - Gear Shifter Testing Station, Torque Testing Of Gear Box, Spring Presence Testing Station, Tech Clean Candle Filter Cleaning System

Classic Die Tools
Tel No. - 9822883570 / 9404169272 / 9860758437 / 9146413672
Design & Manufacturing, Development Of Dies & Moulds, Die Casting Dies, Die Tools, Moulds, Jigs & Fixtures, Plastic Injection Moulds, Low Pressure Die Casting Dies, Gravity Die Casting Dies, Blanking Dies, Die Casting Dies , Die Casting Tools, Die Designing, Die Making, Die Punches, Die Sets, Dies, Epoxy Die Making, Gravity Die Casting Dies, High Precision Dies, Plain Dies, Plastic Moulding Dies, Punching Dies, Sheet Metal Dies, Engineering Job Works.

Contact Person: MR.MILIND SANT - PROP.
Tel No. 20 - 24336764 / 9822530393
Tool Room Activity, Precision Machining, Grinding & Finishing, Micro Spot Welding, Critical Components Manufacturing, Design And Manufacturing Of Jigs And Fixtures, Indignation Of Imported Components, Services Like EDM Services, Laser Machining, Water Jet Cutting, Surface Treatment Are In Our Scope

Autobot Systems & Automation
Tel No. - 8793297303 / 8446364335
Robotics & Automation,All Types Of Robot Integration, Robotic Welding, Conveying Systems, Material Handling Systems, Turn Key Projects, Jigs & Fixtures, Robotic Services, SPMs. Automatic Torch Cleaning Station, Robot Torch Cleaning Station, Robotic Welding, Robotic Material Handling, Automatic Tip Changer, Robot Tip Changer, Robot Pick And Place, Welding SPM, Robotic Stamping, Robotic Press Handling, Biometric Access Control System For Safety.

Jyotirling Industries
Contact Person: MR.R.B.PATIL - PROP.
Tel No. 240 - 2555618 / 9822628920
Jigs And Fixtures, Dies, Moulds, Hydraulic Fixtures, Hmc Hydraulic Fixture And Vmc Hydraulic Fixtures (Projects), Twin Spindle And 4th Axis Vmc Fixtures, Box Type Vmc Fixtures, 4th Axis Rotary Cradles, Tail Stock With Oil Distributor, Link Type Hydraulic Cylinders, Heavy Duty Parametric Welding Fixtures, Heavy Duty Machining Services, 2 Wheeler Project Frame Assembly, 3 Wheeler Project Frame Assembly

Pethkar Industries
Tel No. - 9822604272
Designer & Manufacturer Of Crimping Machines, Crimping Applicator, Crimping Machine For Harness Industries, Crimping Tools, Jigs, Fixtures, Job Working Unit, Precision Engineering Components, Terminal Crimping Machinery, Semi Automatic Bench Type Crimping Press, Crimp Flex Machines, Special Purpose Machines

Skylark Tool Technologies
Contact Person: MR.RAJESH UGHADE - PROP.
Tel No. 240 - 2553139 / 9850998021
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Press Tools, Pipe Notching Tools Assembly, Disk Piercing Tool, Draw Tool Top Assembly, Draw Tool Bottom Assembly, Gauges & Fixtures, Pipe Relation Gauge, Cross Member Assembly Relation Gauge, Drill Jig-For Cross Member, Silencer Relation Gauge, Disk, Caliper (Aluminum Part), Chassis Assembly, Dust Cover & Spring Cup, Cylinder Rest, Upper Terminal, Nut Plate, Central Bracket, Crgo Bracket, Oil Sump, Panel Wheel Arch, Parking Lever, RR Shock Absorber LH-RH, Design Of Press Tools, Development And Fabrication, Injection Mould, Special Purpose Machine - SPM, Jigs And Fixtures.

Vishwat Engineers
Contact Person: MR.SACHIN PANDIT
Tel No. - 9762487917
Manufacturing Of Pressure Die Casting Dies, Jigs Fixtures, PDC Dies, Precision Assembly & Relation Gauges, Moulds, VMC Job Work, Wire Cut Job Work ( Wire Cut EDM ), Relation Gauges.

