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As a leader in the industrial coatings industry, Tefskoatings is dedicated to enhancing the performance capabilities of our customers' products. Our coating processes increase the value of automotive parts, medical devices, consumer goods and many other products by creating functional surfaces that eliminate problems. Issues such as friction, sticking, corrosion, and noise, abrasion, and FDA compliance those are easily resolved with Tefskoatings expert engineers and innovative coating techniques
Specialist In PTFE Coating, Industrial Product Finishing-Fluoropolymer Coatings, P.T.F.E., P.V.D.F., F.E.P., P.F.A, ECTFE Like Halar Coatings, Nylon Coatings, Plastic Coatings, PVC Coating, Powder Coating, Epoxy & Polyurathine Finishes, Stoving Finishes, Air Dry Finish Paomtomg And Flock Coating, PU-Elostomer Roller Coating
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