Axis Tooling
Tel No. - 9370740712
All Types Of Moulds And Dies, Press Tool, Pressure Die Casting, Transfer Dies, Tandem Dies, Progressive Dies, Jigs & Fixtures, Rapid Proto Tooling - Proto Dies for Sheet metal Components, Proto components, VMC Jobwork, CMM Inspection Services, Press Tools, Pressed Tools, PDC Dies, Rapid Proto Toolings, Blow Molds, VMC Job Work, VMC Machine Job Work,

Global Automation
Tel No. - 9881060976 / 9623157484
Designing And Manufacturing Of SPM, Conveyors, Dies, Fixtures, Gauging Machines, Inspection Table, Jigs, Jigs & Fixtures, Leak Testing Machines, Material Handling Equipments, Sheet Metal Dies, Special Purpose Automation, Special Purpose Machines, Test Rigs, Welding Fixtures, Trimming machine, Head Rod Setting Machines, Stude And seal Height Checking Machine

Niranjan Auto Components Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. - 9011035439 / 9834726465
Sheet Metal Pressed Parts, Press Tools, Press Components, Machined Parts, Jig Fixtures, Welded Assembly, Auto Parts, Sheet Metal Components, Automobile Press Parts, Press Parts, Stamping Parts, Deep Draw Parts, Perforation Parts, Heat Shields, Brackets & Pipes, Flanges, Pipes And Tubes, Laser Cut Parts, Laser Cut Parts, Rotary Laser Parts, Laser Job Work, Welded Assembly Parts.

Shree Enterprises
Contact Person: MR.S.V.MUSALE
Tel No. - 9850586488
Special Machining Components, Horizontal Boring & Jig Fixtures

Smita Works
Contact Person: MR. SUBODH MOHITE
Tel No. - 9819945356 / 9819408866
Manufacturer of All Types of Cutting, Emboss Dies, Jigs, Fixtures & Press Metal Parts & All Kinds of Automobile Parts, Horn Relay, Horn Disk, Auto Relay, Wiper Motor Lamination, Stator, Rotor, Elevator Parts, Glass Holding Bracket, Keypad Holder, Various Angle Support, Electronic Parts, MCB Parts, Press Tools, Progressive Dies, Bending Dies, Drawing Dies, Punching Dies, Notching Dies, Combination Dies, Pillar Set, Jigs & Fixtures, Pneumatic Jig & Fixture, Toggle Clamp, Valve & Machined Components.

Samadhan Industries
Contact Person: MR.R.A.KULKARNI
Tel No. - 9766649123 / 8600688895
Pipe Bending Machine, SPM, jigs and Fixtures, Industrial Dies, Special Purpose Machines, Hole Piercing Unit, Drill Jigs, Welding Fixtures, Assembly Fixtures, Inspection Fixtures, Job Holding Fixture, Forming Dies, Blanking Dies, Pipe Bending Dies, Nail Spotting Machine, Component Assembler SPM, Special Purpose Shearing Unit

Dietech Engineering
Tel No. 240 - 2555326 / 9850898930 / 9922317199
Tools, Jigs & Fixtures, Dies, Jigs, Fixtures, Relation Gauges, Sheet Metal Press Components, Sheet Metal Pressed Components, Welding Fixtures, Industrial Trolleys

A.B.Engineering Works
Contact Person: MR.R.S.BALKI
Tel No. - 9922413994 / 9922413996
Tools, Press Tools, Press Dies, Welding Jigs, Welding Fixtures, Relation Gauges, EDM Wire Cutting Job Work, Wire Cut EDM, Piller Sets, Press Components, Pressed Components, Precision Machined Components, Press Tool Maintenance Work, Press Tool Job Work, Press Parts Of Motor Vehicles, Pressed Tools, Pressed Parts, Design, Manufacturer, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India

Sneha Industries
Contact Person: MR.ANIL PARATANE
Tel No. 20 - 27129345 / 9822790587 / 9822349934
Pressed Components, Design And Development Of All Types Of Stamping Tools Manufacturing Of All Types Of Stamping Components And Assemblies

Saurabh Engineers
Contact Person: MR.PRAMOD B. LALE - PROP.
Tel No. 20 - 25290475 / 9370313788
Jigs & Fixtures, Special Purpose Machines, Tools, Automation Systems, Machinery Spares, Packaging Machinery

Jay Laxmi Industries
Tel No. 20 - 27481359 / 9822604272
Specialist In Jig, Fixtures, CNC Wire Cut, EDM, All Type Of Precision JOB Works, Toolroom Works, Dies

Varad Industries
Tel No. - 9422775544 / 9422771645
SPM, Special Purpose Machines, Welding Fixtures, Jigs & Fixtures, BIW Fixtures, Robotic Welding Line, Special Purpose Welding Machine, Checking Gauges, Inspection Gauges, Industrial Tools, Mould Base, Moulded Components, Welding Fixture For Automobile Industries, Proof Testing Machines, Draw Tower Machine, MEK Rub Testing Machine, Powder Mixing Dosing, Liquid Mixing, Liquid Metering & Dosing

Sainath Industries
Contact Person: MR.SAMIR TAMBE
Tel No. 20 - 27490875 / 8308803191 / 92
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Precision Turned Component, Job Working Unit, Pressed Parts Components for Auto, Electrical, Electronics, Luggage Industries, Drilling Work, Grinding Work, Tapping Work, Tool Room Job Work, Dies, Jigs & Fixtures, Gaskets, Shims, Washers

Shree Vinayak Engineers
Contact Person: MR.K.R.BARTAKKE
Tel No. 253 - 2380234 / 9422250282
Gravity Die Casting Dies, Aluminium Castings, Aluminium Pressure Die Castings, Aluminium Gravity Die Castings, Zinc Castings, Zinc Pressure Die Castings, Castings, Pressure Die Castings, Gravity Die Castings, Investment Castings, Investment Casting Moulds, Cast Iron Castings, Gray Cast Iron Castings, Injection Moulds, Plastic Components, Bakelite Components, Epoxy Castings, Non Ferrous Castings, Die Casting Dies, Pressure Die Casting Dies, Compression Moulds, Press Tools, Jigs & Fixtures, Epoxy Moulds, Sheet Metal Components, Die Casting Tools

Prime Technologies
Tel No. - 9822072302
All Types Of Springs, Light & Heavy Duty Springs, Beryllium Copper Springs & Strips, Wire Forms Springs, Pressed Parts, Welded Components, Jigs & Fixtures, Cutting Dies, SPM Machines, All Types Of Clamps, Cable Trays, Cable Ladder

Saitech Engineering
Tel No. - 9921368152
All Types Of Tool Room, JIgs, Fixtures, Precision Welding (M.S. / S.S.) CNC Job Works

Jendamark India Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MS. POOJA KADAM
Tel No. - 7722050915
Manufacturer, Supplier of Dies, Jigs, Fixtures, Machineries etc

Novel Industries
Contact Person: MR. SAMANTA S.G.
Tel No. 02162 - 240050
Specialist in Dies, Jigs, Fixtures & Precision Engg. Works

Shri Sai Engineering Works
Contact Person: MR. NIVAS PAWAR
Tel No. - 9881302069
Design & Mfg. Of Jigs & Fixtures, Dies, Relation Gauges, Pattern, Press Tools, Plastic Moulds, SPM, All types Of Tool Room Works & Repairs

Precise Tools
Contact Person: MR. PRADEEP CHAVAN
Tel No. - 9579153784
Design & Mfg. Of All Types Of Foundry Patterns, GDC / LPDc Dies, Press Tools, Jigs & Fixtures

Vee Bee Tools
Contact Person: MR. KALESH KURUP
Tel No. 020 - 27124326 / 8888869882
Jig & Fixtures, Relation Gauges, Jig Grinding, Gauges, Pneumatic Fixtures, Hydraulic Fixtures.

K5 Wire Cuts
Tel No. 0 - 9843589100, 9843589102
Manufacturing, Exporting and Supplying of Engineering and Jewellery Dies, Jigs And Fixtures, Industrial Dies, Sheet Metal Components, Job Work In EDM Wirecutting.

N.S. Toolings
Contact Person: MR. R.N. SELVANAYAGHAM
Tel No. 0422 - 6582785
Plastic Moulds, Dies, Jigs, Fixtures.

Shmart Engineering
Contact Person: MR. M. SARAVANAN
Tel No. 0 - 9600985631
Manufacturers of Jigs, Fixtures & Press Tools.

Malax Pneumatic Tools Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 0120 - 2585543/ 2585545
Manufacturing Pneumatic Tool Accessories, Spare Parts for Pneumatic Tools, Welding Electrodes and Jigs & Fixtures.

Kusari Enterprise
Tel No. 033 - 23234650 / 32574701
Manufacturer and Exporter of Precision Tools, Jigs, Fixtures, Special Tools, Precision Gauges and Critical Cutting Tools.

Tan Tools And Gauges
Contact Person: MR. RAMAKRISHNAN
Tel No. 044 - 26244612
Manufacturer of Jigs & Fixtures, Gauges and Press Tools.

Subha Engineering Works
Contact Person: MR. VARADHARAJAN
Tel No. - 9940051815
We Providing Press Tools, Jigs and Fixtures and Gauges.

Sgr Engineers And Consultants
Contact Person:
Tel No. 044 - 65550098
Manufacturing of Press Tools, Molds, Dies, Jigs & Fixtures and Tool Room Accessories.

Addo Tools And Dies
Contact Person:
Tel No. 044 - 26248985
Manufacture the Pressed Components. Press Tools, Jigs & Fixtures, & Special Purpose Engineering Products.

Sunmac Tools And Services
Contact Person: MR. M. MANIKANDAN
Tel No. 044 - 26241717
Manufacturer of Precision Engineering Components, Tools & Dies, Jigs & Fixtures and Special type Gauges.

Sunsil Engineers
Contact Person:
Tel No. 0422 - 2457702
Manufactures Plastic Injection Moulds. Injection Moulds, Plastic Injection Moulds, Mould Base and Jigs & Fixtures.

Rohini Enterprise
Contact Person:
Tel No. 044 - 22250975
Supplies High Precision Components, Jig Fixtures, Press Tools and Sheet Metal Components.

Shree Engineers
Contact Person:
Tel No. - 9970771052
Manufacturer of Machining Works for Automobile Sector and Non Auto Sector, Oil Gas Industry, Inspection Table and Fabrication Work, CNC, VMC. Machining Works, Precision Machining Components. Sheet Metal Press Parts Components, Dies and Toolings, Jigs and Fixtures & Precisze Machined Components.

United Product Developers
Tel No. 020 - 20275459
MFG Polygon Turning Attachment, Polygon Turning CNC, Polygon Turning Hydraulic, SPM Machine, Universal Joints.

Ace Engineering Co
Contact Person: MR. NIMISH GANDHI
Tel No. 0 - 9764772901
Metallic Components, Jigs and Fixtures, Dies, Special Purpose Machines.

Raj Engineering
Tel No. 0 - 9511983589
All Types of Dies, Jig & Fixture & Tool Room Work.

Disha Engineering Automation
Tel No. 0 - 9552543055
Mfg of Jig Fixtures, Automation, Gauges, Non Contact Gauges, Conveyors, Trolleys, Home Automation, Hand Wash Automation.

Nova Tech Industries
Contact Person: MR. SWAPNIL / MR. RANGRAO
Tel No. 0 - 9552500982 All Types of VMC Work, Piston, Moulds, Rubber Mould, Press Tool, Jig & Fixture.

Rimmi Industries
Tel No. - 8888052889
Manufacturing and Supplier of Sheet Metal Parts, Assemblies, Fabrication, Press Tool, Jig & Fixtures.

Sakshi Enterprises
Contact Person: MR. SATISH B. PATIL
Tel No. - 9423574330
Expert in CNC, VMC, Tool Room, Jig Fixture.

Dk Engineering Solutions
Tel No. - 8983982050 / 9096163245 / 7875211808
Laser Marking, 3D Printing Services, Engineering Works, Engraving Work, Fixtures, Gauges, Jigs, Jigs And Fixtures, Reverse Engineering

Shri Datta Laser Engravers
Tel No. - 7588318303/9763752103
Laser Marking, Control Panel, Name Plate, SS Name Plate, Jigs & Fixture

Ashok Precesion Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 020 - 27125912
jig Fixture & Tools, Machine Tools, Hand Tools & Implements.

Ultra Enterprises
Contact Person: MR. ARUN K JAIN
Tel No. 011 - 25778294 / 8367/8829
Mfg. Of Carbide Dies, Press Tools, Jigs & Fixtures.

Vishwadeep Enterprises
Tel No. 0 - 9373073011
Mfg of Flexible Couplings, Seating Systems, Press Components, Welded Assy, Jig & Fixtures.

Arudra Moulds And Dies
Tel No. - 9391018030
Manufacturers of Injection Moulding, Plastic Injection Moulds, Jigs & Fixtures, Transfer, Compression Moulds.

Bhargavi Die Castings Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. DURGA PRASAD
Tel No. 040 - 55271053
Dies, Jigs, Fixtures.

Sai Krupa Metal And Dies Works
Tel No. 022 - 28590418
Die, Die Cutting, Die Cutting Sheet Metal, Jig, Jig Fixture.

Symmetric Technology
Tel No. - 7020119445
CAD / CAM / CAE Training Institute, Onsite Cad Support, Designing & Manufacturer of Jigs & Fixture, Consultancy Services, Reverse Engineering Fabrication Work.

P.B. Traders
Contact Person: MS. SAVITA BHOSALE
Tel No. 0 - 7721971122 / 8769861144
We are Supplying Industrial Chain, Bearing, Power Transmission Coupling, Hydraulic Cylinder, Fastener, JIg Fixture etc.

Macht Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 0120 - 2866567
Manufacture Special Purpose Machines, Sub-Assemblies, Jigs & Fixtures.

Aurangabad Machine Tools
Contact Person: MR.ARUN BHOLE - PROP.
Tel No. - 9422203787
Designers & Manufacturers Of Special Purpose Machine, PLC Controlled Lug Milling SPM, Fork Shift Fine Boring SPM, Hydraulic Clamping Fixture & Coolant Tank, Round and Linear Welding SPM for Automobile Components, Crank Case Drilling SPM with Pneumatic Clamping Systems, Bearing Fitting Press using Hydro - Pneumatic Press with Automatic Greasing of the Bearing, Multi Bearing Fitting SPM with Two Hand Safety Control, Electro Chemical Etching Machine, Jigs & Fixtures, Gauges, Machine Spare Parts, Material Handling Equipments, Low Cost Automation, Press Tools, Hydraulic Presses, Pneumatic Presses, Machine Spare Parts, Material Handling Equipments, Tool Room Work, Die Sets

Kalpataru Patterns
Contact Person: MR.N.M.BAIDYA
Tel No. - 9766355124
Dies And Moulds, Pattarns, Moulds & Dies, Prototypes, Tools For Exothermic Sleeves

Odison Engineering Works
Contact Person: MR. RAKESH
Tel No. 1493 - 226502
Manufacturer Of Tools, Dies, Jigs-Fixtures.

Perfact Tools And Gauges
Contact Person: MR.RAVI GAIKWAD
Tel No. - 8048110489
Jigs and Fixtures, Milling Fixtures, Thread Gauges, Machining Fixtures, Plug Gauges, Receiving Relation Gauge, Machine Spare Parts

Varun Engineers
Tel No. - 9765567815
Prototype Machined Components, Automotive Punches, CNC Wire Cutting Job Works, Prototype Casting Components Industrial Gears, Lead Screws, Industrial Shafts, Dies and Moulds Tools, Jigs and Fixtures, Material Handling Equipment

Odison Engineering
Contact Person: MR. RAKESH
Tel No. 1493 - 226502
Manufacturer Of Tools, Dies, Jigs-Fixtures, All Type of Gears, Fabrication & All Type of Engg. Components

Abhiyant Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. M. DHAMODHARAN
Tel No. 80 - 28367679 / 28367679
Press Tools, Moulds, Jigs & Fixtures etc.

Avi Oilless Die Components (India) Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. PRAMOD HENDRE
Tel No. 2113 - 253446
Tool Room Product including Press Tools, Moulds, Jigs & Fixtures etc.

Bharati Technologies
Tel No. - 9323355299
Manufacturing and Supplying a Wide Assortment of Precision Machining, Mold & Tools and Dies, Jigs & Fixtures, Injection Moulds, Blow Moulds.

Alok Engineering Llp
Contact Person: MR. RAMESH KALE
Tel No. - 7066044464
Standard Gauges, Relation Gauges, HMC & VMC Fixtures, Jigs, Dies.

Hind Hydraulic And Engineers
Contact Person:
Tel No. 0129 - 4187777
Deep Drawing Presses, Servo Driven Press (Mechanical / Hydraulic / Electrical), Hydraulic Press, Mechanical Press, Press Automation, Assembly Tooling / Jig And Fixture / Die and Mould, Turn Key Project For Metal / Rubber Forming Plant, Robotic Manipulators.

Bhagyashri Home Appliances Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 7104 - 232791
Manufacturing Services, Design Of Dies, Moulds, Fixtures And Jigs.

Vaishali Automation And Robotic Technologies
Contact Person: MR. PRAVIN DHABADE
Tel No. - 9689938951
Specialize In All Types of Conveyor, Automatic And Semi Automatic Assembly lines, Material Handling Systems, Jigs and Fixtues.

Artisan Udyog Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. VJIAY BAGUL
Tel No. - 9960749992
Domestic, Commercial And Industrial Product Designing, Manufacturing, Selling Tools And Dies, Jigs and Fxitures, Mould Designing And Manufacturing.

Prime Engineering Co.
Contact Person: MR. MANISH PUGALIA
Tel No. 33 - 22370869 / 22362544 / 40037177
Manufacturer of Industrial Machinery Parts. Rollers, Shafts, Bushes, Chains, Gears, Conveyor Rollers, Jig Fixtures, Tools, Cutting Tools, Plant & Machinery etc.

Steel Carves
Contact Person:
Tel No. 33 - 24589943 / 65337664
Manufacturer & Supplies of Belt Conveyors, Roller Conveyors, Chain Conveyors, Screw Conveyors, Bucket Elevators, Different Kinds of Welding Jigs & Fixtures, Structural Fabrication.

Krushnal Agro Engineers
Contact Person:
Tel No. 230 - 2468856
Manufacturing all Types of Jigs & Fixtures, Press Tools, PDF Dies, Precision Components.

Manali Enterprises
Contact Person:
Tel No. 230 - 2468228
Manufacturer of Work Shop Machinery, Jigs & Fixture.

Plus Industries
Contact Person:
Tel No. 253 - 2380874
Manufacturer of Dia Cutting, Dia Metal, Fixture, Jig Fixture.

Bhagyashri Engineering
Contact Person: MR. BHAPKAR R.S.
Tel No. - 9273915491
Manufacturing Of Cutting Tools,Jigs & Fixtures, Tool Room Work.

Suyash Metal Pressings Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: ADV. ABHAY MISTRY
Tel No. 241 - 6610690 / 6610691
Manufacturers Of All Types Of Dies, Press Tools, Jigs, Fixtures, Press Components And Fabricated Assemblies.

Trimiti Design And Draft
Contact Person: MR. AMOL GAWANDE
Tel No. 20 - 9922443167
Jig & Fixture Design (Mech Design) .

Meru Precision Industries
Contact Person:
Tel No. 80 - 23525559
Manufacturer & Dealers of Precision Component, Precision Turned Component, Precision Tool, Jig Fixture.

Excel Machines And Tools Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 22 - 25648611 / 67977670
Machine Tools, Packaging Machine Components, Jigs, Fixtures, CNC Machining Centers Machine Tools.

Excellent Engineering
Tel No. 44 - 26253605
Press Tools, Jigs & Fixtures.

Falcon Technologies
Contact Person: MR. N. VENUKUMAR
Tel No. 44 - 26356072
Special Purpose Machine, Jigs & Fixtures.

J.S. Tools
Contact Person: MR. JOSE AJITH
Tel No. 44 - 29030403
Jigs, Fixtures & Guages.

Jeba Tool Room
Contact Person: MR. P. JEBAMANI GIDEON
Tel No. - 9840161760
Manufacturer of Pressure Die Casting, Mould, Jigs and Fixtures.

Kishore Engineering
Tel No. 44 - 65483234
Jigs & Fixtures.

Leadtek India
Contact Person: MR. DAMODARAN
Tel No. 44 - 26358488 / 65369210
Dies & Moulds, Jigs & Fixtures.

M.R. Engineering
Contact Person: MR. R. MALATHI
Tel No. 44 - 43102041
Jigs & Fixtures, Press Tools & Spares.

Mechtron Technologies
Contact Person: MR.KIRAN ACHARYA
Tel No. - 7387794907
Rolling Mill Machinery, Pipe Bending Machines, Pipe Bending Machinery, Press Tools, Jigs & Fixtures, Jigs, Jigs Accessories, Fixtures, Fixtures Accessories, Dies, Moulds & Dies, Rollers

Millwright Technical Services
Contact Person: MR. A. MURUGESAN
Tel No. 44 - 26256413
Dealers if Second Hand Machinery, Machine Tools, Jigs & Fixtures, Fixtures, SPMS.

Modern Technical Works
Contact Person: MR. P. MANOHARAN
Tel No. 44 - 26541079
Jigs, Fixtures & Guages.

Modern Tools & Gauges
Contact Person: MR. R. ANNADURAI
Tel No. 44 - 26242248
Jigs & Fixtures, Gauges.

Monika Tools
Contact Person:
Tel No. 120 - 417024
Precision Machined Components, Press Tools, Industrial Stampings, Deep Drawn Parts, Jigs & Fixtures

Pars Industries Works
Tel No. - 9840255994
Jigs & Fixtures.

Quick Tools
Contact Person: MR. SALEEM
Tel No. - 8904541500
Jig Fixtures, Rubber Moulds, Plastic Injection Molding Machine, Sheet Metal Components.

Raj Industries
Contact Person: MR. G. KUPPUSAMY
Tel No. 44 - 43102598
General Engineering Products Gears, Jig And Fixtures Hydraulic Cylinder, Engineering Goods.

Rajalakshmi Engineering
Contact Person: MR. R. RAJAKUMARAN
Tel No. - 9444382589
Jigs, Fixtures & Guages.

Saieash Engineering Works Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. ARVIND GUPTA
Tel No. 22 - 28745555 / 28722020 / 28788989
Precision Components, Tooling, Jigs & Fixtures Machine Tools.

Satnaam Industries
Contact Person: MR. ISWANTH SINGH
Tel No. 44 - 32421555
High Precision Machined Components, Jigs & Fixtures.

Shapotools Dosing Pumps
Contact Person:
Tel No. 22 - 22884125
Mfg. Of Jigs, Fixtures, Mould And Dies, Dosing Pumps, Shapo Tools.

Shree Ganapathy Tools
Contact Person: MR. A. RAVI
Tel No. 44 - 26549288
Press Tools, Jigs & Fixtures.

Smart Engineering Industries
Contact Person: MR. J. STEPHEN
Tel No. 44 - 26245509 / 9841527068
Jigs, Fixtures & Guages.

Speed Techno Systems
Contact Person: MR. G. KANGARAJAN
Tel No. 44 - 43102598
Manufacturer of Automotive Components, Fabrication Works, Fixtures, Guages Tooling Pins, Jigs, Plates, Trolley.

Sri Durga Industries
Contact Person: MR. C. SANTHAKUMAR
Tel No. 44 - 26243452
Jigs & Fixtures.

Supertech Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Tel No. 20 - 24390393
Consultancy, Design, Jigs & Fixtures

Synergytech Instruments
Tel No. 20 - 647231290 / 9822326033
Jig Fixtures, S.P.M.

Tvr Engineering Technologies
Contact Person: MR. T. RAMESH
Tel No. - 9790944390
Jigs & Fixtures, Dies & Moulds.

Umaiom Industries
Contact Person: MR. M. RAVICHANDRAN
Tel No. 44 - 42647185
Jigs, Fixtures, Tooling Components.

Wintech India
Contact Person: MR. B. SOLAI RAJ
Tel No. 44 - 26521047
Jigs & Fixtures.

Century Network Solution
Contact Person: MR. A. BALAKRISHNAN
Tel No. 422 - 4389809
Jig Fixture, Plastic Moulded Component, Precision Machined Component.

Tel No. 230 - 2468051
Jobwork - Jigs and Fixtures Assembly

Vinitech Engineers
Contact Person: MR. VINIT JOSHI
Tel No. - 9833350032
Specialist in CNC Turned Compound & Manufacturer of Valve, Seat & General Engineering, Jigs, Fixture.

Ishu Machine Tools
Tel No. - 9414013446
Manufacturer of All Types of Moulds, Jig Fixtures, Fabrication & Plastic Components.

Technoplus Engineers
Contact Person: MR. UMESH TAYADE
Tel No. 0251 - 2621111
Manufacturer of Hydrogenation Reactor Mechanical Seals, Co-Axial Seal, Mechanical Seals, O-Ring, Quick Release Couplings, Rotary Valves and Spares and Highly Precision Press Tools, Jigs and Fixtures, Rubber / Plastic Moulds and Complex Technical Fabrication.

Manalee Industries
Contact Person: MR. ABHIJEET RAUT
Tel No. 02525 - 254162
Press Tools, Jigs & Fixture, Sheet Metal Pression Parts, Door Locks, Glass Winding Assys.

Qualimech Industries
Contact Person: MR. MANOJ. D. SONAWANE
Tel No. 0 - 9822046864
Manufacturers Of Jigs & Fixtures, M/c Spares & SPM Machine Spares, Automations.

Vishwa Tooling Systems
Tel No. 0240 - 2556470
Press Tools & Dies, Jigs & Fixtures, Sheet Metal Press Parts, Modular Office Furniture, Modular Home Furniture, Modular School Furniture, Agriculture Equipments, Corrugated Boxes.
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Ganesh Quality Machines Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Foundry Equipments And Machinery
Quality Engineering Co.
We Offer Surface & Slideway Grinding, CNC Machining, Machine Tool Reconditioning & Retrofitting
Centrifuge Spares International
Manufacturers Of Marine Centrifuge Spares, Centrifuges, Separators, Vegetable Oil Separator, Milk Separator, Latex Separator, Animal Fat Separator, Yeast Separator, Power Plant Equipments, Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchangers
Vega Tools
Manufacturer Of Cutting Tools, Cutting Tools In Carbide, SC Drills, End Mills, Reamers, Ball Nose, Indexable Tools, Carbide Lugged & H.S.S.Tools, Workrest Blade, Milling Cutters, PCD Tools, Boring Bar, Cutters, Form Tools
Niksu Power Tools
ube Expanders, Condenser Tube Expanders, Boiler Tube Expanders, Tube Installation Tools,Tube Rolling
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Manufacturers Of Permanent Magnetic Lifters, Precision, Magnetic Tools And Work Holding Devices
Shreepad Industries
Manufacturers Of Permanent Magnetic Lifters, Precision, Magnetic Tools And Work Holding Devices
Pvg Technology
Manufacturing, Tooling & Support Of Metal Parts, Electrical Components, Plastic & Sheets, Wiring Harness
Suraj Sales Corporation
Cutting Tools, Metal Band Saw Blades, Carbide Band Saw Blades, Milling Cutters, Exchangeable Head Mills, Solid End Mills
Dynaquip Machines
Die Casting Machines, Foundry Machines, Foundry Accessories
Soham Foundry Tools
Designer And Manufacturer Of Foundry Tools, Jigs & Fixture & Precision Job Works
Selwel Enterprises Pvt.Ltd.
Welding Machine, 3M Electrical Epoxy Powders, Electrical Epoxy Powder, Electrical & Electronic Resins
Sneha Industries
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Pressed Components, Design And Development Of All Types Of Stamping Tools
Sneha Industries
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Pressed Components, Design And Development Of All Types Of Stamping Tools
Venus Engineering
Manufacturers & Design Of Jigs, Fixtures, Press Tools, Moulds, Mechanical Works & Special Purpose Machines
Unik Gauges & Tools
Manufacturer Supplier of Gauges & Accessories, Thread Gauges, Plain Gauges, Ring Gauges, Snap Gauges, Thread & Plain Ring Gauges, Measuring Pins, Non Standard Gauges
Manar Tools Pvt.Ltd.
Cutting Tools, CBN Tools, PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) / CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) Reamers
Dran Classic Automation Systems Pvt.Ltd.
Welding Automation, BIW Lines, Robotic MIG Welding Lines
Precision Toolings
Manufacturer, Supplier Of CNC Toolings
Indo Construction Fastening Systems
Chemical Anchor, Chemical Anchor Studs - CAS, Chemical Mortars, Chemical Guns
Signet Automation Engineers Pvt.Ltd.
Lightning Arresters, ESE Lighting Arrester, Early Streamer Emission Technology
Indo-Spark Construction Services
Chemical Anchor, Chemical Anchor Studs - CAS, Chemical Mortars & Chemical Guns
Precise Cutting Tools
Manufacturer, Supplier OF Cutting Tools, CNC Toolings, Machine Tool Accessories, Micro Boring Bars, BT Or ISO Taper, CNC Adapters, Thread Milling Cutters, Threading Tools, Antivibration Boring Bars, Thread Milling Cutters
Tristar Industrial Tool Pvt.Ltd.
Impact Sockets & Accessories, Torque Wrenches / Multipliers, Slugging Wrenches, Service Tools kits,
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